High Point & High Tower Armory, or What you can turn a regular carbine into

Shooting from a carbine 995TS

Weapons and firms. No, don’t say it, but our Russian government is making a big mistake by forbidding our citizens to produce and own military firearms. After all, whoever needs it very much will always get it, or even beat his opponent with an ordinary hammer or frying pan. For example, I can shoot anyone, if I wish, with a ball from a ball bearing made of an ordinary cast iron iron. I’ll buy it when I’m going “for business” in the antique shop, I’ll conjure a little over it, and that’s all. And afterwards I will go and drown him in the river, and ends in the water. The fact is that in this way we deprive ourselves of a profitable production niche, jobs and taxes to the budget. “Russians are known in the world!” It is enough to watch the Polish movie “Vabank 3” to see what kind of reputation we have there, but just such our reputation helps some types of business a lot! And money does not smell, everyone has known this for a long time. And such small private firms could today quite produce competitive weapons and even export them! In any case, in the West, in a market economy, there are simply a lot of such firms. And our “collective farm” seems to have died long ago, and we entered the market, but for some reason this particular segment is not developing it. Are we afraid that in our country, as in the States, every fifth president will be killed? So what then? People are dying – peoples are living, and, by the way, they are living very well. Well, today I’ll just tell you about examples of such a family business using weapons …

The very first model of the “995” carbine for the 9 mm “Luger” cartridge. Extraction of sleeves is carried out to the right

The same carbine, left side

And this is a store for him

Take, for example, the American firm Hi-Point, a family owned manufacturer and dealer of firearms in the Midwest with a proud 30-year history. Its full name: Hi-Point Firearms, and it produces small arms of the budget category under the Hi-Point and Beemiller brands. The firm is headquartered in Mansfield, Ohio, and also houses some of its manufacturing facilities. High Point offers a one-of-a-kind unconditional lifetime warranty on all of its products, even if their products are resold to a third party. Amazing, isn’t it? And this suggests that the weapons of their production have unique qualities. It’s like Rolls-Royce cars that never break, as you know.

Carbine “40995” chambered for 10 × 22 mm Smith and Wesson

Carbine 4095TS-PI (pink – “pink”). What about? What’s bad? Any color for your money!

Model HunterWC (“Hunter”). As befits a hunter, all in camouflage

Moreover, the owners of the company turned out to be smart people. They didn’t get into competition and produce the famous “arches” (AR), but found their own niche in the market and began to produce small-sized carbines chambered for 9×19 Parabellum, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. The use of cheap polymers and conventional alloys has resulted in lower production costs and lower selling prices for these products. Interestingly, the performance characteristics of Hi-Point carbines are so high that they are sometimes incorrectly called assault rifles. But in fact, these are just self-loading carbines, adapted for firing pistol cartridges, so the recoil from the shot is very small. And there were people in the USA who really liked such weapons, and they began to buy them!

Carbine 995TA4X. As you can see, all new models of this weapon have Picatinny rails. There are three of them on this carbine: one upper, one under the forend and the last one under the barrel. Indeed, its creators were really dreamers!

Do you want to pretend to be a tough guy or run with a carbine through the forest in the dark? Then you will need this model: 995TSFGFL (tactical flashlight + “red dot”). Everything is here!

In 1998, 28,000 copies were sold (just think about it!), And good sales continue to this day.

They started with the Hi-Point 995 – the original 9mm version, then the Hi-Point 4095 was created for 40 caliber. The newest model, the Hi-Point 4595, has proven equally successful. True, the Hi-Point carbines had a “not too impressive look”, which is why critics called them “weapons of the Planet of the Apes.” The Hi-Point 995 carbine is also known for the fact that it was used by Eric Harris during the massacre at Columbine School on April 20, 1999, where he fired 96 shots from it. Nevertheless, even this dramatic event did not diminish the popularity of this carbine.

Shutter handle, safety catch, trigger …

Standard sight

Plastic handle, replaceable magazines and 9mm cartridges

Interestingly, its design is by no means impressive. A corrugated barrel, semi-recessed in the forend, a pistol grip, into which a magazine with cartridges is inserted, a plastic butt. Nothing supernatural. It weighs only 2.6 kg. 10-round magazine. True, later the company, keeping up with the times, released several new models of more modern design and, in particular, with Picatinny rails. However, the basic design of the carbine has remained unchanged!

