Archival files. From “class alien” to “loss of party flair”

This is how the files of the city committee of the CPSU (b) of the city of Penza look like. The region did not exist then, it did not exist: the Penza region was merged with Tambov shortly before

Only reproach, pride, discovery of secrets and insidious …

Book of Sirach 22:25

History and documents. So, we continue our acquaintance with the documents from the party archive of the Penza region. And today we will see photocopies of documents for 1934. “Year of the winners’ convention”. Since we do not have any particular topic, we will read everything in order to get an impression of that time.

We go inside …

In principle, anyone can work here today, but you need to get permission from the state archive, since OPPO GAPO is its branch. Many are looking for their relatives. After all, all the communists had registration cards and personal files, and you can learn a lot from them. For example, that your ancestor, a participant in the Second World War, awarded orders and medals, was expelled from the party for … sodomy, and at the same time put on trial for it.

“The police are inactive”

Let’s start with this document. At one time on VO there was my article about hooliganism in Penza and the region, written on the basis of one Ph.D. thesis on the deviant behavior of Soviet citizens of the 1920s. But there the case ended in the 29th year. And now five years have passed, and the problem of hooliganism, as it turned out, is still there, especially in the countryside.

“Left Bends”

It is interesting that in the documents of 1934 (in the newspapers Pravda and Rabochaya Penza), the terms “wrecker” and “sabotage” have not yet been used. But it was about “class aliens”, “loss of party instinct”, “demoralizing people” and “leftist folds”. It’s interesting what kind of “leftist bends” could have been allowed by the head of the MTS, but it was not possible to find out from the documents.

“Left bends” in dispossession of kulaks. Let us remind you that this is happening in 1934!

Borders on sabotage. But there are no direct charges of sabotage yet.

“A severe reprimand to the chairman for drunkenness”

“The great strategist Sachkov from Veselovka.” The book by Ilf and Petrov made a strong impression, to be sure. And the journalists of the newspaper “Rabochaya Penza” used the name of its protagonist and wrote about the revealed shortcomings. And the city party committee checked the facts and took its own measures …

And this is how this Sachkov was punished …

They did not live up to high confidence …

“On the abortion of pregnant mares”

What business did not have to deal with the city committee of the CPSU (b). After all, there were Soviets of Working People’s Deputies, both urban and rural, why were they there then? However, the party was even concerned with the pregnant mares and the more frequent abortions in the region. In general, a strange picture turns out if the party documents are read: the police were inactive, the grooms did not follow the horses, the marriage in factories exceeded 60%. Did anyone work for us as it should be?

Bad performance was punished severely! But nothing changed … Some bunglers were replaced by others
“About homeless children”

But this is a very interesting document. About the fight against street children. But where did they come from? The civil war ended in 1922. In the 1920s, the fight against homelessness was very active. And here again the street children, and even on a scale that caused discussion at the level of the city committee …

Party organizers also drank … Moreover, they hid their social origin, crawling into “warm places”. That is, we were far from being the best “up” … always? What is this tradition? This Popov was exposed (or rather it was he who exposed himself) and punished. But how many of these “priests” around the country turned out to be smarter? That is, the system was tailored so that, as soon as you got upstairs, you immediately “get lost” there, betray the working masses, become bourgeois and start “working for the West”. Some strange system …
So them, useless, so!

“Eliminate the breakthrough within 10 days!”

Another indicative document. There is no party propaganda work. The City Committee notes this. Opened the “breakthrough”. And there and then an instruction to liquidate it within 10 days. But is it possible to correct such a serious shortcoming in such a time? Moreover, to ensure the “high quality of party training” where there was none at all. This is how the party organs themselves pushed people to show off. They set deliberately impossible tasks, and then demanded their fulfillment. And people, so that they are not punished, all … “carried out”. The question is “how”?

“A separate list to the kulak court”

But this is just a unique document. That is, 4 years after the “liquidation of the kulaks as a class”, kulaks still existed quite legally on the Penza land, and they were given tasks by the City Committee of the Party to “bring the cultivated area”. What were these fists? Your own on the board and absolutely loyal to the Soviet regime? But the kulak is a rural usurer, a “world eater”, a “spider” – that’s how they were called in the village. And suddenly – here’s a separate list of “comrades kulaks”. Very interesting. This is a topic for a separate study: “Soviet kulaks after collectivization and dispossession.”

Someone lost their membership card for refusing to go to the village …

“Josefson and his system”

Also very interesting stuff. In defense of old specialists, here’s how. Against administration … Something familiar blows, isn’t it? It seems that even today we had quite recently also “doctors’ cases” in a Moscow oncology hospital, connected with excessive administration by the director. As you can see, little has changed in our country. The same rake, and we still step on them.

How did it end …

Well, the “book” for 1934 was worked out from cover to cover … And how many more are there in this archive?

To be continued…

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