Free Online Services For Those Staying At Home Due To Coronavirus

What you can do at home and how to spend your free time usefully – read in our selection.

Where to watch movies for free?

Portal Kinopoisk HD offered users free access for all films and TV series until the end of April. You can use it by specifying the promotional code POKAVSEDOMA.

On using the SIDIMDOMA promo code, you can subscribe for a free monthly subscription.

Online cinema Premier since March 15th has provided free access to all content.

On Okko From March 16, you can sign up for a free subscription package “Optimum” for two weeks. You can activate your subscription by writing to the Okkobro chatbot in Telegram or VKontakte.

A week of free use is also offered to everyone by an online cinema

TV channel 2×2, specializing in cartoons, until April 7, gives a subscription to [adult swim] and other serials.

Books and education

Service “Alpina” opened free access to 70 e-books on various topics (from pumping memory to religious studies). You can get it using the GIFT_STAYHOME promo code.

LitRes offered 64 free books to users using the GIFT_STAYHOME promo code.

Lovers of modern culture can read online books by Garage Publishing House for free at Bookmate within 30 days. However, this bonus is only for new users.

Science Magazine Naked Science offered free access to all magazines with the COVID-19 promo code.

American publishing house Image Comics provided access to a large number of the first issues of their comics.

Publisher “Eksmo” gives 30 books for free.

Netology offers free video courses on marketing, business and design with the STAYHOME promo code.

You can listen to lectures and podcasts for free at “Radio Arzamas” by promo code QUARANTINE.

“Design Library” offers 46 free self-study courses until April 17th.

Online courses from top universities in the world are available on the platform Coursera.

Portal “Access to all” will help you to spend time at home with benefit. Pupils and students will be able to study in virtual classes.

For those who know English, Harvard offers free online courses Mooc… Anyone can become a listener. You can study mathematics, finance, IT, contemporary art, Buddhism, or the basics of biochemistry (the choice is up to the student).

300 free online courses from the world’s leading universities in English are offered on the website

Music and concerts in virtual mode

Social network “In contact with” offered a subscription for three months – for one Russian ruble, you can listen to music without restrictions.

Stay Is an online concert platform that supports artists and offers to watch live streams online. The first concert on March 29 will be given by the Moscow group “Khadn Dadn”.

The social network “Odnoklassniki” by the end of April will show a series of concerts of popular Russian groups in the section “Music on OK Live”… Users will be able to see online performances of groups IOWA, BURITO, “Surganova and Orchestra” and others.

Berlin Philharmonic opened access to its Digital Concert Hall. To enjoy music, you need to enter the promo code BERLINPHIL.

Theaters and museums offer to watch performances and exhibitions online

The Metropolitan Opera has promised to broadcast the performances for free in HD. AT online poster – outstanding performances from the last 14 years. The broadcasts begin at 02.00 Minsk time and are available for 20 hours.

Streams of their productions on the Internet are also organized by the Russian big theater… To view, you need to register.

Free during quarantine offers to watch performances Vienna Opera.

Free access to her productions was opened and Bavarian Opera.

Portal THEATREHD promises to broadcast live theater performances.

Many well-known museums offered to walk through exhibitions online: hermitage Museum, Uffizi gallery, Pinakotheka Brera, Vatican Museum, Louvre, British museum in London, archaeological museum in Athens, National Gallery of Art in Washington.

For lovers online games will not let you get bored either.

GOG.COM gives away 27 games for free.

ITCH.IO give away indie games for free.

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