With a machine gun against a tank. Soviet engineers about the 1942 German armor

The StuG III was the only vehicle to impress the TsNII-48 engineers in 1941-1942. Source: wikipedia.org Teutonic armor By the beginning of 1942, the Red Army had accumulated a sufficient amount of... Read more »

Liberals of the era of Nikolai Pavlovich and Alexander the Liberator

Eugene Delacroix, “Liberty Leading the People” 1830, Louvre The shackles fell. Law,Leaning on liberty, proclaimed equality,And we exclaimed: Bliss!Oh woe! about crazy dream!Where is the liberty and the law? Above usOne ax... Read more »

Green’s rifle: the first among Russian “breech charges” …

Green’s rifle. The hammer is cocked. (Institute of Military Technology in Titusville, Florida) “Tell the Emperor that the British do not clean guns with bricks: let them not clean them either, or... Read more »

Doves at war

Today, the dove is a well-known symbol of peace. However, the bird, which man first tamed more than five thousand years ago, had to take part in military conflicts. For many years,... Read more »

Multipurpose nuclear submarines of the Astute type. Problems and their causes

Astute-class lead nuclear submarine on the eve of launching, June 2007 There are currently seven multipurpose nuclear submarines in the Royal Navy’s submarine forces. Three of them belong to the old Trafalgar... Read more »

“To surprise – to win!” The beginning of Suvorov’s military career

V.I.Surikov. Suvorov’s crossing over the Alps. The greatest Russian commander, genius of military art Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov was born 290 years ago. The commander has not lost a single battle. Repeatedly smashed... Read more »

Konstantin Chernenko – the “dimmest” and mysterious leader of the USSR

Source: wikipedia.org Usually, when it comes to the penultimate General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko, they instantly recall his bodily infirmities, a rather gray and non-heroic life path... Read more »

Anti-aircraft missile 9M333. The future for the Strela-10 air defense system

Rocket and TPK at the exhibition The military air defense arsenals will soon be replenished with new ammunition. The tests of the promising 9M333 anti-aircraft guided missile for the Strela-10 series of... Read more »

Training pistol “Marker”

Marker pistol. Photo TSNIITOCHMASH In Klimovsk, which today is a microdistrict of Podolsk in the Moscow region, the famous enterprise TsNIITOCHMASH is located. The Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering is part... Read more »

Range 70 km. New record for ERCA program

One of the test shots, December 19, 2020 The American ERCA extended-range self-propelled artillery program is showing new successes. The other day, an experienced self-propelled gun XM1299 with a promising gun was... Read more »