Archival files. We read the newspaper “Stalin’s banner” for 1939

This is how the “cap” of the newspaper “Stalin’s banner” for 1939 looked like. It is written about the cavalry because it was its anniversary. And, of course, the cavalry was called Stalinist, because it was he who created it in 1919.

“… what benefit will I bring you if there is no revelation, no knowledge, no prophecy, no instruction in my words?”
First Epistle to the Corinthians 14: 6

History and documents. Today we turn to a very interesting newspaper. Not central, local, which used to be called “Rabochaya Penza”, but then at the end of the 30s was naturally renamed “Stalin’s banner”. However, there was not too much local in it, because a lot of space was occupied by reprints from the newspaper Pravda. Now all the local newspapers write about the local, and the central ones – about the central, then it was different. And partly correct. Anyone who read one newspaper read them all.

We will read the newspaper for 1939. And immediately we note that what may not have caught the eye of contemporaries can be clearly seen with consecutive viewing. Every year the newspapers of that time look different. Individual words change in them, themes change in them, photographs change in them. The characters of the photographs change in them. For example, in 1937 the noun “saboteur” and the adjective “sabotage” were popular. In 1939, they no longer meet. But what then the thesis about the intensification of the class struggle as we advance? ..

Here, for example, how she covered the entry of Soviet troops into the Baltic states

You see how it was then: at all halts, amateur performances were organized, everyone sang Soviet songs, and those who did not know them learned. This information is very good for writers. The finished scene in the novel. Our fighter met a local girl and teaches her the song: “Should we stand still, in our daring we are always right …”

A year after the events that took place, stories about battles with the Japanese on the Zaozernaya hill began to appear in the newspaper. Apparently, the information was supposed to lie down

And one more material on the same topic, which appeared only a year later.

And a caricature. Well, how can it be without her …

The newspaper opened both local troubles and problems

The opinion of the hostile British press was very important

And here is a very amusing message about the beginning of “hostile actions by Germany on the Polish border.” Well, why not just write that Germany attacked Poland, that she committed an act of aggression, and not brand her as a warmonger. But since the Germans were “for us” then, the following euphemisms were used

There is not a word about the fact that the war began, that an act of aggression was committed by the fascist state, which showed “its bestial essence”

War Map

Another card

Finally, on September 10, they decided to call the cat a cat!

And now a helping hand reached out to the victims of the war!

Poland exports gold to Egypt …

Operational summary of the headquarters of the Red Army

A volley of artillery just in one volley could not be with us! Only “Voroshilov”!

And this is just the documents from the November 18 issue of the newspaper on the creation of the red cavalry

For some reason, in our regional newspaper at this time, a lot of Sami legends, folk tales, songs of akyns from the Caucasus Mountains, dedicated to … well, of course, to Comrade Stalin appeared

And this is the Kabardino-Balkarian song “Stalin – the golden sun”

And our Soviet Mordovians did their best. What a wonderful rhyme: water – cold, and so on.

Probably, only our modern edition of 2009 is cooler than that. Well, you just can’t resist not comparing these two years. 70 years have passed, but human stupidity, alas, is ineradicable

To my surprise, the newspaper published a selection of materials dedicated to the beginning of the First World War. After that, nothing like this was found in our regional newspaper.

Probably, the reason here was Stalin’s words that things were heading for a new war.

At the local level, it again goes to individual farmers

And the Penza baths collapsed …

And shit flowed through the yards …

And the blame for everything was “petty-bourgeois” laxity and licentiousness! That is, as according to Lenin, the petty-bourgeois wave swept over Russia after 1917, so it never went anywhere. So they floundered in it …

The Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks) pointed out their mistakes to the Penza residents (this is where it came down to!), And they immediately saw them and realized that they were complacent and conceited, and immediately began to “worry about themselves” and correct themselves … They started, so to speak, the process of combating marriage … However, in the end, judging by other publications and materials of the All-Union Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks), it did not finally become obsolete. Fu, what stubborn people!

Such portraits of the leader were then printed by our Penza newspaper

But you can’t look at such pictures of folk artists without laughing. Don’t you think the apples on the tray on the left are a little too small?

“After all, Voroshilov, the first red officer, is with us, we will be able to shed blood for the USSR!” Some kind of offensive song, did it work out? The name itself is “Budennovsky march”. There is about Voroshilov, about Budyonny too, and Comrade Stalin is not mentioned, although he was directly related to the creation of the red cavalry. Although here he is, in the photo

Signing of a non-aggression pact. This photo was in all Soviet newspapers

And this too …

Surprisingly, the triumvirate Stalin, Voroshilov, Budyonny, standard for newspapers in 1937 and 1938, for some reason in 1939 became a rarity, but new faces appeared next to the leader – Molotov and Andreev

At that time in Penza they flew on gliders, but they still fly: they are always circling over the village of Chemodanovka

Why was a photo of American bombers over New York stuck in a local newspaper? But for some reason …

One year later. Photos of Hassan’s heroes

For some reason, a lot of photographs from the exercises of the Kiev Military District began to appear in the newspaper.

The air smelled of war. It was obvious. Penza residents studying a machine gun

And the Mongols fired from a bow, so they continued to shoot!

In my opinion, the collection turned out to be interesting, showing how the press and the country lived then.

Well, if someone wants something else, let him try to write about that time based on the materials of his regional newspaper. It will be very interesting to compare.

To be continued…

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