How to choose a TV with a high-quality picture for a small price

Is it possible to find a budget TV with a large diagonal and high quality picture? It’s quite real. Internet edition expertology studied all models presented in the post-Soviet space and chose good TVs for little money.

Expertology is a unique resource for buyers. The magazine publishes honest reviews of products and services in a variety of categories, including household appliances, makeup, building materials, and modern gadgets. More than five people work on each article. For the material, research from around the world, official information from various companies, interviews with experts and a huge number of real reviews from consumers are used. This comprehensive approach helps Expertology prepare detailed and unbiased ratings for various products.

Most budget TVs

Devices under $ 200 fall into this category. The review looked at models with a diagonal of 22 to 28 inches. Experts have selected three models from well-known manufacturers – LG and Samsung.

The rating was opened by LG 28LK480U with a 28-inch screen. In addition to standard TV tuner support, the TV supports Smart TV and connects to a Wi-Fi network. Since this is a fairly budget model, the sound power is relatively low – only 10 watts. But you can connect speakers to your TV.

Two other models from the review, LG 24MT58VF-PZ and Samsung UE22H5600, have better displays. At the same time, their cost is practically the same as that of the LG 28LK480U.

TVs under $ 260 with a good screen

In the rating, Expertology reviewed devices with a screen diagonal of up to 32 inches. According to buyers, Samsung UE32J5205AK, LG 32LJ500V and Philips 32PFT4101 turned out to be worthy TVs.

The LG 32LJ500V stands out from the competition with its stylish design and large Full HD screen. The speakers are rather weak, but this is due to the low price of the 32-inch TV. Another drawback of the device is the lack of a Smart TV function.

The resolution of the Philips 32PFT4101 model is 1920 by 1080 pixels. Like LG’s previous TV, there is no Smart TV. But the sound of the device is quite decent – there are two speakers, the power of each is 8 watts. Philips 32PFT4101 is suitable for connoisseurs of old game consoles. Thanks to the SCART connector, users can play childhood games on the big screen.

Samsung UE32J5205AK took the lead. In many respects, the decision in favor of this model was made due to the powerful operating system that allows viewing online broadcasts on the device.

Large TVs under $ 330

Expertology has identified 4 models that buyers believe are the best among budget large screen TVs.

The fourth position was taken by the KDL-40RE353 from the Japanese company Sony. This is a 40-inch TV with a slim bezel. Laconic modern design is the company’s business card. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The speakers are standard for budget models. A significant drawback of the device is the lack of a Smart TV function.

The three leaders were opened by LG 43LJ519V. The TV differs from other models from the selection in a white case. The screen of the device is quite large – the diagonal is 43 inches. The TV is not only a budget model itself, but also helps to save energy. The device has the ability to adjust the brightness of the screen thanks to the built-in light sensor. As with many low-cost TVs, buyers have to put up with quiet speakers and a lack of Smart TVs.

The second line of the rating was taken by Samsung UE40J5200AF. Experts of Expertology spoke in detail about all the advantages and disadvantages of the device. Among the main advantages of the TV is good color reproduction thanks to TFT MVA technology. The internal speakers are also pleasing – unlike the competition, the Samsung UE40J5200AF is equipped with a 20W sound transmission.

LG 43LJ594V became the leader in the review of large-screen TVs. Expertology gave it an honorable first place for a reason – a 42.5-inch screen, a good processor and Smart TV support speak for themselves.

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