Flood: from west to east

Global flood. Fresco in the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo’s work

And the water on the earth increased exceedingly, so that all the high mountains that are under the whole sky were covered; the water rose fifteen cubits above them, and the mountains were covered. And all flesh that moved on the earth, and birds, and cattle, and beasts, and all the creeping things that crawled on the earth, and all people, lost their life; everything that had the breath of the spirit of life in its nostrils on land died. Every creature that was on the surface of the earth was exterminated; from man, to cattle, and creeping things, and birds of the air – everything was destroyed from the earth, only Noah remained, and that [было] with him in the ark.
Genesis 7: 17-23

Historical science versus pseudoscience. We continue our story about the Flood, and today we would like to slightly change the vector of the narrative and again indulge in memories of childhood and adolescence, moreover, memories that are directly related to our theme. And it so happened that somewhere in the year 1964 in the almanac “World of Adventures” I read the work of Alexander Gorbovsky “Fourteen Millennia Ago” (World of Adventures. M .: Children’s Literature, 1963. Book 9, pp. 369-420). What I read had a very heavy effect on my fragile child’s soul. As a matter of fact, for the first time I came across an alternative history of mankind, moreover, presented very skillfully, and … I became an ardent admirer of it. Where are today’s supporters of the Rus-Tartarians, including Fomenko and K! I saw that the truth in its pure form was revealed to me, which others … simply do not want to see. However, the last straw that broke the camel’s back was an article in the journal Technics for Youth by science fiction writer Alexander Kazantsev. By this time I had already watched the film “Planet of Storms”, I had already read the book “The Grandchildren of Mars”, and then there was this article. In general, I like … well, I will not write specifically to whom, I completely blew my head off and took out my last brains. I immediately began to collect all the facts confirming all these fabrications, I quoted Gorbovsky’s book by heart and prepared a lecture “Mysteries of the Ancient Earth” for younger students. She went with a bang! And then there was Kazantsev’s novel Faetians in the Seeker magazine, and Erich von Deniken’s film Memories of the Future. In a word, everything came together one to one.

Here is the beginning of this article in the Tekhnika – Youth Magazine

And then studying at a university, and lecturing on the line of the OK Komsomol. One lecture, so to speak, “for the glory of the party and government”, but the second was allowed to be chosen at the request of the lecturer. Well, I chose! I presented all the materials, read it to the “responsible employees”, they approved it, and it went well! True, at that time such “revelatory” lectures were somehow treated with great, I would say, understanding. And tolerance, or something … Well, there is such an opinion, and there is. Interesting, but no more. That is, no one accused scientists of deceiving and hiding some secrets. Here it is: “They are studying!” Here is a movie, here is an article, here is a book, here is a lecture. And when I was asked why “they” didn’t come again, I blamed everything on Einstein’s paradox and in a grave voice was broadcasting: “We are still flying back!” It worked very much! But then he began to study, saw that there were all banal explanations, and finally “put” on the newcomers. After all, specialized comprehensive education is a thing!

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As for Gorbovsky, he wrote many books in line with the paradoxical tradition and little-studied phenomena, including Mysteries of Ancient History (1966), Stolen Minds (1969), Year 2000 and Beyond (1978), Without a single shot: From the history of Russian military intelligence “(together with Yulian Semyonov, 1983),” Closed pages of history “(together with Yulian Semyonov, 1988),” Facts, guesses, hypotheses “(1988),” Prophets and seers in their Fatherland “(1990 ), “Other Worlds” (1991), “Secret Power, Invisible Power” (1991), “Sorcerers, Healers, Prophets” (1993), and each of them is meaningful and interesting in its own way. And today we will get acquainted with his view of the Flood.

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It is interesting that the description of the flood among many peoples coincides with the text in the Bible, although they have never read it. It says that “the water covered the earth by fifteen cubits,” but the Maya, too, in the story of the flood, figure the same fifteen cubits. The Aztecs had their own Noah, only his name was Nata, and he also escaped because the god Titlacahuan warned him in advance about this misfortune and advised: “Do not make more wine from the agave, but start hammering the trunk of a large cypress and enter it when in the month of Tozontli, the water will reach the heavens. ” When then Nata ended, and his wife lit a fire, and began to fry fish on it. The gods were angry that someone had escaped and wanted to complete the destruction of the human tribe, but Titlacahuan stood up for them and thereby saved them a second time.

