Coronavirus hysteria dooms cancer patients and heart patients to death

From May to June in Russia, most of the planned operations were postponed, so now we have an overwhelming mortality rate for cores

As the coronavirus epic unfolds, it becomes more and more obvious how neglected the situation with other diseases turned out to be. From May to June, when all of Russia was locked up in the strictest self-isolation, most of the planned operations were postponed. But many of them were impatient, so now we have an overwhelming mortality rate, for example, in the heart.

At the moment, another problem has arisen, leading in the end to the same disastrous results – the lack of beds. Here is just one concrete example out of hundreds: on October 5 this year, a new high-tech cancer center was opened in Orsk, Orenburg region, which the local leadership promised to build in the mid-90s.

The hospital on the outskirts of the city on Yaltinskaya street is designed for 180 beds. In terms of ecology, the region here is unfavorable – there are many harmful industries, so the new clinic could somehow solve the problem of providing assistance to a large number of cancer patients. But the joy was premature, because literally a week after the opening of the center on Yalta, 60 beds (that is, a third of the total) were allocated for follow-up treatment of coronavirus patients.

In an equally modern St. Petersburg cancer center in Pesochny, operations have to be postponed due to the situation with COVID-19. “During the pandemic, the approach to operations has changed,” a representative of the institution told the correspondent Rosbalt… – Long-term artificial ventilation of the lungs is fraught with serious complications for cancer patients, so we postpone operations to remove benign neoplasms. This practice now exists all over the world. We postpone it for one to two months and in the case of precancerous conditions. Those situations where there is no risk to life. Here we approach each patient individually. “

Despite the fact that the cancer center in Pesochny does not stop its work, some of the indicators there still fell due to the covid pandemic. First of all, this concerns the transfer of operations and the reduction of the number of primary patients in the chemotherapy department. “In the future, we expect a surge in oncological diseases,” warned the press secretary of the institution. Anna Medvedeva.

The result, alas, is predictable: an increasing number of deaths. We do not yet have their exact statistics on cancer patients, but according to the heart, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the head of the Almazov medical center Evgeny Shlyakhto announced a terrifying figure: 17 million deaths worldwide in the last 9 months versus 1 million “covid” deaths during the same period!

“For them, the suspension of planned medical care and the postponement of surgical interventions were especially critical, – laments Evgeny Shlyakhto. “Today we have thrown all our efforts to resume and planned care, and clinical examination, and emergency medical care and take advantage of the window of opportunity that the epidemiological situation gives us.”

Given the stalemate with the heart, the Almazov center basically does not accept coronavirus patients, focusing specifically on specialized care. “We in the center of Almazov are now working in a way that we have never worked in our life,” admits Yevgeny Shlyakhto. The waiting list for planned aid is formed until the beginning of 2021.

The data of the Americans indicate that the coronavirus is by no means a “plague of the 20th century,” yielding the palm to other diseases. “Despite the fact that the total number of deaths in the United States is growing steadily from year to year, the death rate in the United States in March-July 2020 increased by 20%. COVID-19 was the documented cause of only 67% of these excess deaths. research, published on the website of the Journal of the American Medical Association. “Some states have had more difficulty than others in containing the spread of disease in their populations, resulting in a sustained rise in death rates that lasted until the summer.”

For example, Americans are concerned about the sharp rise in deaths among people with dementia. The fact is that sitting within four walls did not have the best effect on the already badly damaged psyche. That is why Evgeny Shlyakhto warns that carriers of the “happiness hormone” fall ill with COVID-19 much less often than their dull counterparts. Therefore, the academician warns that it is important not to get bogged down in the negative, but to cheer up with good news, eat right, eat vitamins and do gymnastics. “COVID-19 is less common where happiness levels are higher. The emotional component must also be kept in mind, ”he said.

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