Cove Scoundrel Protocols: Fake Treatments Can Do More Damage

The Ministry of Health did everything to prevent people from self-medication, and the fake protocols for the “treatment” of patients with coronavirus look doubly unforgivable

Panic is not the best response to the cataclysms that dress us. The panic that has gripped a significant part of the inhabitants of Russia is pushing them to rash acts, such as buying all kinds of drugs in pharmacies or “preventing the treatment of coronavirus” with the help of strong alcohol, pepper and garlic. As it was sung in a well-known children’s song, “you don’t need a knife for a fool, you’ll lie about three boxes for him” …

Sometimes people resort to questionable methods due to imperfect medicine. It’s no secret that even in relatively prosperous Moscow, a doctor can get to people with coronavirus for 4-5 days. It often takes the same amount of waiting for the result of the PCR test. So consider yourself: ten days of inactivity is quite enough to die without normal treatment.

In this situation, people often have no choice but to resort to fake treatments that are helpfully offered by fake “coronavirus protocols” scattered all over the Internet. Following them can be deplorable: a neglected disease leads to a severe form of pneumonia, which could otherwise have been avoided.

“When there is a lesion of the upper respiratory tract, then with proper treatment it will not turn into viral pneumonia or turn into a mild form. And with the wrong starting treatment, all the gates for the transition to severe pneumonia are open. And severe pneumonia is mechanical ventilation and death in 80% of cases, ”warns in an interview Constantinople chief freelance specialist in infectious diseases of the Ministry of Health of Russia in the Volga Federal District, Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the KSMU Irina Kravchenko.

There are protocols for the treatment of COVID-19 approved by the Ministry of Health. It includes interferon alfa, paracetamol and umifenovir, which are often used for lung diseases, and in Russia it is more common under the name “Arbidol”. But the use of drugs favipiravir and hydroxychloroquine is recommended under the supervision of a doctor: they can cause a number of side effects – hyperuricemia, leukopenia, etc. And in general, the recommendations developed by the Ministry of Health are intended more for physicians than for the patients themselves.

Ministry of Health Protocol

The Ministry of Health has done everything to prevent people from self-medication. Against this background, fake protocols for the “treatment” of patients with coronavirus look doubly unforgivable. For example, one of them is wandering around the network called “The protocol of therapy in patients with suspected COVID-19 at the outpatient stage.” Here, along with antibiotics, which are indeed often prescribed to be taken for pneumonia, it is proposed to use such a dubious medicine in this case as Nobazit.

Chief physician of the capital polyclinic number 5 Victoria Belenkaya warns: “Drinking drugs at random and waiting for the effect is not worth it. Taking vitamins also needs to be treated with caution. The “protocol” prescribes vitamins in large enough doses, they must also be prescribed by a doctor. In addition, a huge range of drugs is indicated here, many may not be combined with each other. So people will hurt themselves even more. “

Fake protocol

The Ministry of Health insists that trust in such protocols (and even more so – their further distribution) is unacceptable. But there are people who abuse such things, cynically profiting from them. So, the other day the Ministry of Health of the Tver region instigated an official check of the actions of the therapist of the Tver hospital No. 6 Valentina Maksimova, who was selling instructions on the treatment of coronavirus on her Instagram.

A doctor with a quarter of a century of experience offered to purchase these “instructions” for 950 rubles. “An illegal attempt to enrich themselves without a license and abuse of patient confidence, as well as playing on feelings of fear in connection with the spread of a new coronavirus infection, is unacceptable and illegal, the hospital administration will conduct an official check, the verification materials will be sent to law enforcement agencies,” he said in an interview head physician of the hospital Vladimir Udalov.

The most Valentina Maximova she is not ashamed of her actions, and she does not see anything reprehensible in them. She believes that having worked 9 hours a day in the “red zone”, she has the right to help everyone outside of working hours and receive a well-deserved reward for this: “I do not need any license for medical consultations. I have a diploma. I do consultations outside of working hours. I have the right to do so, I have the right not to inform my leadership. After 15:00 I am free and can do whatever I want. “

Be vigilant and trust only verified information!

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