Etruscan clothing and jewelry

A set of gold jewelry from an Etruscan tomb. The beginning of the 5th century BC e. Consists of a magnificent necklace of gold and glass, a pair of earrings with discs... Read more »

UAV “Orion” and its weapons

Calendar page with curious photo This year, the Russian armed forces received the first unmanned aerial system “Orion” for reconnaissance and strike purposes. By this time, the complex had passed all the... Read more »

Ottoman period in the history of Serbia

Tripko Tsakovich. “Fight of the Serbs with the Turks” In previous articles, it was told about the situation of Armenians, Jews and Greeks in the Ottoman Empire. And also – about the... Read more »

The main achievements of Russian shipbuilding in 2020

Photo: Shipbuilding in Russia traditionally has a difficult time: especially in light of the introduction of sanctions by the West and the already familiar coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, the country in 2020... Read more »

We will never forget him. Kosovars are grateful to “Albanian Stalin”

What is beneficial for the West Extremes are known to have a tendency to converge. Therefore, it is not surprising, although at first glance it is paradoxical, that in Kosovo “independent” from... Read more »

Where did the coats of arms and the science about them come from?

Knowledge of heraldry very often helps us figure out who or what exactly is depicted in certain ancient manuscripts or on sculptures … Heraldry arose primarily out of necessity. It was necessary... Read more »

the first triumph of Suvorov over the Turks

A. V. Suvorov. Hood. K. I. Rudakov. 1945 g. “The tsars praised me,” Alexander Suvorov confessed at the end of his life, “the soldiers loved me, my friends were surprised at me,... Read more »

Five promising new products for the US military

Progress does not stand still. Despite all the difficulties associated with 2020, the American army continues the process of introducing new technologies and solutions designed to improve the combat capabilities of military... Read more »

Russian liberalism in the era of Alexander III

Reception of volost elders by Alexander III in the courtyard of the Petrovsky Palace. Painting by I. Repin (1885-1886). Only freedom has flown down to the people,Only a click is powerful of... Read more »

“Leopard” and other modernized “Pike-B”. Development of the fleet of multipurpose nuclear submarines

“Leopard” in the process of withdrawal from the boathouse The Severodvinsk Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center continues work on the repair and modernization of the multipurpose nuclear submarine K-328 Leopard. The ship, built... Read more »