10 Awkward Questions About Vaccinations: Why Youtube Removed The Video “what’s Wrong With The Covid-19 Vaccine?”

The author of the channel “Magic of Reality” provided questions from the deleted video

A few days ago, a new video from the Magic of Reality channel dedicated to vaccination was removed from the YouTube platform, which was called “What’s Wrong with the Covid-19 vaccine?” In it, the author does not assert anything, but asks 10 questions, formulating the key fears of society about this.

At the same time, the author of the channel, Mikhail Aleksanyants, also invited specialists to respond and give answers – it was for this purpose, according to him, that this video was created.

YouTube deleted his new vaccine video literally the day after it was uploaded. Note that in general, many people are now suffering from censorship on YouTube: videos fall into a “shadow ban”, the number of views is underestimated, comments disappear, etc.

“I do not classify myself as either an ‘anti-vaccinator’ or a ‘vaccinator’. I just want to understand the truth. And I invite specialists to competently answer these questions. I have collected the fears of society, what worries us all. They want to impose on us compulsory, compulsory vaccination, they intend to fine for refusal. And, naturally, everyone has questions. And so I collected them.

And by the way, I did not take any mystical things, reptilians and so on. Really took adequate, sane questions, just formulated them. If there are mistakes in them, if I misunderstand something, I am glad to part with my illusions. Come to interviews and develop them. That was the message of the video.

Due to the fact that the video was removed, one has to conclude that these questions, apparently, should not be in public discourse.

Although, I repeat, the goal was just to raise the public debate about the vaccine, about the pressing issues that are now worrying everyone. I am open to dialogue. I understand that if the video was blocked by YouTube, the scientists themselves are not to blame for this.

I am ready for a friendly conversation with people who can really give sane answers, links to documents and research. I will be happy to convince myself and agree that we live in a more or less adequate world and we are not threatened at least by vaccines “, – commented Mikhail Aleksanyants, creator of the Magic of Reality YouTube channel.

“The wording was standard: the video was removed“ for violating community rules ”. I wrote the appeal, read all the rules, of course, in the most detailed way. Studied all the links they give there. I have not found a single suitable rule that this video could break.

The only thing that, as I suspect, more or less can be attributed here, is this: in the section “Dangerous content” there is a subsection in which advertising of drugs and something like that is indicated. And, perhaps, they considered that such, from their point of view, “anti-advertising” of vaccination is something that can be dangerous for society. That is, it’s all in the “reverse direction,” because I don’t advertise dangerous drugs, but, it turns out, I’m de-advertising a useful thing. This is the only thing that somehow I can logically connect.

At the same time, as you know, there are a huge number of videos on YouTube about vaccines – for, against, anti-vaccination, some of the wildest conspiracy theories, all this is in trends, has millions of views … But for some reason they decided to delete my video. Although, as you remember, if you had time to see it – and if you didn’t have time, look in the telegram – I do not state anything in it. At all.

The video consists of ten questions. I build each question on the basis of data and facts that I found in any open sources, I refer to them. The description of the video contains a whole sheet of links to materials. And I ask a specialist to comment on these questions. Both at the beginning and at the end of the video, I call on experts who understand this topic to respond and come to me for an interview. In fact, this video is an open letter to scientists who could answer these questions. “, – said Mikhail Aleksanyants.

The author of the channel “Magic of Reality” has put at the disposal of “Novye Izvestia” questions from the deleted video.

We publish them and, of course, ask the specialists of the field to respond.

1. How can you create a vaccine against a constantly mutating RNA virus? RNA viruses mutate rapidly. Vaccines take a long time to develop. Vaccine administration also takes time. Therefore, until the vaccine is invented and applied to the entire population, will the virus not have time to mutate, making the vaccine ineffective?

2. What exactly is compulsory universal vaccination for? Vaccinated people cannot get infected – therefore, people can not get vaccinated and be a threat only to themselves, but not to others.

3. Let’s say I agreed to be vaccinated (against covid-19). How can I understand what exactly is being injected into me? It is not clear what the vaccine is made of. Even if it is known what the vaccine consists of, it is not clear how all the components in the complex will affect a person.

4. Why are vaccine manufacturers not responsible for vaccines? In the United States, the state, not the vaccine manufacturers, compensates for the damage caused by vaccines (by court order). In Russia, “a citizen recognized as disabled due to a post-vaccination complication has the right to receive a monthly monetary compensation in the amount of 1,000 rubles.” And if you have died, you are entitled to 30,000 rubles one-time.

5. Long-term consequences. The vaccine is checked for complications within 5 days. If complications occur on the 6th day, this is no longer considered a complication from the vaccine.

6. Why are there no vaccines for previous coronaviruses? Of the 35 vaccines developed, 4 have been tested in ferrets and have been positive. But re-infection led to their death. This has been termed an “enhanced immune response.” There is no disclosure or explanation for this yet.

7. Why are vaccines not being tested against placebo? (double-blind study) The only such study was the BCG vaccine study (“Chingleput Study”), which showed a negative efficacy of the vaccine – unvaccinated children were less sick than vaccinated ones. No conclusions or explanations followed.

8. Why, then, is there an epidemic of tuberculosis in Russia? (despite the fact that we are all vaccinated) According to statistics, countries where the vaccine is mandatory have more cases per population. Direct or inverse correlation has not been proven.

9. How can a vaccine that has been developed in an impossibly short time be enforced? “With the virus unchanged, even an estimate of one and a half years is a very optimistic period…”, “… everything should work out the first time, but it never happens” (Ilya Yasny, expert on “Big Pharma”).

10. “mRNA vaccine” or “rode” Bill Gates? The introduced mRNA vaccine will promote the production of pathogen proteins throughout the year. There is not a single vaccine created using this technology on the market yet – the covid-19 vaccine will be the first. “We have never created a new vaccine in less than 5 years. But this is urgent. It should be used by 7 billion people ”(Bill Gates).

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