Apartment For Stolen Cancer Drugs: A New “doctors’ Case” Is Being Launched In St. Petersburg

The operatives estimate the total cost of the stolen at 100 million rubles. VIDEO

A new “doctors’ case” has been launched in St. Petersburg. Dozens of doctors were summoned on October 10 for interrogation at the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs at 145 Ligovsky Street. In parallel, 35 searches were carried out in various medical institutions and in the apartments of people in white coats. According to information “Fontanka”, Searches took place at the Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University, the City Oncological Dispensary on Kamenny Island and the Regional Oncological Dispensary.

Neither doctors nor representatives of law enforcement bodies give comments to journalists. The only exception was the doctor of the city oncological dispensary. Eldar Topuzov, who confirmed: “Yes, operational measures are being carried out now. They arrived, looked at chemotherapy drugs, confiscated documents on them. So far, it is only clear that investigative actions are being carried out in connection with the theft of medicines. I don’t know the specifics, they don’t tell us anything yet ”.

As it turned out, we are talking about fraud with some cancer drugs. Doctors are accused of stealing expensive medicines vital for cancer patients from clinics, and then selling them to pharmacies. The key mechanism for selling drugs in this scheme was the government procurement website.

Doctors who have already had to deal with the distribution system of cancer drugs consider such a scheme implausible. One of the doctors said that such drugs are paid for from the budget, are supplied for specific patients, and then such drugs are even difficult to re-assign.

Another anonymous doctor pointed out the unreality of the drug speculation mechanism: “Well, maybe when those patients who refused, or did not want to take, or left (died. – Ed.), and the drugs remain and the doctors need to use them or sell them, then they are prescribed to someone else, and he buys them at the pharmacy not for the market value, but for example, for half … But it is very difficult to reassign or resell … Few people know and about a systemic problem in this market. The manufacturing company will not take the drug back. First, it is economically unprofitable for it, because the budget has already paid. Secondly, there is no such return mechanism today, ”the doctor said, asking not to involve him in this news.

What drugs are we talking about? Tsiramza, Tecentrik, Ervoy, Avegra, Taxotere, Abrascan, Opdivo, Kitruda, Vektibiks … The range of prices for them is impressive, but all are high – from 13 to 165 thousand rubles. The operatives estimate the total cost of the kidnapped at 100 million rubles… The materials of the criminal case say: “… the thefts were carried out on a systematic basis on a weekly basis in the amount of 100 thousand rubles or more … the members of the organized criminal group paid the medical staff 10 percent of the market value of the medicine …”

According to the investigation, all the threads lead to 51-year-old Sergei Voitovich, who worked in a pharmaceutical company. He has already been detained for two months. Of the 20 detainees, 15 came under suspicion. For example, among them is the nurse Elena Sergeichik, who was sent October 11 under house arrest until December 7. She was accused of stealing drugs for a total of 1,734,713 rubles 40 kopecks. Until December 7, he will stay under the house arrest and the inspector of the personnel department of LLC MC “Stroykompleks” Maria Butkevich, a suspect under paragraph “b” of Part 4 of Article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Theft”).

The scheme of embezzlement looks like this: Voitenko and his accomplices purchased medicines through the public procurement website, which were then sent to clinics from where they were taken out by the nurses. The scale is astounding: on one of the tapes, a nurse says she needs a trunk. Then the drugs were sent to private clinics, where they were bought for a lot of money by people who were actually given them free of charge. To store medicines, the unemployed Voitenko bought an apartment worth 9 million rubles.

Journalists believe the initiator of the investigation is the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, who has shown himself to be a staunch supporter of drug labeling. Perhaps in this way he reinforces his position on this score.

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