Lip castle and its terrible ghosts

Bird’s eye view of Lip Castle May the angels of the Lord protect us! –Blessed are you or accursed spiritCovered by the sky or you breathe hellish,Filled with evil or good intentions,... Read more »

Bomb for the emperor

Tsar Alexander II The Russian Emperor Alexander II the Liberator was killed 140 years ago. The sovereign was killed in a terrorist attack carried out by several members of the Narodnaya Volya... Read more »

The big game argument

Becoming After the Crimean War, the Russian fleet on the Black Sea was destroyed. In the Baltic, the handsome sailing ships have lost their military significance. And the problem of relations with... Read more »

how the Americans tried to explain the Holocaust

Source: “Virus of Nazism” After World War II, the enlightened world community tried to answer the question – how did humanity allow the mass destruction of their own kind in the... Read more »

NEP – the way to a new catastrophe or to salvation?

V. I. Lenin and K. E. Voroshilov among the delegates of the X Congress of the RCP (b). 1921 g. Depletion of the country World War, Troubles, intervention and mass migration led... Read more »

corridor from Vlasov or who destroyed the mechanized corps

In previous publications, we tried to investigate situations in the very first days of the war, which suggest, among other things, intentional sabotage. In any case, there were too many of them... Read more »

Reasons why the British should have lost at Agincourt

1. Number The size of the medieval armies that participated in one or another battle is quite problematic to find out. This is due to the lack of accurate documents. Despite this,... Read more »

Russian-Japanese War. Alekseev’s cunning plan

General outline All the same, it is worth starting with the global – with those responsible for preparing for war. Directly the commander-in-chief was a certain Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, who calls himself... Read more »

“Not a mutiny, but the experience of a political revolution”

Scene from the film “The Decembrists” in 1926 Alas! Wherever I cast my eyes –Scourges everywhere, glands everywhere,The laws are a disastrous shame,Weak tears were captive;Unrighteous government everywhereIn the thickened haze of... Read more »

Life of German missilemen on Lake Seliger – how they lived and rested

In October 1947, German rocket scientists were deported to the Soviet Union, who worked comfortably for the Soviet rocket and space program and conducted a number of successful research on missiles (How... Read more »