How to choose dentistry and a good dentist: expert advice

According to statistics, there are more than 3,500 dentists and tens of thousands of specialized doctors in Moscow.

How to choose a dental clinic from this set, in which you will be pleased to be treated and a dentist with whom your teeth will be healthy. And if you already have a personal doctor, how to assess his competence and professionalism? We asked the leading doctor of the clinic Light Dentistry, Karpova Anton Sergeevich, share helpful tips in this regard.

What to look for when choosing dentistry?

Many people choose a clinic based on personal preference in the first place, and this is normal. The patient should treat his teeth where he is comfortable and pleasant. However, there are a number of points that I recommend paying special attention to when choosing dentistry.

The attitude of staff to customers. How do you feel when you make an appointment and come to the clinic for the first time? Do they speak kindly to you, show attention and sympathy, do they answer your questions in detail? If you have not noticed such an attitude on the part of the staff, then this is a reason to think about looking for another clinic.

Waiting time. In good dentistry, doctors see patients on time and do not make them wait long for their turn, and even more so they do not postpone the appointment for another time for the sake of more “money” clients.

The situation. Notice how clean it is in dentistry. Dust, dirt, clutter in the waiting room, greasy walls, and an unpleasant smell in the toilet indicate that the institution’s management is most likely also concerned with the observance of hygiene standards in the treatment of patients.

Price policy. In a good clinic, installment plan, free consultation, drawing up a preliminary treatment plan are available. The latter is especially important, since it enables the patient to see the full cost of such types of expensive treatments as prosthetics, implantation, and braces installation.

Share practical tips on how to choose the right dental clinic?

At first, look for a doctor and a clinic while your teeth are in order, that is, during preventive visits. Moreover, in many centers, dentists consult patients free of charge. So you can visit different dentistry, evaluate the interior, equipment, get acquainted and establish contact with the attending physicians.

SecondlyPlease remember that prices for services do not always reflect the level of treatment at the clinic. High prices can be associated with high rental costs, which is important, for example, for dentistry in the central districts of Moscow. If prices, on the contrary, are too low, there is a risk that the clinic uses materials of dubious quality.

Thirdly, study the ratings of Moscow dentistry, published by independent sites (ProDoctors, StartSmile, etc.). Pay attention to medical institutions from the Top 20 rating, try to understand why they are there, look at the websites of these dentists, doctors’ profiles, reviews.

Should you trust the reviews?

In general, reviews are a good tool for checking the rating of a clinic. However, this source of information should be treated with a grain of salt, given that satisfied patients do not always give feedback, some reviews may be customized, while others are left by inadequate patients.

I would not recommend 100% trusting reviews on dental sites, since, you see, no one will spoil their reputation with negative ratings. For objectivity, use third-party platforms (Yandex.Maps, zoon, google, etc.), research both positive and negative reviews. Try to understand why the client gave the clinic a negative assessment, how they reacted to it, whether there are many such reviews, whether the problem is really in the doctor or in the subjective opinion of the person.

Advise how to choose a good dentist?

This is not only a qualified, experienced specialist, but above all a person with whom you feel comfortable and pleasant to communicate, whom you can completely trust in matters of treatment. To find such a doctor:

  • Study the portfolio, specialist qualifications, reviews, read what they say about him on the forums.

  • Make an appointment with your chosen doctor, get to know him better, ask questions, listen carefully. So you can appreciate his approach to dental treatment and understand how easy it is to get along with him.

You shouldn’t contact a doctor who:

  • Disregards sanitary standards. It is easy to notice if the doctor looks untidy, does not disinfect his hands before dental procedures, or after manipulating the patient’s mouth, he does other things with the same gloves;

  • Assigns you the most expensive procedures without even considering more affordable alternatives;

  • I am not ready to spend my time to advise you after the procedure and help you during the rehabilitation period.

Do not be afraid to consult with different specialists, take your time to search, carefully evaluate doctors and clinics. Good luck in finding the doctor and clinic of your dreams.

The interview was given by: Karpov Anton Sergeevich, leading surgeon-implantologist-orthopedist of the clinic “Light Dentistry”.
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