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In 1984, the first Apple Macintosh personal computer was released. Since then, the Californian company founded by Steve Jobs has become a real giant, it pleases fans of modern technology with new models of iPhones, iPads, iPods and is not going to “slow down”. Interested in facts about Apple?


There were three of them

Here is a fact about Apple, which is known only to those who were interested in the history of the company. Its origins were not two, but three founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, who left the company just 12 days after it opened and sold a 10 percent stake for $ 800. He was additionally paid 1.5 thousand dollars. Most offensive: Wayne’s stake would now be worth more than $ 60 billion. Ronald Wayne, 80, says he has no regrets about leaving so “cheaply.”

About the number of employees and … money

Before the iPhone was launched, the company had only 14,000 employees; now Apple employs approximately 92,600 people, and this number is growing rapidly. The number of employees in the company has doubled over the past four years.

Fun fact: Apple has 2x more revenue than the US Treasury. Although, in fairness, we note: Microsoft also earns more than the Treasury. But, if the government urgently needs money, it orders to print it above the usual rate!

Apple has about 150 billion “free money”, the company may well buy Facebook, Pandora, Spotify and more. But, of course, no one will do that. Moreover, Apple has launched a share buyback program.

Exact local time 09.41

Take a look at the pictures of Steve Jobs promoting the iPhone and you will see the time: 09.41. It was at this moment that the presentation of the new gadget took place.

Curious facts about the high cost of components and Apple’s failure

If you went back in time (before 1991) – this is a very curious fact about Apple – you would need over $ 3 million to buy all the parts to build an iPhone. RAM alone would have cost $ 1.44 million.

Another surprising fact about Apple: About 2,700 Lisa computers are buried in a junkyard in Utah. This product was not as successful as the company’s latest innovations.

Where does the apple come from, and why is it bitten?

The company was named Apple because Silicon Valley is the home of California’s orchards, and Jobs ate only fruit back then, considering himself a Fruitarian.

Apple MacBooks have glowing logos that (understandably) flip over during operation. But this was not always the case: before, when the user opened the lid, the logo turned out to be “upside down”, so it was turned over in the 1990s.

The following fact circulated in the media about Apple: the bite in its logo symbolizes the Tree of Knowledge. In fact, this is not the case. The designer simply presented the management with two versions of the logo: with and without a bite mark. It turned out that the bite option looks more attractive. So no biblical allusions.

Secrecy is above all!

Privacy was paramount at Apple, and during the making of the iPhone, the hardware guys never saw the software, and the programmers were kept away from the hardware. Before Steve Jobs took the stage for the presentation, only a few people knew what the finished product would look like. The development team came up with several codenames, and the iPhone was called “M68”.

And one more fact about safety at Apple: employees immediately know when a team is working on something new. A team of carpenters arrives at the office and builds walls around the table. Glass doors in these walls are covered with artificial “frost”.

Apple’s first personal computer sold for $ 666.66, but not for some diabolical reason. Co-founder Steve Wozniak said he just loved repeating numbers.

Newton was rejected

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is the first gay man in the Fortune 500.

One final fact about Apple in our selection: The original Apple logo (designed by Ronald Wayne) featured Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. But later, as we well know, the logo was changed to a simpler one.


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