Armored monsters

This is how, for example, it was with this armored car, which was marked by participation in the White Bohemian mutiny and the capture of Penza by the White Czechs. Actually, this is the Austin, and we know that two-turret armored cars were produced on the basis of the Austins. In England, with a twin installation of towers, in Russia, with their diagonal arrangement, there are Austin-Putilov machines. But where did this one-turret model come from? Machine guns, however, still had two. One in the turret, and the other in the frontal armor plate of the hull

About tanks with love. Today we will visit our virtual museum of armored vehicles again and admire its wonders. And, of course, let’s think about what strange creatures people are. Either they feel sorry for the money for the necessities, for what the lives of other people directly depend on, then they seem to go crazy and throw a lot of money on something that is of no particular use to them. People usually never spared money to show off money … But, on the other hand, after all, what resourcefulness of mind they sometimes showed! Let’s just say that in relation to armored vehicles, only one principle often worked very well: there would be wheels (or tracks), and we will certainly build something armored on this and with a machine gun!

The second exhibit is an armored car, the mighty “Garford – Putilov”. He was also sent to Penza to pacify the rebellious Czechs, but for some reason under the command of … the Chinese

And as soon as they got to the station full of Czech legionaries, they did not shoot at them, but immediately surrendered. Well, the Czechs did not even take him off the platform, and they fired at the Penza Council of Deputies from a tower gun, and then again on the platform they sent him to Serdobsk, where their part was surrounded and where a Soviet armored train approached. There, this BA dispersed everyone with a few shots, forced the enemy armored train to retreat, and … eventually led the encircled people to Penza. The amazing thing about its design is that for some reason they did not put at least one machine gun on it to shoot straight ahead. Still, it was not very convenient to fire forward from sponsored machine guns.

At the end of the First World War, the British Mk VIII turned out to be the most modern and powerful tank of the Allies. The British transferred eight cars to the United States, where it was planned to deploy its production, and then the war was over. But Spielberg and Lucas decided to shoot the film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” and they wanted to insert a tank into it. I liked the MkVIII, taken as a basis

But two tanks were made. One, steel, heavy, on the move, albeit without suspension, which made it shake terribly. And the other – with polyurethane tracks, which did not touch the ground when moving, but pulled it by a cable tied to a truck. By the way, the tank turned out to be very stylish and quite believable. Three cannons, one of which is in the tower, is a great move. That is why only the British themselves during the First World War did not think of it ?!

In the 30s of the twentieth century, Czechoslovakia did not supply only its tanks to anyone! And Sweden, and Switzerland, and Peru, and even Afghanistan! Here is an Afghan model of the TNH tank. Well, why did the rulers of this country need tanks at that time? And without the tanks … no one would have dared to fight at that time. But if you want – then here’s a tank! And not alone. Only 15 cars were sold

For the first time I saw this Swedish armored car on the pages of the Heigl reference book, and somehow I really liked it. It was thought that it would be easy to produce it in the “cut whale” version, that is, resin crafts. The entire body is one solid blank, empty inside to save material. Wheels are cast in the form of “halves”, and all the other small ones were made – casting from “white metal”

Yes, but where can I get the blueprints? I wrote to the Swedish Ministry of Defense, and they not only sent me the drawings, they also connected with their society of BTT modelers, and they also sent a magazine where it was written about him. It is a pity that at that time there was no google translator and all the text in the article about it had to be taken from Heigl. I always look at this car with bewilderment. Well, who invented it? By the way, the spare wheels rotate under the side armor shields. This is in order to better overcome obstacles …

Another … armored car. It was produced from October 1942 to December 1943, and a total of 2844 armored vehicles of this type were produced. The T17E1 was adopted by the US Army as the M6, but “did not go” and was delivered to England under the name “Staghound”

It had a reservation of 22-32 mm, and the forehead of the tower (it was cast) was 45-mm. Armament – 37-mm cannon and three machine guns, with a maximum speed of 89 km / h on the highway. Specific power – 14 HP per ton of weight is a very good indicator for a wheeled and such a heavy BA (weight 13.92 tons). After the war, to whom only the British did not float it, so these BAs served until the 80s of the last century.

