Arms and equipment supplies to the ground forces in 2020

New T-90M tanks of the Western Military District, April 2020 Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

In the outgoing 2020, the implementation of the current State Armament Programs continued, providing for the supply of various materiel, weapons and equipment to the troops. This year, the ground forces again received a large number of various products, which had a positive effect on their equipment and combat effectiveness. Consider how rearmament has been going on in recent months and what results it has led to.

Goals and plans

The implementation of the current State Program for the Development of Arms for 2011-2020 is nearing completion. One of its main goals was to increase the share of modern models in the armed forces to 70%. According to the latest reports, these tasks have generally been completed. In the ground forces, the share of new models exceeded 50%, which significantly influenced their capabilities.

The procurement and supplies of the outgoing 2020 made it possible to obtain and consolidate such results.This year, quite difficult tasks were set, but the industry and the army successfully coped with them – with known positive results.

The first BMPTs that reached the troops. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

At the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Defense announced plans to supply more than 1,500 units. automotive and special equipment of various types. Then it was announced plans to supply 300 tanks, hundreds of armored vehicles of other classes, artillery systems, air defense systems, etc. The introduction of fundamentally new models was expected. In addition, several contracts were signed this year for the supply of equipment in the future.

Armored purchases

In the field of armored vehicles, the transfer of the first batch of tank support combat vehicles to the troops is of greatest interest. After a long wait, 8 new BMPTs entered the combat unit and are now showing their potential. Depending on the results of the current operation, a decision will be made on new purchases – within the framework of the following State programs.

Arms and equipment supplies to the ground forces in 2020
BMP-1AM batch for trial operation

This year it was planned to deliver 300 main tanks to the unit. OK. 120 T-72B and T-80BV vehicles were removed from storage and restored to be handed over to four newly formed battalions. 120 modernized T-72B3 mod. 2016 The recent launch of mass production made it possible to transfer to the troops up to 50 T-90M tanks and at least 15-20 T-80BVM tanks. Thus, the plans for MBT this year have been fully implemented.

The ground forces were to receive several hundred infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers of the main models. These plans have also been successfully implemented. So, orders for 100 units. BMP-3 was completed ahead of schedule in early autumn. Deliveries of the upgraded BMP-2 with the Berezhok combat module have begun. Of the 60 planned machines, at least 50-55 were delivered to the customer. For military tests, a batch of 15-20 BMP-1AM “Basurmanin” vehicles was made.

Plans for 2020 included the supply of 460 armored personnel carriers. Provided for the purchase of 130 BTR-82A new construction and the modernization of 330 units. equipment out of stock. Such equipment was regularly handed over to the customer and distributed among various departments. In general, the plans for the armored personnel carrier have been fulfilled.

In 2020, deliveries of new Msta-SM self-propelled guns continued. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The delivery of the Typhoon 4×4 armored vehicles has been completed. Earlier it was reported that this year the army is going to receive at least 30 such vehicles. The first batch of 15 Tiger-M armored cars with the Arbalet-DM combat module was delivered. The procurement of such equipment will continue next year.

Artillery supplies

In May, one of the formations of the ground forces began trial operation of the newest self-propelled artillery systems 2S35 “Coalition-SV”. For these events, the first batch of eight machines of serial appearance was transferred to him. After checking in the troops, a full-scale series can be launched.

It was planned to supply at least 35 ACS type 2S19M2 “Msta-SM”. In the spring and autumn, this equipment was transferred to the artillerymen of the Southern and Western military districts. On the modernization of the ACS “Msta-S” this year was not reported. Probably all the machines that needed it have already gone through the update.

Flamethrower systems TOS-2 at the parade. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

In 2020, the missile forces and artillery were to receive at least 30 Tornado-G and Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems. With the help of such deliveries, the rearmament of some units and formations was completed. In addition, modern MLRS came at the disposal of military universities.

At the parade on June 24, for the first time, they showed a new sample of rocket artillery, the TOS-2 “Tosochka” heavy flame-throwing system. Soon after that, the system was accepted into experimental military operation. In the fall, TOS-2 was used in major exercises. So far, we are talking only about a few units, but in the future mass deliveries are possible.

Anti-aircraft novelties

By now, a full-scale serial production of the Verba portable anti-aircraft systems has been launched, and the supply of such products to the troops continues. At the beginning of the year, it was reported about the imminent transfer of MANPADS kits to batteries of motorized rifle formations of the Central Military District. Later, there were similar reports from other districts. We are talking about the supply of dozens of new MANPADS.

Application of MANPADS “Verba” in exercises, July 2020 Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The delivery of two divisional kits of the Buk-M3 military air defense system was planned for this year. New equipment in the amount of 80 units. by November it was transferred to the army and put into service with the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Central Military District. The equipment has already been tested at the range during a recent exercise.

In the near future, deliveries of military air defense systems will continue. In May, it was reported about the conclusion of long-term contracts for such samples. The army ordered eight brigade sets of Tor-M air defense systems, two sets of Tor-M2DT, seven Buk-M3s and one set of S-300V4. It is quite possible that the first products under these contracts are already ready for delivery to the customer, and they will be accepted “under the herringbone”.

Results of the year

In 2020, the ground forces of the Russian army received several thousand units of various equipment and weapons of all major classes. The rearmament of tank, motorized rifle, artillery and other units continues. In addition, at the expense of the new and removed from storage the material part, the equipment of the newly formed connections is carried out.

New Buk-M3 vehicles of the Central Military District, November 2020 Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

It should be noted that 2020 did not set new records in the number and rate of transfer of equipment to the ground forces. Most of the volumes and structure of supplies remained the same as in previous years. At the same time, a number of new models entered the army in limited quantities for the first time. Mass deliveries of such weapons and equipment will begin in the near future.

The outgoing year puts an end to the implementation of the current State Arms Program for 2011-2020. The implementation of these plans was associated with a lot of difficulties, but most of them were overcome. This resulted in the rearmament of all branches of the armed forces and branches of the armed forces. The Ground Forces, the largest formation of the armed forces with special needs for materiel, have updated the fleet of weapons and equipment by more than 50%.

At the same time, the development of the army does not stop, and the next State Program, which started in 2018, is already being implemented.The Ministry of Defense and industry have accumulated a lot of experience and have a lot of promising developments. This means that the rearmament will continue, and the share of modern samples will remain at a given level. However, most likely, all these successes will be credited not in 2020, but in the upcoming 2021.

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