Covid Will Write Off Everything: The Death Of 13 Patients Due To Lack Of Oxygen Is Trying To Silence

The governor of the Rostov region promised to “stop all fakes in the bud”, but the true state of affairs in the region is carefully hidden

“Covid will write off everything,” this cynical phrase became the wolf’s law during the coronavirus pandemic. Sometimes, when you read the summaries of deaths, you catch yourself thinking that, apart from COVID-19, we already have, it seems, and there is nothing more to die from. But the saddest thing is when they try to expose the sad consequences of outright negligence under the coronavirus.

In the city hospital No. 12 of Rostov-on-Don, 13 coronavirus patients died on October 12. The figure was frankly alarming, because it accounted for 20 of all those who died from this infection in the region, starting in May (274 people). For comparison: the day before 6 patients died there, and the next day – 5. Doctors from the “red zone” of the clinic admitted that the cause of death of a dozen patients was a lack of oxygen, which were interrupted all day on October 12, and by the evening it ended altogether.

The eyewitness accounts sounded like a verdict. “Oxygen [постоянно] was not enough, and on October 12 he was gone for two hours [подряд] on all floors. Even those who had oxygen, like fish that were thrown out of the water, caught air with gills, “he told the local portal”Rostov-on-Don online“Source in the health care system”

Due to the constant lack of oxygen, doctors were forced to redistribute available resources, temporarily shutting off less severe patients for the sake of those whose condition caused the greatest concern. “Many people can be without oxygen if they are turned over on their stomach and wait until there is oxygen again. And if you do not screw [подачу кислорода стабильным пациентам], in intensive care is not enough. And if there is not enough oxygen in the intensive care unit, then they are taken to the morgue. But most often they themselves die from complications with covid, ”a doctor from the“ red ”zone noted in a comment.

The whole problem is that GB # 20 does not have its own station for the production of oxygen. As a result, you have to buy ready-made gas for big money. As recently as September of this year, the hospital purchased oxygen from Oxygen for 10 million rubles. At one time, the head physician of the regional perinatal center Valery Bushtyrev he just lost his position due to the fact that he solved the problem with his own oxygen station in the hospital, having stopped buying gas from Oxygen. “Everything is covered only in money, they don’t pay attention to health and life,” he says now.

As a result, the construction of the station was stopped, and gas purchases from the company continued. Means, someone from this has a good profit?

And it is clearly unprofitable for someone to reveal all the impartial background of this tragedy, therefore, as usual, they try to silence it. Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko ordered to understand the situation, he was supported by the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov… At the same time, the federal government demonstrates a position of non-interference in regional affairs. “We have no doubt that the regional authorities will urgently find out how much this corresponds to reality and will carry out the necessary investigations,” – stated Sands.

Well, local leaders, of course, pretend that nothing extraordinary has happened. Head of the Regional Press Center for Monitoring the Coronavirus Situation Sergey Tyurin dubbed the very information about the deaths associated with the deficiency of medical oxygen in the city hospital as a fake. The city health department of Rostov-on-Don echoes that the data on the death of patients due to lack of oxygen “do not correspond to reality.”

However, the anesthesiologist-resuscitator of the 20th city hospital Arthur Toporov gives completely different information related to that ill-fated day. “The period of complete absence of oxygen lasted about 40 minutes, until 22:50,” he told the publication.Notepad-Rostov“. – Everything was very chaotic at that moment, so the details of the calls, movement in the wards and the order of resuscitation measures for each individual patient, I cannot tell for sure, I had to be torn everywhere. Patients began to progressively deteriorate from 21:10, as soon as the drops became more frequent, depending on how severe their condition was. And at 21:10, the first clinical death was recorded, followed by resuscitation until 21:40, and the fifth clinical death was recorded at about 22:30, with resuscitation until 23:00. “

Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev promised to “stop all fakes in the bud”, but in this case, the “fakes” in fact turn out to be carefully hidden information. “The Investigative Committee received stories without some of our diaries and signatures in order to conceal the fact of the oxygen tragedy and make us guilty,” continues Artur Toporov. “Also from the hospital register, an entry with a complaint sent by our employee about this was removed, but during the check, the investigative committee managed to find a document.”

The authorities and doctors in this situation need to understand one thing, that something to hide and fake is more expensive for themselves. Tomorrow they may be in the place of these 13 unfortunates, because the coronavirus does not spare anyone, since out of almost 26 thousand deaths across the country, 733 were doctors. And the situation in Rostov-on-Don is a clear confirmation of this. As recently as today, it became known that in Rostov-on-Don, the head physician of this very hospital No. 20, Yuri Dronov, died of coronavirus. The 59-year-old doctor’s diagnosis was confirmed in early October. Later he felt a little better, and he insisted on his transfer from his own hospital to the regional one.

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