Complete Collapse Of The System: Coronavirus Brought Down “optimized” Medicine In Russia

The coronavirus has put everything in its place: the sick are carried in the ambulance for 10 hours, they are put right in the corridors, and the dead are stored in piles. VIDEO

In August-September, those in power lulled our vigilance with cheerful statements that hospitals were ready for the second wave of coronavirus. Some one and a half or two months have passed – and we are witnessing sheer hell on all fronts. We don’t blame the doctors – they do their best. The root of evil is to be found in the notorious “optimization”, when everything that had been developed for decades was completely destroyed.

Now we are only reaping the fruits of the greed and shortsightedness of our officials. The coronavirus has put everything in its place. Hospital beds are scarce everywhere. In Kuibyshev, Novosibirsk Region, patients are placed right in the corridor. “There was such a fact,” confirmed the head physician of the Central Regional Hospital Andrey Nikitin TV channel 360… – We have 60 people – according to the standard, 70 were received. Moreover, we work in five regions. They don’t lie there all the time. When we take people over the norm, we put them in – they were transferred to the ward. “

Andrey Nikitin sees nothing wrong with such a situation. Indeed, according to him, although the corridors are overcrowded, patients are often transferred to the wards from there within two or three days. However, do not forget how important it is for patients with severe covid to be connected to ventilators, which are problematic to install in the corridor!

But in Kurgan it has already come to the point that employees of four local hospitals asked Vladimir Putin to send military doctors to the region. According to them, the city is now witnessing “a complete collapse of the system.” Only the arrival of the ambulance there has to wait for days, and the visits of doctors from the clinic – for weeks.

In addition, the Kurgan Aesculapians are convinced that the statistics on COVID-19 in the region are deliberately underestimated. “We ask you not to assess the situation from the words of our officials, but to send a commission to the region so that its members can see with their own eyes what kind of hell is going on with medical assistance to the population during a pandemic,” – it says in circulation. In response, the assistant to the head of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Alexey Kuznetsov assured that specialists will be sent to the region as soon as possible. But will that solve the problem?

Desperate doctors move from words to concrete actions. In Omsk, in the late evening of October 27, an elderly woman with 88% of lung damage, who since 11 am flatly refused to be admitted in hospitals, was delivered by an ambulance directly to the building of the local Ministry of Health and turned on the sirens. The purpose of this act was one: to find out from the Minister of Health of the region, Irina Soldatova, where to hospitalize the patient. A place for the patient was immediately found, but the fact of the matter is that the problem was not an isolated one. For example, a little earlier, a girl with 75% lung damage was driven for 5 hours in fruitless attempts to hospitalize.

Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov called the incident blatant and demanded punish those responsible. “What happened in the evening is beyond human understanding,” he said. – Patients should not spend 10 hours in the ambulance while awaiting hospitalization. Even during a pandemic. What happened shows a failure in the system of the medical unit of the Ministry of Health. In the video communication mode, I received information on the incident from all responsible persons and instructed the supervising deputy chairman of the Government to establish personal responsibility for the incident. “

The situation in Omsk turned out to be so resonant that it reached the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, commented on her as follows: “It is necessary that the situation does not come to this at all. Of course, if problems arise somewhere, a prompt response is needed, first of all, from the leaders of the regions. Both the center and the headquarters in the center, they are open to their calls in case of signs of a critical overload of the healthcare system. Therefore, the system works, and when such unacceptable situations occur, of course, it is very important to react immediately. <..> The main thing is that the system functions in such a way that the main addressee of medical treatment in the regions is the regional leadership, the regional Ministries of Health. They are the ones who have special powers. It was they who were preparing for a possible intensification of the epidemic. It was they who took action, and it is they who must respond to these appeals. ”

But how to react if medicine is completely “optimized”, that is to say – collapsed? All that remains is to “cut heads”, which is successfully practiced in the wake of such scandals. Thus, in Omsk, Governor Alexander Burkov dismissed Anastasia Malova, deputy head of the local Ministry of Health. “Alexander Burkov demanded to understand the reasons for the failure in routing patients and punish those responsible, – noted on the website of the regional government. – An audit of the activities of the regional Ministry of Health has begun in terms of organizing the provision of emergency medical care to the population. The results of the check must be submitted to the governor of the Omsk region no later than November 5th. “

Looking at all this chaos, you can turn on the inner cynic and remember the saying “the living will envy the dead.” But the fact of the matter is that even the dead in these extreme conditions “have a hard time.” The other day, a scandal erupted due to the accumulation of “covid” corpses in black bags in the premises of hospital No. 3 in Barnaul, which was temporarily relocated to a coronavirus hospital. And in the local Ministry of Health explainedthat the whole point is in the transport company responsible for the removal of the dead, which has ceased to cope with the load …

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