Comparative review of new products Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 +

Both devices have identical specifications

Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 +: the difference is in the little things

In choosing smartphones, Russians in most cases prefer devices from the famous Samsung Galaxy A. This is evidenced by the results of online purchases of advanced users who yesterday “sang” in blogs the technical advantages of the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 models. Now the attention of scrupulous consumers is riveted to more functional devices with a widescreen display, a dual front camera and an eight-core processor. As you may have guessed, we are talking about the recently presented new products A8 and A8 +.

Their average cost in Russia is 34,990 – 37,990 rubles. Summarizing the diverse consumer reviews of the new models, the experts came to the conclusion: Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8 + impress with the optimal pixel density, enhanced screen protection, an energy efficient chipset, and most importantly, a built-in fingerprint scanner. At first glance, these are two almost identical phones that can replace a TV, tape recorder, voice recorder or, for example, a camera. The difference is only in some of the characteristics of the camera and the dimensions of the devices.

What is a smart phone capable of?

The 5.7-inch A8 is crafted from the finest premium materials. First of all, it should be noted the 4th generation Gorilla Glass protective glass, which significantly increases the level of protection for the beginner. Inside the device is an energy efficient 8-core chipset. The amount of permanent memory is 32 GB, and the RAM is 2 GB. To expand the internal memory, owners of newfangled devices just need to use microSD with a memory capacity of 128 GB. The 16-megapixel module allows you to record videos in Full HD format. This device produces juicy panoramas. And if you can’t imagine your life without selfies, Samsung Galaxy A8 is the best that can be offered from a number of similar devices.

Among other advantages of a smartphone, experts consider an LED flash, thanks to which you can take high-quality pictures in low light and even at night. The smart phone is equipped with a very powerful battery. The talk time is 17 hours. If you constantly listen to music – about 50 hours.

The built-in fingerprint scanner is almost the main component of this model’s success. The only thing that sometimes confuses buyers is the lack of short-range wireless communication. However, this does not prevent Russians from keeping pace with the times, preferring more advanced “functional”.

Both models of the notorious Samsung Galaxy A series are unable to measure the pulse. These sensors function only in Samsung Galaxy S8 phones. But they have a fingerprint scanner directly under the camera, due to which we can talk about a more convenient performance of this function. Other distinctive features of newbies include:

  • the absence of a dedicated Bixby button (this is convenient if only because users can now avoid accidentally turning the device on or off);

  • more convenient placement of a loud speaker;

  • simultaneous use of flash drives and two SIM cards at once;

  • high-quality work of most applications in full screen mode;

  • the optimal brightness of the backlight does not create problems with the study of information on the phone in any weather;

  • clear sound (half the noise and rattling).

Benefits – in design

Samsung Galaxy A8 + is more expensive than its counterpart, on average, by 1500-2000 hryvnia. First of all, it impresses with fashionable attributes: a dual front camera, a fingerprint sensor and a display with more compact and, as a result, attractive frames. Experts refer to the main technical characteristics of the device as an 8-core processor, a graphics accelerator, wireless interfaces, in particular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And most importantly – 5 different sensors. Among them is a microgyroscope, thanks to which you can simply answer an incoming call by shaking the device.

The automatic screen rotation required when watching video reviews and films is provided by the accelerometer. Among the main advantages of design the first thing to note is:

  • narrow body, typical for most modern devices with 18: 9 screens (manufacturers finally managed to combine a 6-inch display with dimensions that were once acceptable for 5.5-inch devices);

  • Heavy-duty brushed metal bezel makes the device look more attractive (which cannot be said about the models of the previous generation of Samsung Galaxy A);

  • barely visible plastic inserts;

  • full-fledged trays for nano-SIM and memory cards;

  • the main camera is slightly recessed into the body;

  • Protective IP68 standard protects the device from splashes and dust.

All beauty is on the screen

In the hands of Samsung Galaxy A8 +, even in hot weather it evokes only pleasant tactile sensations. The slim body of the device allows you to carry it for hours in the pockets of your underwear. At the same time, users do not experience discomfort. Particular attention of consumers deserves the location of the speaker. In this model, it is on the side edge, so inadvertently “stopping” the sound with your palm is just as unrealistic as injuring the screen with a regular packet of chips.

Interested in display specifications? Then the first thing you need to pay attention to is the non-standard screen resolution. The Full Hd plus format is valid here. Bright colors best convey the picturesque and multifaceted beauty of flora, fauna or, say, urban landscapes. Using the alternative modes, the saturation of the hues can be increased and, conversely, decreased. The Blue Spectrum Cutoff mode protects the eyesight of users who spend hours reading books and watching interesting videos on their smartphones. Almost the main advantage of the display in the Samsung Galaxy A8 + is the AMOLED technology successfully implemented in practice.

According to experts, such matrices retain energy well at the time of displaying a black background. Thus, the owners of new-fangled devices can use the function of the always-on screen. It works properly even in the sleep mode of the device.

Thousands of twinkling lights – in one shot

The new member of the Samsung Galaxy A range delivers high-quality audio playback. At the same time, fans of newfangled devices can enjoy the benefits of surround sound and reverb to their fullest. The quality of the earpiece loudspeakers is also unrivaled here.

If you intend to use a smartphone of this model instead of a camera, know:

  • in Bixby mode, actually translate the text on the product label and find a picture of any content on the web;

  • at night, the camera provides no less high-quality images than during the day (even if thousands of lights flicker around, the possibility of misfires in this case barely exceeds 12%);

  • high-quality shooting of texts makes the device especially popular among schoolchildren and students who do not have to spend money on photocopying and printing files.

Both devices have identical specifications. True, the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy A8 is 3,000 mAh, while its successor has 3,500 mAh. In terms of colors, these models are available in blue, black and gold.

Photo from the official Samsung website

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