Covid-19 Vaccine – Genocide And Experiment On A Planetary Scale?

Leading Russian scientists have asked the authorities direct and uncomfortable questions about the coronavirus and vaccination, urging not to hide the information about the vaccine and not to force people to use it.

In terms of scientific developments (especially in the field of medicine), our country, despite all the cataclysms, is still ahead of the rest of the planet. We are really proud that Russia is at the forefront of the development of an anti-coronavirus vaccine, and the international community is already comparing Sputnik V with the launch of the first space satellite in the USSR.

However, one cannot ignore the opinions of prominent scientists – moreover, specialized ones (virologists, microbiologists, geneticists). And just they have accumulated pressing questions to which they would like to get answers. And the authorities must conduct a dialogue with them. These questions, sometimes uncomfortable, they raised at the round table “All-Russian vaccination or the threat to national security”, which took place in Moscow in early February.

The event was initiated by the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Maria Shukshina.

Among the participants in the discussion were:

  • Margarita Pavlova – member of the Federation Council, senator from the Chelyabinsk region;

  • Alexander Golovashkin – Police Colonel, Hero of the Russian Federation;

  • Nikolai Zemtsov – State Duma deputy;

  • Igor Gundarov – Soviet and Russian doctor, specialist in the field of epidemiology and medical statistics, demography, doctor of medical sciences, professor. Chief Researcher, Research Institute of Public Health and Healthcare Management, Moscow Medical Academy. I. M. Sechenov;

  • Andrey Pavlov – Colonel of the Navy, member of the Council of the All-Russian Officers’ Assembly;

  • Irina Medvedeva – Director of the Public Institute for Demographic Security;

  • Alexander Porozhnyakov is the head of the Tsar’s Cross social movement.

At the beginning of the discussion, the molecular biologist Elena Kalle expressed concern that, instead of a loud public discussion about the coronavirus and the vaccine against it, information about all this is carefully dosed. “My searches on the website of the Ministry of Health and on the website of the vaccine manufacturer did not yield any results,” she complained. “The Ministry of Health’s website has news, and the manufacturer’s website has information with links to the results of clinical trials of the vaccine, but these links lead to foreign sites where the results are not fully published in English.”

Senator Margarita Pavlova shared her concerns about possible discrimination against the population in connection with coronavirus vaccinations – in particular, reflected in the idea of ​​”antique passports”. “Probably, there is not a single person in the country who would not ask about vaccination, about his participation in it. The Federation Council also pays a lot of attention to this topic, speaker Valentina Matvienko also recently voiced a list of key issues on the topic, Pavlova recalled. – First and foremost, the principle of voluntariness. Vaccination with us can be carried out only with the voluntary informed consent of the patient, this right is enshrined in several codes, including international ones, in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The President of the Russian Federation also drew attention to the fact that vaccination against coronavirus should be voluntary. No one has the right to force you. “

Margarita Pavlova also expressed concern about the regularly received information about the compulsion to vaccinate in the regions. “I continue to receive messages from which it follows that the principle of voluntariness is being violated. We will send all this information for verification to the appropriate authorities. But we still believe that this is unacceptable: officials should not put pressure on people, let alone dismiss them for refusal as provided for by law. I call on the prosecution authorities to promptly respond to such messages from citizens. “

Much was said at the round table about the opacity of the composition of the vaccine, which may contain components harmful to human health. So, professor, doctor of medical sciences Pavel Vorobiev noted: “The Sputnik V vaccine is a genetically modified virus on which a piece of another virus is implanted. All this is injected into the blood, the virus enters the cell, where it begins to multiply and secrete some particles with elements of the coronavirus, and the reaction to them causes the appearance of antibodies. This is an absolutely new approach for the world today. I could be wrong, but as far as I know, there were no such antiviral drugs before. “

President of the group of medical companies “Your Doctor”, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Vladislav Shafalinov pointed out the experimental nature of the vaccination being carried out: “It is quite obvious that we are dealing, if not with genocide, then at least with an experiment on a planetary scale. Today, post-vaccination complications in the Russian Federation are paid as follows: 10 thousand rubles at a time in case of disability, 30 thousand rubles in case of death, 1000 rubles monthly in case of disability. State Duma deputy Nikolai Nikolayev wrote a letter to the government, in which he asks to raise these payments, and there is no answer for six months. “

The roundtable speakers stated that it is an unacceptable mistake of state anti-epidemic actions to ignore scientific opinion in the framework of public discussion: virologists, epidemiologists, healthcare organizers, social psychologists. As a result, there was no development of an adequate strategy and evidence-based tactics of anti-epidemic measures.

A similar mistake was made in the organization of mass vaccination of the population without professional justification of the relevance, effectiveness and safety of the vaccines used. The priority of political and economic interests can lead to dangerous medical, social and demographic consequences that threaten national security.

As a result, the participants of the round table decided to seek the suspension of mass vaccination pending the publication of the most complete information about Sputnik V in Russian. They also decided to demand to expand the limits of insurance of vaccinated persons against the undesirable consequences of vaccination with the provision of material compensation for all types of possible harm.

The participants of the round table see as their ultimate goal the creation of an independent body – a scientific and public council – to develop proposals for draft laws, other regulatory legal acts, guidelines aimed at regulating all aspects of vaccination, as well as other issues related to the current emergency situation in healthcare and social welfare.

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