How to protect children from poisoning: Russian parliamentarians are discussing

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation drew attention to the increase in the number of child poisoning in the regions. Legislators propose to revise the catering system in schools and kindergartens

Every third Russian is dissatisfied with the quality of food in school and hospital canteens – this became known from the results of a survey of 46 thousand citizens conducted by experts of the ONF.

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It turned out that 43% of the respondents are dissatisfied with the appearance of the dishes, 35% of the respondents do not like the monotonous menu, 28% complain about the poor diet, 5% – about the freshness of the food. “The child does not eat what he is given at school,” – complain the study participants. “For the sphere of social nutrition, this is a key indicator – if the child has not eaten, then all the work, all the money is wasted,” summed up the director of the Institute of Industry Nutrition. Vladimir Chernigov.

In addition, hundreds of poisoning claims were received through questionnaires. The information is confirmed by the news, in the regions weekly mass poisoning and large outbreaks of intestinal infections are recorded, provoked by poor-quality food in canteens.

how convinced Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Dmitry Saveliev, the reason for this situation is poor control over suppliers of baby food products. “The availability, and most importantly, the safety and quality of food in schools and kindergartens is extremely far from ideal today. No one is immune from food poisoning or intestinal infection, ”he said.

Indeed, such emergencies occur regularly in the regions. For many years, residents of Yekaterinburg fought to leave the market of MUP “Cinderella”, whose service of dubious quality is constantly turned around a blow to the health of children. Scandalous enterprise liquidated by a court decision in March this year.

In Khabarovsk last year, more than a hundred students of gymnasium number 3 named after M.F. Pankov poisoned salad. Later from intestinal infection suffered about 18 Khabarovsk preschoolers, presumably due to violations in the catering unit.

Poor quality eggs poisoned pupils of the kindergarten in the village of Shushary near St. Petersburg. According to Rospotrebnadzor and ONF, in this region, product suppliers are constantly violate legislation: enter into cartel agreements, disregard the rules of sanitation, supply counterfeit dairy products to food-processing units, overcharge prices for their services.

In December last year, an outbreak of dysentery among kindergarten students was recorded even in the capital – 57 preschoolers were injured in seven institutions. Journalists and government officials put forward many versions about the reasons for the poisoning, accusing Yevgeny Prigozhin and his company “Concord”, which organizes meals in these kindergartens. However, the experts of Rospotrebnadzor who conducted the investigation reportedthat 19% of the employees of the Lipetsk dairy, which supplies products for kindergartens, had infection markers, which was the reason for the onset of diseases among children.

Experts see a change in the approach to the process itself as a solution to numerous problems in the field of nutrition. Thus, many deputies are in favor of toughening requirements for products entering schools and kindergartens, and strengthening control over suppliers. Today, at the federal level, a number of relevant bills are being developed and discussed, including the law on baby food, which will introduce uniform standards for products used by children for the country.

“It should be adopted during the spring session,” says the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko… At the regional level, they are still looking for the optimal form of organizing social meals. So, in many subjects they refuse to eat through municipal unitary enterprises, showing yourself not on your best side. Experts celebrate successful experience of working with large outsourcing factories: having modern equipment and professional chefs in the staff, such companies are able to ensure high quality and safety of food.

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