You can attach a lot of different scopes to the carbine!

And now we will talk about another company, a small company High Tower Armory from Minnesota, owned by Andy Wenzel, which at the end of 2016 announced that it would produce spare parts for Hi-Point Carbine rifles. And not only spare parts, but also the MBS-95 conversion stock, which is a modular bullpup system! That is, by purchasing this conversion kit, the buyer can easily convert his old “995” carbine, which looks like a weapon of the Planet of the Apes, into something completely new, modern and futuristic. To achieve this level of service, the HTA team, as they themselves write about it, offers customers “high quality sports products right out of the box”, this is firstly, and secondly, it presents its products “in an atmosphere imbued with the belief that that you, the client, come first. ” Here’s even how: “in an atmosphere permeated with faith!” Why don’t companies write like that in their missions?

Here’s what they did: they simply took out the firing mechanism with the barrel and clothed it in a fundamentally new plastic design!

Interesting, by the way, and what they still wrote there, and this, as they say, directly not in the eyebrow, but in the eye.

“We at HTA also understand that because we are an integral part of our community and country, we have responsibilities that go beyond those to our clients. Much of our freedom and prosperity as a nation can be attributed to a strong and diverse economy. To help advance this economy, the High Tower Armory team is committed to buying, designing and manufacturing American products. We are very proud that each of our products is made here in the USA by our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens. High Tower Armory, LLC, from draftsmen to injection mold operators, from one satisfied customer to spring makers and machinists, is helping to bring back one share, one spring, one barrel to America’s manufacturing sector! “

MBS-95. Option with reflex sight and tactical grip

This is how this little company supports the national industry in the United States. And there are a lot of such companies there now! And there is a saying: a drop wears away a stone!

MBS-95. A very original color scheme!

So, in 2016 they created their first kit, and then, in February 2017, a photo of this MBS-95 kit came out. Well, in July 2017 – and a photo of the mold for its manufacture.

If you remove the front guard, you can attach a belt clip to the trigger guard instead.

Belt slot on removable safety bar

The MBS-95 conversion kit is now on the market, although it took a while to find its niche.

What attracts this development of American gun lovers?

Compact bullpup design.
Modular assembly.
Partial disassembly without tools.
Dual action fire mode switch.
Melonite adjustable steel trigger rod.
Melonitized steel magazine receiver.
The metal in the kit is in most cases anodized and manufactured in accordance with Mil-Spec standards.
Fits ALL Hi-Point carabiner models (including the 10mm version).
Made in the USA.
Mil-Spec Hardcoat features an anodized aluminum Picatinny rail.
Total weight: 3.5 kg.
Assembly can be done in minutes and cleaning in seconds. The set is available for both right-handers and left-handers.

The cocking handle is located on the left and moved forward. But if you wish, you can put it on the right. This is provided. Or you can put two handles at once!

The MBS-95 features a durable nylon body, two aluminum Picatinny rails, aluminum support blocks, an internal recoil reduction system and an adjustable trigger guard. Internal melonite steel components provide better corrosion resistance, while aluminum components have a hard anodized layer for increased durability.

High Point & High Tower Armory, or What you can turn a regular carbine into

The kits are available in several colors: black, arctic gray, “dark earth”, “OD green”, and “desert tan”

What’s behind …

… what’s in front. The design is equally elegant and well thought out!

All parts of the set have the same dimensions, but in fact they are not interchangeable, since in some way they depend on the caliber. Do not swap .380 ACP to 9mm Luger or .40 S & W to 10mm due to possible ammo confusion. But all markings are printed or marked on the outside of the parts (“foolproof”), so what caliber they are intended for is very clear.

The magazine lock is also located inside the trigger guard and is wrung out with the fingers of the left / right hand, since it is two-way. A very original solution is the fuse, the key of which is located next to the trigger, but the fuse on the left side of the case also remains.

Another detachable piece that further enhances the styling of the buttstock is a guard brace that can be added to the trigger guard. It has a slot for a nylon belt. Two more slots – one on the magazine shaft and the other on the butt

Line of carbines from MBS-95 sets

The price of the set is only $ 249.99, which is, of course, inexpensive for aesthetes and fans of shooting and to be different from all others!

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