Treatment on the waters – quackery or salvation?

Mineral water really helps, but not for everyone and not always Even animals know about the amazing healing properties of many springs, springs, mud lakes – deer, bears, and small animals from... Read more »

10 awkward questions about vaccinations: why Youtube removed the video “What’s Wrong with the Covid-19 vaccine?”

The author of the channel “Magic of Reality” provided questions from the deleted video A few days ago, a new video from the Magic of Reality channel dedicated to vaccination was removed... Read more »

The strangest diets in history

Every now and then we all need to lose a couple of pounds. For most people, the solution is to reduce their calorie intake – eat less and lose weight guaranteed. This... Read more »

WHO: Quarantine is useless, no masks needed

WHO officials showed complete shamelessness, saying that the Swedish experience in the fight against coronavirus was good, and the restrictions, due to which the entire world economy sank by tens of percent,... Read more »

“Those who destroyed medicine in Russia are preparing a new scam that will outshine the pension reform in its scale.”

The parliament and the government are discussing the liquidation of the Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund and the transition to the western insurance model, which will become a “control shot” for Russian medicine... Read more »

Vitamin B3 (PP, niacin) – role, need, excess, deficiency

Vitamin PP, also known as niacin or vitamin B3, is produced in the body from tryptophan. Vitamin PP is produced in the body, however, only in limited, small quantities, so our diet... Read more »

How To Control Diabetes | KM.RU

Diabetes can be controlled by: maintaining a certain level of physical activity, eating a healthy diet, taking medications prescribed by your doctor How can a physically active lifestyle be useful? Studies have... Read more »

“A waste of money”: MD reveals the truth about coronavirus antibody tests

According to the expert, testing is of no benefit – but the threat to the wallet is significant In St. Petersburg, a huge number of private clinics invites everyone to take tests... Read more »

Psoriasis: symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that means your body’s immune system starts to overextend and cause problems Psoriasis overview Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease in which skin cells multiply faster than... Read more »

Apartment for stolen cancer drugs: a new “doctors’ case” is being launched in St. Petersburg

The operatives estimate the total cost of the stolen at 100 million rubles. VIDEO A new “doctors’ case” has been launched in St. Petersburg. Dozens of doctors were summoned on October 10... Read more »