“Thunder and lightning”. Future unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities

Model of UAV “Thunder” and its weapons on “Army-2020”. Photo “Kronstadt” The Kronshtadt company continues the development of the promising unmanned aerial complex “Grom” and a number of related projects. Recently, new... Read more »

the first successes and the future of US rocket artillery

ER GMLRS rocket design In the interests of the ground artillery of the US Army and foreign customers, a new guided missile for multiple launch rocket systems is being created. The ER... Read more »

Turkish medium-range air defense system Hisar-O goes into series

The means of the Hisar-O complex. Aselsan Graphics Turkey continues to develop its own anti-aircraft missile systems, and another sample of this kind is approaching adoption. In early March, it was announced... Read more »

Chiftain Crazy Horse target tank

Museum tank Chiftain. Photo The Tank Museum / tankmuseum.org The British main battle tank Chiftain at one time became the base for a number of armored vehicles for various purposes. Perhaps the... Read more »

The main trends in the rearmament of the Russian army in 2011-2020

R-36M – in the past the main missile of the Strategic Missile Forces Since 2008, a large-scale reform of the armed forces has been carried out, and since 2011, the State Rearmament... Read more »

And is that “Neptune” so terrible?

Okay, not an ordinary rocket. Anti-ship, let’s say. Created in Ukraine by the brains of Ukrainian designers and assembled by the hands of Ukrainian workers. The sword of Ukraine in the fight... Read more »

Ka-52 Alligator and AH-64D / E Apache in terms of weapons

Ka-52 with a full set of weapons, the cannon is aimed at the lower hemisphere. Photo “Russian Helicopters” Any attack helicopter is an air platform for carrying and using barreled and /... Read more »

Armored car Arquus Scarabee. Looks and moves like a crab

In France, the process of creating and bringing to mind a new light armored car, designed to carry four people, continues. Arquus is working on the creation of a car with a... Read more »

Reconnaissance vehicle Howie Machine Gun Carrier. A victim of simplifications

Howie MGC reconnaissance vehicle and its creators Simplicity of design usually provides certain benefits, but oversimplification can lead to problems. A striking example of this was the American-designed Howie Machine Gun Carrier... Read more »

“Admiral Kuznetsov”. Why does Moscow need this “junk”?

Caleb Larson of The National Interest has an interesting perspective on Russia’s only aircraft carrier. Larson thinks Admiral Kuznetsov is “junk.” And he immediately raises the question, why does Moscow continue to... Read more »