Five Things A Mobile Bank Can Do

Nowadays, most people practically do not part with their smartphones. After all, this is not only a telephone, but also a computer, a camera, a player, a navigator – and a bank at the same time. We will tell you what banking applications can do on your smartphone.

1. Control expenses

Many people explain their love for cash by the fact that when money is in the wallet, it is easier to keep track of expenses. And they scatter from the map somehow imperceptibly. But in fact, mobile banking applications have made life much easier for those who seek to control their spending.

Firstly, in the application you can immediately see how much money you have on your card. And if there are several cards, then the balance will be shown for each of them. For example, if you have “Halva Plus” and PayOkay from MTBank, then the balance on both cards will be visible on one screen (and on “Halva Plus” it will also show the accumulated bonus points). And secondly, the application saves the most detailed history of all card transactions: where you spent money, when, how much … If you cannot figure out why the account has 10 rubles less than it should be, the application will help you restore the list of recent expenses … It is also convenient for those who use applications for personal finance accounting. Instead of collecting receipts all day, you can simply go into the application and get all the data down to a penny.

2. Pay for services

The times when in order to pay for a communal apartment had to stand in line at the bank or at the post office, have sunk into oblivion. Now everything can be done online, including through a mobile application. This is perhaps the most convenient option. After all, you can pay for all services in this way anywhere and at any suitable moment, even in public transport or in the cafeteria at work. And you can pay for almost anything – from utilities, duties and fines to children’s clubs, movie tickets and purchases in an online store.

Another plus for convenience is the ability to save payment data so as not to enter each time, for example, a personal account number when paying for a utility. And in the MTBank application, you can also save the payment template. In addition to all the details, you can specify a specific amount in it – for example, if you pay for courses every month, the cost of which does not change. Then it will be enough just to select the desired template, click the “pay” button – and the money will go to the desired account. By the way, if you need a check, you can also get it, but in electronic form.

3. Transfer money to yourself and others

The average Belarusian usually has several bank cards. One is salary, the second is foreign currency, for savings on vacation, the third is for purchases in the online store … Thanks to the banking application, you can quickly and easily distribute money between your cards.

It is not a problem to transfer money to another person. Such a need happens quite often: to repay a debt to a relative, to chip in for a gift to a friend, and so on. Such a transfer can be made in a matter of seconds; in the MTBank application, it is enough to indicate only the recipient’s card number. And at the same time, you can choose which of your cards you want to transfer.

4. Use the services of the bank

In some situations, a mobile application can replace a full-fledged trip to the bank, and this again saves time. So, in the application, you can pay a loan – say, the same monthly payment for Halva. Often, banks offer application users to remotely check out some of their products. For example, in MTBank through the application you can order a new card and specify all the necessary personal data right there. Then you have to go to the bank just to pick it up.

And one more useful function of applications is the ability to block your card if you have lost it. This is especially true abroad, where finding Wi-Fi is easier than making a call to another country.

5. Get useful information

What is the exchange rate today? Where is the nearest bank branch and what time does it close? How do I call the contact center? What products does the bank offer? If you have a mobile application installed on your phone, you can get answers to all these questions.


Is the bank’s mobile application safe?

Some people are afraid to use such applications just because they are installed on the phone. What if he gets lost or stolen? Does this mean that all your monetary information will be in the hands of an attacker?

In fact, getting to your cards is not that easy. When registering, the bank application will ask you to come up with a password, which you will need to enter each time you enter. The password should not be simple, it is best to use upper and lower case letters in it, as well as at least one number and a punctuation mark. Instead of a password for entering the mobile application, you can also use your fingerprint, if your phone supports this function. So even if your phone is in the wrong hands, your card data will still be safe.

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