Help and experience. RChBZ troops against epidemics

Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection (RCBZ) are called upon to solve several basic tasks of various kinds and to protect the army and the civilian population. This branch of the military is capable of helping the army and civilians and protecting them from a wide range of threats. One of the main tasks of the troops is to prevent or stop epidemics.

Special Forces

The units and subdivisions of the RChBZ are organizationally related to the ground forces. At the moment, the core of the RChBZ troops are 5 separate brigades and 12 regiments deployed in different regions of the country. Also, the troops have their own scientific and educational organizations, storage bases, etc. More than 20 thousand people serve in the troops and there are thousands of units of various equipment.

The supply of the RChBZ troops consists of a wide range of various material parts, from self-propelled complexes to hand-held devices for various purposes. First of all, these are several types of RCB reconnaissance vehicles capable of studying the terrain, identifying threats and collecting samples. Numerous mobile laboratories for various purposes have been developed and implemented. Calculations of degassing means – various self-propelled vehicles with special equipment – are responsible for processing the terrain, equipment and people.

Photo: press service of the Western Military District

It should be noted that the RKhBZ troops also have fire weapons. Hand-held flamethrowers, flamethrower combat vehicles and self-propelled heavy flamethrower systems are used. Thus, troops can perform a wide range of tasks, depending on the situations that arise.

Troops carry out prevention

NBC units from different regions regularly participate in military exercises and humanitarian operations. So, last year, military chemists from several regions had to help in eliminating the consequences of floods. Their work made it possible to reduce risks for the population and prevent dangerous scenarios for the development of events.

Since the beginning of July 2019, units of the RChBZ of the Central Military District have been working in the Irkutsk Region, where several settlements were flooded. For several weeks of work, specialists took and studied hundreds of water and soil samples to identify dangerous pathogens. In parallel, measures were taken to disinfect the territory using various types of equipment and technology. Both automotive filling stations and portable sprayers were used.

By mid-August, the RChBZ troops decontaminated the centralized water supply system, boiler houses, 15 educational institutions and other socially significant facilities. In total, in 5-6 weeks, the troops processed more than 150 thousand square meters. m of territories and premises. All these measures made it possible to prevent the possible spread of dangerous infections and exclude the beginning of epidemics.

In the fall of last year, units of the RChBZ of the Eastern Military District were involved in a similar operation; they had to work in the inundation zone of the Jewish Autonomous Region. During the month, military chemists processed a large number of social facilities, as well as approx. 1 thousand households in 27 settlements. The work was completed before the frost began.

Troops against the epidemic

In recent years, the activities of the RKhBZ troops in natural disasters have been aimed at preventing the spread of infections. Recently, the troops were able to practice their actions in a real epidemic. A few days ago, a group of Russian troops was deployed in Italy to help local doctors.

Photo: TASS / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

One of the 15 biological laboratories of the troops, several dozen machines for various purposes and 66 specialists went abroad. Chemists, biologists, virologists and doctors arrived in the worst-affected region of Italy, where they began work.

It is reported that Russian specialists took on a number of important tasks and partially relieved the burden of Italian colleagues. The Russian biological laboratory performs the necessary tests and analyzes to detect new infections with coronavirus and other infections. Medical and nursing teams take care of patients in several medical facilities.

Work has been launched to disinfect the area and premises. Military chemists, using a variety of equipment, treat hospitals and socially significant objects, streets, etc. It is reported that filling stations, degassing machines and other equipment sent to Italy can handle up to 20 thousand square meters. m of surfaces per hour. This is in particular the equivalent of 360 vehicles.

For surface treatment, mixtures recommended by the World Health Organization are used. RKhBZ specialists independently prepare the necessary liquids using recipes used by Italian colleagues. Such chlorine-containing mixtures are guaranteed to destroy the vast majority of bacteria and viruses, incl. the culprit of the pandemic is COVID-19.

Russian specialists work in 65 medical and social institutions in Bergamo and nearby settlements. These organizations faced the problem of a lack of qualified personnel. In addition, Italy lacks some samples of machinery and equipment. Thus, the ARS-14KM auto-filling stations, used in the disinfection of the area, make a great contribution to the current activities.

Help and experience

In recent years, RChBZ units regularly participate in humanitarian operations in different regions of our country. A few days ago, they had to go abroad to help doctors and residents of another state. The results of the current Italian operation have not yet been determined, but there are reasons for optimistic assessments and positive conclusions.

Participation in the elimination of the consequences of the disaster, as in the past year, allows us to solve several problems. RKhBZ specialists provide support to other services and structures, test their skills and abilities in real conditions, and also provide real assistance to the affected population. All this allows you to complete work faster and prevent negative developments.

In recent years, RKhBZ servicemen have been sent to foreign countries several times to work in the conditions of epidemics. Now the same operation is being carried out in Italy. Due to this, military chemists and biologists can monitor the situation directly on the spot and receive all relevant information as quickly as possible.

Also, the existing methods and solutions are being tested in real conditions and experience is being gained. Based on the results of the current deployment, conclusions will be drawn that can affect the further development of the RChBZ troops and their methods of work.

Photo: © AO “TV Centr”

In the event of new emergencies of an epidemiological nature, the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection will be ready to operate in difficult conditions and will be able to use modern equipment and techniques. All this can be used both in our country and to help other peoples.

War on infection

The RChBZ troops have several main tasks, and one of them is to help and strengthen the medical service. With the help of special means and systems, they can identify and timely suppress possible foci of infection or fight existing outbreaks. At the same time, similar tasks are solved in any area, quickly and in significant volumes.

Right now, specialists from the Russian RHBZ troops are working in a foreign country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In parallel, with the help of Italian doctors, they collect the necessary information and gain experience in working in a major epidemic in case of new similar situations. How soon this experience will be needed is unknown, but it should not be underestimated.

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