The Shepherd and the Cultural Phenomenon. Wild West cowboy

Texas Cowboys, Drawing 1886 Library of Congress / From adventure books and films, the stereotypical image of a cowboy from the Wild West is well known. This is a dashing guy... Read more »

Western propaganda during the Caucasian War. An old tradition of defamation

Military gathering of the Circassians. Illustration by James Bell The tears of the girl Bana, the ubiquitous armored Buryats, the holy cow of the “White Helmets”, Russian hackers, poisoners of the Skripals... Read more »

Nikolay Andreev. Hero-tanker of the Battle of Stalingrad

Soviet tank aces… Nikolai Rodionovich Andreev is one of the representatives of the Soviet tank aces during the Great Patriotic War. Nikolai Andreev was at the front from the first day of... Read more »

There is no land for them beyond the Rhine. The first failures of the Great Army in 1814

Ferry, another ferry Field Marshal Blucher, having ferried his Silesian army across the Rhine, actually dragged the allied forces into France. But many were beyond the Rhine even before the Prussians. However,... Read more »

“Tankograd”. How the USSR tracked vehicle forge was born

Cheliabinsk Tractor Plant The construction of the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant in the 30s of the last century was one of the most important events in the life of the country. No wonder... Read more »

about the power of checker strikes of cavalrymen and Cossacks

Excellent possession of bladed weapons is the hallmark of the Russian cavalry. Well, what was the art and power of these blows? I. Sagatsky wrote about the amazing blows inflicted by Russian... Read more »

The first Ossetian embassy in Russia: in spite of intrigue and war

Ossetian embassy. Painting by Azanbek Dzhanaev It is customary to count the first contacts between Russia and the Ossetians not from the 18th or even from the 17th century. Alans, whom many... Read more »

How the Red Army inflicted a strategic defeat on the Whites

Troubles. 1919 year. 100 years ago, in December 1919, the Soviet troops of the Southern and Southeastern Fronts inflicted a heavy defeat on the Armed Forces of the South of Russia. Denikin’s... Read more »

Region number one. Adygea without secrets and without deportations

Autonomy is not just words Adygea received the first number in the list of Russian regions not so long ago, when the letter designations of the republics, territories and regions were changed... Read more »

Pravda newspaper about the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940

The newspaper with which our story begins Neither jokers nor fools foolsDon’t confuse your hearts anymore.They took away your homeland more than once –We have come to return it to you.Lyrics: Anatoly... Read more »