An armored personnel carrier for space. M113 powered by NASA

A pair of armored personnel carriers in the early years of service. One of the vehicles is equipped with a frontal shield. Photo Any launch of a space rocket is associated... Read more »

SIPRI 2019 Military Spending Report

Total expenditures of the world and regions over the past decades At the end of April, the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) published its next annual report on the country’s spending on... Read more »

Grillo-class torpedo boats: failed “sea tanks”

All built boats are of the Tank Marino type. The photo was taken no later than mid-April 1918, before the first operation and the first losses. Photo During the First World... Read more »

Day of a signalman and radio technical service specialist of the Russian Navy

Every year on May 7, military personnel and specialists celebrate their professional holiday, whose activities are directly related to the radio technical support of the Russian Navy. In Russia, May 7 is... Read more »

about the Italian armored jeep IVECO

As you know, the Russian army currently uses the Russian-made Tiger family of armored vehicles as armored vehicles. But it could happen that instead of “Tigers” in the Russian army could operate... Read more »

Rk62: Finnish clone of the Kalashnikov assault rifle

A machine gun and a soldier, and also a mother with a child. The picture is simply idyllic! Follow the Ural, follow the Ural,there is a lot of space for the Molotov... Read more »

New United States Navy landing ship with short service life

One of the ship concepts, in terms of its performance characteristics corresponding to LAW and with an appearance similar to that discussed in the Navy and Marine Corps May 5, 2020 NAVSEA,... Read more »

High-speed assault boats pr. 02450 / BK-10

Boat BK-10 with a crew and a landing party Russian shipbuilding offers the navy a range of small and light boats and boats capable of transporting personnel, landing troops ashore and providing... Read more »

Anti-tank rifles of the Red Army in production and at the front

Anti-tank guns in the museum. In the foreground is the PTRD, behind it is the PTRS. Photo: Anti-tank rifles of two models became one of the main means of fighting enemy... Read more »

Sanitary vehicles of the Great Patriotic War: special and handicraft

The ambulance bus GAZ-03-32 is one of the first samples for the Red Army. Photo The transportation of the wounded and sick is a rather difficult task, which requires special equipment,... Read more »