Down with McDonald’s: obesity has become the plague of the 21st century for Russian schoolchildren

Terrifying statistics have been published: in Russia, every fifth boy and every fifth school-age girl is overweight. The experts talk about the family’s fault. What about school meals?

Stop by in an hour or two in the afternoon in some budget grocery chain store and observe a depressing picture. There will certainly be a flock of schoolchildren in front of you in the queue at the cashier, parting with the last rubles without pity. The diet is depressingly simple: crunch with chips, eat a chocolate bar, wash it down with cola and even polish the top with an “energy drink”.

The nutritionist-endocrinologist speaks about the same vicious practice. Elena Shchetinina, which worries the excessive use of sugary drinks and snacks by schoolchildren. “There is a lot of weight gain at school age because kids have free money to buy snacks,” she says.Look“. – But schoolchildren can misuse them due to poor awareness of proper nutrition. In the future, such an unhealthy diet is formed as a habit. “

The result of this situation (especially with corrections for coronavirus sitting at home) is appalling. Head of Nutrition and Biotechnology Center Dmitry Nikityuk stated that in Russia every fifth boy and every fifth school-age girl is overweight. At the same time, the number of underweight schoolchildren is falling: there are now about 5% of them.

Chief Specialist for Nutrition of Children of the Healthcare Committee of St. Petersburg Elena Bulatova put these statistics in a historical perspective. “If ten to twenty years ago, in adolescence, girls were more often overweight, now the situation has changed, it is extremely alarming,” she said. “We have 14.9% of young men and about 5% of girls who are overweight and obese.”

TV doctors Alexander Myasnikov said on the air of “Russia 1” that not a coronavirus, but obesity is the true plague of the XXI century. This is evidenced by the statistics of deaths: last year, one and a half million people died from coronavirus in the world, and more than 20 million people died from obesity-related problems. “And by the way, today childhood obesity has about the same numbers, the same 6% of the population, as in adults,” Myasnikov worries. According to the teledoctor, the main reason for this situation is malnutrition in families.

The executive director of the National Research Center “Healthy Nutrition” adheres to a similar point of view. Zinaida Medvedeva says that the cause of excess weight in children is primarily the wrong diet. As an argument, she cited the curious opinion of many parents that “dumplings are healthy food.” “The key factor is the state of the family,” Medvedeva insists. “It is unlikely that healthy and adequate parents can have a child with an extremely large weight.”

The nutritionist-endocrinologist says about the same. Elena Shchetinina… “There is no genetic background here. The nature of food in the family is important: a child in childhood is dependent on his parents – what they give him, he will eat ”.

But is the food situation in schools so cloudless? What kind of “balanced nutrition” in schools can we talk about, when the other day the parent of a student of one of the schools of Sergiev Posad posted in a local public a photo of an unappetizing school lunch consisting of water and carrots. “I want to offer you nutritious school soup! – the outraged user signed the picture. – Water and carrots, as many as two types! School number 2. Lunches are paid ”.

So trips to the hypermarket in the store for sweet nasty things become a harsh necessity with such nutrition. “Everything is monotonous, the portions are small, for one tooth,” he quotes schoolgirl from Rostav-on-Don Oksana… – I ate it and immediately ran to a nearby store to chew something else. And the dishes look like you want to eat right away. Puree diluted with water, which is spread on a plate to make the portion look more impressive. Or boiled pasta. And there is no choice – you only eat what is initially indicated in the menu. And if something doesn’t suit you, go hungry, because there is only one set for the whole day “,

Against this background, the proposals to raise the educational level of schoolchildren with lessons on proper nutrition seem to be true, but half-hearted. So, the director of the Moscow center of education “Tsaritsyno” Efim Rachevsky states: “Imagine that the curriculum changes and the classroom hours will be devoted to the problem of overweight in sixth graders. In less than 20 minutes, someone will start to be called “fattrest”, etc., and then look for suicidal consequences. We have not yet reached the critical moment when demonstrations will begin in schools with the slogan “Down with McDonald’s”.

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