Stoner 63. Service at SEAL. Auction prices

SEAL fighter Greg McPartlin with a Stoner machine gun in his hands. Vietnam, 1968-1969. Photo: “The Coronado Times” In March 1962, fighters from the US Navy SEAL (seals) were sent to South... Read more »

Railway dreadnought. Armored train “Baltiets”

The armored train “Baltiets” is firing at the enemy Armored trains entered the history of our country primarily as heroes of the Civil War. Both reds and whites actively used railways. In... Read more »

why no one buys the Su-57

Serial killer” On December 24, 2019, near the Dzemga airfield in the Khabarovsk Territory, a Su-57 crashed: fortunately, the pilot ejected and survived. This was the first production model, which, of course,... Read more »

German in Estonian. Tallinn-Arsenal submachine gun

German submachine gun MP-18. In the mid-twenties, Estonia had a noticeable amount of such weapons. Photo Wikimedia Commons Many samples of small arms were distinguished by a special design that could attract... Read more »

The MMWT tank went into production. Turkey develops, Indonesia expects

Experienced Turkish-assembled MMWT tank. Photo FNSS / In May 2015, Turkey and Indonesia signed an agreement on the joint development of a promising Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT). Over the next... Read more »

Ukrainian look at modern armored personnel carriers. BTR-4 family

BTR-4MV1 with combat module “Parus” Combat buses… In the early 2000s, work began in Ukraine on the creation of a new armored personnel carrier, which was supposed to surpass all the vehicles... Read more »

two competitors among the promising combat helicopters for the US Army

Didn’t reach the finish line For many air lovers, the phrase Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) says little. Meanwhile, this is one of the most important aviation competitions of our time. Formally,... Read more »

80 years old: T-34

Tanks T-34 platoon of Guard Lieutenant Pavel Stepanovich Vtorin reach the lines of the “attack” during the exercise, photo: Exactly 80 years ago, on March 31, 1940, the USSR Defense Committee... Read more »

weapon stagnation or systematic development

Israel is traditionally considered one of the leaders in the global small arms market. The Israelis were especially successful in creating assault rifles. Several factors have contributed to the success of the... Read more »

From ATACMS to PrSM. Prospects for US tactical missile systems

Launching an ATACMS rocket from the M270. US Army Photos At the moment, the US Army and the US Marine Corps are armed with the ATACMS tactical missile system, based on serial... Read more »