SAU “Dikon”

“Deacon” is something in general. It was built on the chassis of the AES “Matador” truck and was used in North Africa. Thin bulletproof armor, 57 mm cannon, which had a limited radius of fire from behind the driver’s cabin. And how to fight on it? And it’s very simple: they covered it with a mock-up of a body with an awning and let it ride on the roads of Tunisia and Egypt, they say, the truck got lost in the sands. Naturally, seeing such an enviable prey, the Italians and Germans did not shoot at him, but … they caught up with their own BA or tank and offered to stop. And the car immediately stopped, the driver got out of the cab, after which the props fell from it all and a point-blank shot sounded. At close range, the 57-mm shell of the British anti-tank gun that was on the Deacon pierced the armor of any enemy tank. Well, if help came to him, the Deacon would turn around and run away at full speed.

When the Americans needed a tank to fight German tanks in Europe, they simply modified their Sherman and turned it into a Jumbo

The tank received 63 mm main and 38 mm overhead armor, that is, more than one hundred millimeters, and even at an angle. Well, it didn’t make sense to shoot him at the tower even from the “Royal Tiger”. The armor on it had a thickness of 152 mm and another 177 mm was the thickness of the cannon mask, which covered almost all of its frontal projection. The tank was armed with either a 105-mm howitzer to destroy obstacles, or a 76-mm cannon, which, although bad, still hit German tanks.

Well, this machine existed only in the drawings, or rather, in the scheme sent by its creator, engineer-colonel P. Osokin to comrade Stalin in 1942

He named the car “Tank cruiser”. According to the designer, his task was to “escort the advance detachments of the victorious Red Army on the march to the capitals of the enemy: Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Bucharest and further to the West – to liberate the peoples oppressed by fascism.” But other engineer-colonels and engineer-generals did not approve of his project. I wonder if the science fiction writer A. Kazantsev knew about this project when he wrote his novel “The Burning Island” or he invented a “land cruiser” operating in it, crushing entire hills and groves under him? ..


And here came the tanks of our Indian friends, who somehow did not say so for a very long time: “Hindi rusi bhai gang” (“Indians and Russians are children of the same breath”), “gangs” – yes, but they are often only weapons buy in completely different places. For example, Vijayanta. In fact, it is an English tank of the Vickers company, it was produced at the factories of Great Britain in 1965-1967 and in India from 1966 to 1983. More than 1400 units were manufactured in total. They came to an agreement in 1961 and failed to prevent us from this “deal of the century”. In 1962, the Indo-Chinese border war broke out in Tibet. At that time, the USSR did not support the PRC, took a position of neutrality, contrary to Mao Zedong’s hopes for Soviet aid, but also refused to help capitalist India against socialist China. But the United Kingdom and the United States helped her and began supplying weapons to India. Later, however, we started selling T-55 and T-72M tanks to India, but it was at that time that our positions in Hindustan were seriously weakened.

Tank “Arjun”. Your own Indian tank. Launched in series production in 2006. The first tanks entered the Indian Army in September 2007. In 2011, 45 tanks of this type were announced. Currently, there are two modifications of this tank – “the first and second series”

In an interview in January 2020, Army Commander Manoj Mukund Naravane said that the “second series” tank finally meets all the requirements, and its commissioning is scheduled for 2026-2027.

“Tunguska” is here only because it has a beautiful drawing, and the car itself is good

But this projection of the hypothetical self-propelled gun “Coalition” appeared a few years ago, when all our media avidly wrote that it would necessarily have two barrels and that it would fire … “a beam of trajectories.” And I wrote everywhere that this is nonsense and that this will never happen. And here it is, today’s self-propelled gun “Coalition”, and where is the second barrel from it?

As usual, in our freak show will be present “creativity of the poor.” Here is the BTR-60, and the turret on it from the Panar AML-90 BA with a 90-mm gun. This miracle was riveted not just anywhere, but in Djibouti!

Well, this “miracle” was not done by the poor. This is made in the USA. A vehicle based on the M113, imitating our BMP-2. On maneuvers, such “models” are used as armored vehicles of the opposing side

PS The administration of the site and the author personally would like to express their sincere gratitude to A. Sheps, the author of the illustrations for the “Panopticon”, for the BTT drawings provided to them.

To be continued…

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