How To Choose The Right Mobile Phone

The mobile phone market is growing and developing all the time. New models appear every month

Mobile phone manufacturers are trying to introduce new technologies and functions so that the consumer chooses the model of their company. How can an ordinary user, among hundreds of models, choose the one that suits him in terms of functionality, design and technical characteristics.

In fact, the process of choosing a phone can be reduced to just a few points. First, you need to decide what exactly is needed: a regular phone or a smartphone. The difference between them is quite significant. The smartphone runs under a specific operating system, has a more powerful processor, RAM, and is more functional. You can install complex programs, applications and quite technological games on your smartphone. A regular phone also supports the installation of games and programs.

True, the applications that are installed on the phone are quite simple and there are not so many of them. The choice of a smartphone should be paid attention only to those users who are sure that they will use all the functions of their chosen device. Otherwise, you will only overpay the extra money for the functions you do not need. It is also worth noting that using a smartphone is more difficult and installing applications is not an easy process. In short, for those who do not understand this, it will take some time to study the capabilities of the device. For most users, the functionality of a regular phone is more than enough.

You should also decide for what purpose the phone is being bought, except for directly “calling”. A long time ago, the time when you could only make calls with the help of a telephone. Nowadays, a telephone is a multifunctional device with which you can listen to music, take pictures, and browse the Internet. As a rule, a mobile phone is bought with one or another bias. You have to decide what is right for you. If you listen to music, you should pay attention to the music lines of your phone. They are inherent in almost all global brands. Nokia calls this line Xpress Music, Sony Ericsson Walkman. Phones from such series are adapted for music lovers. They have multifunction players, good sound quality, and good headphones are included. In cases where the main priority when choosing a phone is the camera, then you need to choose from the Cyber-shot series. In any case, you will have to sacrifice something. You should not expect good quality pictures from a phone from a series of music, but from a camera phone of pure crystal sound and a multifunctional music player. Even in very expensive models, one thing often prevails.

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The phone display is worth paying attention to. Now more and more mobile phone manufacturers have started to produce models with touch screens. I think there is no need to explain what such a phone is. It is important to consider the following. Many people buy touchscreen phones, obeying fashion trends, but not all then get used to this method of control. Some, having used such a phone for a short period of time, and not getting used to the controls, return to models with a familiar keyboard. If you have the opportunity to use such a phone for a couple of days, for example, from relatives or friends, then you should do this. If you calmly get used to this control method, and you are comfortable with it, you can safely buy a phone with a touch screen.

Also, an important factor in the display of a phone is its resolution. The higher it is, the better the image will be. Better not to buy phones with a resolution lower than 340 by 220 pixels. Today, the highest quality displays are LEDs. The LED display practically does not lose quality when viewing images in bright sunlight, it is very bright and contrasting. Therefore, if finances allow, you need to take a model with just this type of screen.

In conclusion, I must say that phones need to be bought only at specialized points of sale. In this way, you will be protected from counterfeiting. The sellers must have a corresponding certificate for each model, which confirms the compliance of the model with the necessary standards. When buying a phone, you need to test it right in the store. You need to turn it on and off several times, check the main functions. The seller has no right to refuse you this. And it is unlikely to do so. The competition among mobile salons is too high to lose a potential client out of the blue.

One last thing to remember. Each device has a unique IMEI code, which is set by the phone manufacturer. This code is always printed on the packaging from the phone. First of all, after choosing a phone, dial * # 06 # on the keyboard and compare the code that appears on the display of the device with the code on the package. If they are the same, then everything is in order, the phone is original.

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