Well, in the Bible, Noah also makes a fire, and by the smell of smoke from the sacrificial fire, God knows that some people were saved. But biblical myths are said to go back to earlier Babylonian sources. And here the similarities are even greater. At the smell of the sacrifice, the gods “gathered like flies,” and just like their fellow gods from Mexico, they got angry and decided to destroy all the surviving people. But the god Ea, who warned the righteous Whitnapishtim and his wife about the flood, interceded for them. Noah, to find out if the flood was over, released a raven and a dove. And he repeated this three times. But the Indians of the West Indies and Mexico have everything the same, and as a result, one of the birds also brings a green branch in its beak. In the clay tablets with the text of the epic of Gilgamesh, there is a mention of a rainbow that heralded the end of the flood. But in the book “Chilam Balam” of the Mayan priests about the flood it is written: “And a rainbow appeared in the sky, which meant that everything on earth was destroyed.” And here is another legend of the Toltecs from Mexico: “After a few people survived after the flood, and after they had time to reproduce, they built a high tower … But their languages ​​suddenly mixed, they could no longer understand each other and went to live to different parts of the earth. ” The Jews called this tower “Ba Bel” (hence Babylon), which means “The Gate of God”. But in America this tower is also called the “Gate of God”, although phonetically it sounds differently.

But this impressive picture, even in 1968, would not have left anyone indifferent. I mean the TM readers. But A. Kazantsev himself was not up to par in this case. Although I gave a drawing of a slab from a temple in Palenque, but placed it incorrectly, this is not the way to look at it. And besides, he used not his own photo, but a reprint from Deniken’s book, and he … just added a little black here with playful pens, connected the details there, and that’s how it came out … a rocket. If Kazantsev could visit Palenque and take pictures of everything there himself, he would see that there is a big difference between Deniken’s drawing and the original plate, and then he would not have succeeded!

“Even the mountains disappeared under water,” the Indians of Mesoamerica write about the flood. And the Indians of Peru report that “there was such a strong flood that the sea overflowed its shores, the earth was flooded and all people died … The water rose above the highest mountains.” There are the same messages and the peoples of Africa. But the Greeks described the flood as the result of the action of two gods: Zeus and Poseidon, who worked together. But here’s what is interesting: the Persians in the book “Zend-Ovest” wrote that “throughout the earth the water stood at the height of human growth …” That is, its level was much lower than in America. Whereas in China there are myths that say that when the catastrophe struck the land, the waters not only did not flood the land (as it was in America), but also in Africa and Europe, but, on the contrary, flooded away from the coast in the direction to the southeast. That is, it turns out that something like a huge tsunami was running around the globe, and if somewhere the wave hid mountains, then, accordingly, there was an ebb tide on the opposite side. And the height of the flood was decreasing all the time: in Central America it reached the tops of high mountains, in Greece it was at the height of hills and tall trees, and in Persia it stood only at the level of human growth.

They warned of the coming Flood. Gods, and some other people who knew about him in advance. And not only warned, but advised to build towers, high towers, and in them to be saved. For example, the Indians of Arizona and Mexico say that before the catastrophe, a great man named Montezuma built a high tower, but it was destroyed by God. The legends of the Sierra Nevada Indians tell about the aliens who built tall stone towers. In Hawaii, there are still strange pyramidal mounds, called “places of salvation”, where the ancestors of the Hawaiians allegedly escaped from the flood. In the Vedas, it is also written about shelters, where it was required to collect “sheep, cows, birds, dogs, and a red blazing fire”.

Well, Arab scientists, in particular Abu Balkhi (IX-X centuries A.D.), wrote that the pyramids were built in Lower Egypt to protect against the flood. However, our local “wise men” also wrote about the same. So, twenty years ago in one of our Penza newspaper it was written that a firefighter from Mokshan (one of our regional centers) is fond of history and believes that the pyramids in Egypt were built as … breakwaters. For protection from the tidal wave, which will certainly arise when the waters of the oceans fill the mine workings made by unreasonable people and the voids from pumping oil, and the globe topples on its side. I remember then looked at the calendar: isn’t it the first hour of April? But no! I had to write a response material …

Flood: from west to east

This is how the tidal wave of the Flood moved, and red circles mark the places where the most legendary information about it was preserved.

Well, if not laughing, then yes, the Flood could well be an echo of some kind of global catastrophe caused by the fall of a large cosmic body, say, into the Pacific Ocean, and it fell along a very gentle trajectory going from West to East. The blow fell on the central part of the Pacific Ocean, and the resulting wave continued to move by inertia and flooded Central and South America, spread across the Atlantic and reached Africa and Europe, but already in the region of Greece and Iran it was quite low. But from the coast of China, the sea really “left”. But whether this was actually so, today it is unlikely that it will be possible to confirm with a high degree of accuracy.

So, as you can see, dear readers of “VO”, we began to consider the problem of the Flood in our country a long time ago, back in the days of the USSR. But so far they have not made much progress, so to speak, on a global scale. It’s too much for humanity to have much more pressing tasks! Therefore, for any fantasies, we have complete expanse today!

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