How To Fly An Airplane Around The World For Almost Free

1. Promotional tickets

The simplest thing you can think of is to look at promotions on tickets directly from airlines (or even better from low-cost airlines).

Most companies often run various promotions and special offers. The main thing is to keep track! Therefore, we advise you to subscribe to the mailing list of carriers suitable for you in the direction and service, in order to be always on the alert.

Here is an example of the best low-cost companies in the world (for 2018) that you can subscribe to: AirAsia, Norwegian, EasyJet, IndiGo, Ryanair, Peach, West Air, PAL Express and many others.

Choose dates in advance (for example, 5-6 months in advance) and maneuver if there is no cheap ticket for the required date. If it doesn’t matter to you, look at tickets for neighboring dates – the difference can be 2, or even 10 times.

Be sure to collect miles (bonuses) from flights. This will allow you to fly cheap. By the way, each company calculates miles in its own way, but due to frequent flights, you can accumulate bonuses for a free ticket.

2. “Hot” offers from tour operators

It is very convenient to have your own person in a travel agency! So you can start making connections. But seriously, you need to keep an eye on travel agencies – there are often situations when operators offer tickets at a great price, almost for nothing. This happens due to the fact that the travel agency does not have time to sell the planned seats on the plane and is forced to give tickets for tiny money. Such luck happens mainly in the off-season or non-holidays. But what the hell is not kidding – try to contact the company at any time, maybe you will be lucky.

And also wonderful offers are found in ready-made tours or vouchers. As a rule, travel agency employees themselves cannot take advantage of the “abrupt departure” (this is exactly what happens) and distribute offers to friends and family. For example, you can find a ticket for $ 50 to Turkey for a week (with accommodation, meals and flight) or $ 170 to Tunisia for 12 days (also with a full set). But keep in mind that you will most likely have to take off on the same day when the ticket was offered, maximum – in a day or two.

You can follow the charters (burning tickets) on the resource Many advantageous tickets and convenient routes to fly comfortably and cheaply.

3. Aviasales

This is a site that helps you find the cheapest tickets to different parts of the world. Besides the fact that you have a chance to find a profitable ticket, you can also receive discounts on your purchase. See how it works: you register on the site, you receive a unique link with a personal ID number. And every time you want to buy a ticket for yourself or your loved ones, visit the site using the link. It’s simple. Discounts there are small, but with a constant purchase through the service, an impressive amount can accumulate. Unfortunately, such a system does not work with low-cost airlines.

4. Accumulative or bonus card

Get yourself a bank card that works with some airline (s). Use such a card as often as possible, pay for everything: for groceries, utilities, clothes, studies, kindergarten, tickets, etc. The more you use your bonus card, the more miles you accumulate. After accumulating the required number of points, you can easily pay for a ticket with them and fly, consider it, free. But you need to collect up to the full cost of the ticket.

5. Wrong rates

This item will allow you to fly very cheaply. It is the most interesting and risky one.

Wrong fares sometimes happen in the ticket booking system. Many inexpensive tickets from European cities to America or Asia. But keep in mind that the rates shown will not last long. If you hesitate for several hours, you may not find tickets at a tempting cost. Don’t hesitate – buy right away. Basically, you have nothing to lose, so there is nothing to be afraid of. The reservation and the corresponding code are assigned to you. The worst thing that can happen is that the ordered ticket will be canceled and the money will be returned. But this happens very rarely. More often – you can safely receive a ticket and airline booking code. After that, for reliability, it is better to continue your booking and go to the official website of the airline (indicate personal data, for example).

“Wrong” tickets can appear on the official websites of airlines (which is rare). Or on aggregator sites (uniting a huge number of companies). Here are some of the most convenient and sensible ones: Fly4free, HolidayPirates, Skyscanner, Momondo, Airfarewatchdog, View from The Wing, The Flight Deal, ExpertFlyer, форум FlyerTalk и форум Винского.

Use these affordable and easy-to-use methods. They will make you fly cheap and enjoyable. Moreover, travel as often as possible!

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