Export prospects SPTP 2S25M “Sprut-SDM1”

At the current military-technical exhibition IDEX-2021 in the UAE, the Russian industry again demonstrates a mass of modern developments of different classes. This year, materials on the Sprut-SDM1 self-propelled anti-tank gun 2S25M were presented at the foreign site. This development could attract the attention of foreign armies and soon become the subject of new export contracts.

Last news

A promising domestic armored vehicle is presented at the exhibition by the High-Precision Complexes holding from the Rostec State Corporation. Unfortunately for the visitors of the exhibition, it was not possible to deliver a full-fledged SPTP “Sprut-SDM1” to Abu Dhabi. Only a model of this sample and other promotional materials are displayed in the exhibition pavilion.

The developers of the combat vehicle note that the 2S25M is the only model of a “modern light tank” in the world. This vehicle combines high characteristics of security, firepower and maneuverability. In addition, it is distinguished by a favorable price and may be of interest to foreign customers.

The presented model of the self-propelled “Sprut-SDM1” attracts the attention of the exhibition visitors, incl. military from third countries. It is possible that such interest will develop, and in the near future there will be contracts for the supply of such equipment. The first news of negotiations on future agreements may appear in the coming months.

Sample Features

The product 2S25M “Sprut-SDM1” is a light self-propelled anti-tank gun (also classified as a “light tank”), capable of striking enemy armored objects or fortifications. It is intended to support infantry or troops, incl. with parachute landing on the battlefield. Sprut-SDM1 was developed on the basis of the previous SPTP 2S25 and differs in a number of key units.

In the 2S25M project, a modern chassis was used, built on the basis of well-mastered BMP-3 and BMD-4M units, which ensures high unification with other military equipment. The aluminum body provides all-aspect bulletproof protection. The armament is installed in a fully revolving turret with a similar level of protection.

The main weapon of the Sprut-SDM1 is a 125-mm 2A75-1 smooth-bore gun-launcher with an automatic loader, capable of using the entire range of domestic tank rounds, including guided missiles. Provides for the installation of two machine guns, coaxial and anti-aircraft. A modern fire control system is used, which ensures all-weather and all-day use of weapons. Such a complex of weapons allows you to fight protected and “soft” targets at ranges of up to 5 km.

The combat weight of the SPTP 2S25M is 18 tons, which allows the vehicle to be transported by air and parachute landing. With the help of a 500 hp diesel engine. it is capable of speeds up to 70 km / h on land and up to 10 km / h on water. High cross-country ability is provided.

Rifle or tank

Armored vehicles of the Sprut-SD series are positioned by the developer and the army as self-propelled anti-tank guns. In our country and abroad, they are also considered light tanks. This version of the classification has the right to life. Moreover, as it is more understandable for foreign customers, it can and should be used in marketing. Thus, Rosoboronexport refers to the 2S25M as a light amphibious tank.

It should be recalled that in recent years there has been a revival of the light tank concept. In different countries, light or medium-weight armored vehicles are being developed with the maximum achievable tactical and technical characteristics and the minimum price. It is believed that such tanks are of interest to different armies and have great commercial prospects.

The class of modern light tanks includes the Turkish-Indonesian Kaplan MT / Harimau, the Chinese “Type 15”, new American developments of the Mobile Protected Firepower program, etc. In the framework of future tenders, all of them may become competitors of the Russian “Sprut-SDM1”. It is not known which armored vehicles will emerge victorious from such a competition. However, the Russian model has a number of advantages that give great chances of winning.

Self-propelled anti-tank advantages

The main advantages of the SPTP 2S25M over potential competitors are associated with a developed complex of weapons and the highest firepower. Foreign “light tanks” were created to combat outdated types of armored vehicles, while the Russian “Sprut-SDM1” should effectively engage modern MBTs. Such requirements affected the composition and characteristics of weapons.

In fact, “Sprut-SDM1” carries a modified complex of weapons of modern Russian MBT. Its basis is a 125-mm 2A75-1 gun with characteristics as close as possible to the “full-fledged” 2A46 tank gun. It also provides for complete unification of ammunition. The self-propelled control system is built on the basis of developments for the T-72B3, T-90M, etc.

Foreign light tanks generally receive less powerful weapons. The most commonly used 105mm rifled systems, which severely limit the firepower and armor penetration characteristics. However, there are also exceptions. Thus, one of the variants of the American MPF ​​tank is proposed to be equipped with a promising 120-mm gun with characteristics no worse than those of the modern M256.

“Sprut-SDM1” was created for the Russian airborne forces, which determined its mobility. The 18-ton vehicle can be transported by major military transport aircraft, incl. foreign production. The self-propelled gun can be parachuted and landed. She is capable of fighting on land and on water. As far as we know, no potential competitor has all of these capabilities.

SPTP 2S25M for key units is unified with other modern armored vehicles. From the point of view of the Russian army, this simplifies and cheapens the production and operation of equipment. Foreign customers can count on at least a reduction in the cost of contracts. If the buyer already has armored vehicles of the BMP-3 type, then he will be able to save on operation.

International issues

The customer’s decision can be influenced not only by the favorable combination of technical characteristics and price. There are other factors, incl. reputational nature. The armored vehicle must have a favorable image that attracts the attention of the customer.

At present, Sprut-SDM1 is undergoing state tests in the interests of the Russian army. Based on the results of these measures, it is expected to be put into service and start serial deliveries. The fact of entering service in the Russian army will surely attract the attention of foreign buyers and have a positive effect on their opinion.

In October last year, it became known that India had begun negotiations on the purchase of new SPTP 2S25M. Such a technique is considered as a modern light tank for reinforcing troops in mountainous areas. By the end of the year, a real contract for 20 or more armored vehicles could appear. The Indian contract should show interest on the part of a major customer of foreign military equipment – and will become a kind of recommendation for third countries.

Waiting for orders

Self-propelled anti-tank gun or light tank 2S25M “Sprut-SDM1” is one of the few samples in a promising and promising niche. At the same time, it is the Russian armored vehicle that is actually the best in this class, showing the highest characteristics and flexibility of use.

Foreign servicemen could already see the Sprut-SDM1 at Russian exhibitions. Now materials on this project have been delivered to a foreign salon. Obviously, this will result in increased interest from foreign countries, and then real contracts. Which countries and in what quantities will buy such equipment – time will tell.

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