“I put my husband’s panties on my head”: the coronavirus finally distorted the psyche of the inhabitants of Russia

Specialists identify such side effects as increased suggestibility, emotional dependence.

The coronavirus pandemic not only destroyed the economy of our country and dealt a devastating blow to the personal well-being of citizens, but changed absolutely all areas of our life. Due to the glaring uncertainty, we can neither plan our leisure time for going to the cinema, theater and concerts, nor go on a tourist trip, nor simply leave the house to the nearest store.

The soil knocked out from under our feet does not have the best effect on our psyche. Anyway, this is exactly the conclusion made Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, author of the article “Outpatient Cases of Mental Disorders during the Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19” Sofia Oskolkova… Until now, many do not get out of their heads a case when in the Moscow metro a man attacked an unfamiliar woman who began to cough without a mask. Having amicably condemned the brawler, we seemed to have forgotten that we ourselves also often break down because of all these vicissitudes – if not at strangers, then at loved ones.

Long-term self-isolation often irreparably disturbs the psyche of people. In addition, experts identify such side effects as increased suggestibility, emotional dependence, the experience of loneliness, the presence of somatic diseases, etc.

Intractable problems have emerged in many families, leading to an increase in divorce rates. Elderly members of many families showed delusional states and hysterical reactions. It seemed to people that they had caught the coronavirus and they needed to buy as much medicine as possible. “Thus, isolation psychologically often additionally increased contacts, sometimes undesirable, strengthened the mechanisms of mutual induction, became an additional stressor,” says Sofia Oskolkova’s article.

Employees of the FSBI “National Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcology named after V.I. VP Serbsky “conducted a remote study that identified 13 cases of mental disorders that appeared among citizens against the backdrop of a pandemic. Let’s dwell on the most revealing.

A 53-year-old female professor, conducting a remote lesson with students, put her husband’s panties on her head, “so as not to get infected.” Her husband, a physicist, supported these “measures”, believing that the coronavirus, combining with computer viruses, acquires a lethal effect. The student, wrapped in a blanket during the lecture, thought in a similar way. Their diagnoses are Induced Delusional Disorder and Hypochondriacal Disorder.

In the face of the pandemic, many have become overly superstitious. So, a spouse of 60 and 65 years old installed two bags of salt at the entrance to the dacha to scare off the infection. They spent all the time watching TV, fearing to miss negative news. Another elderly couple, also hiding in the country, begged for mercy, praying … to a juniper and sacrificing fruit to him.

The coronavirus does not spare the young either. One mother was completely exhausted with her 16-year-old son, who kept disinfecting the pens in the house and washed his hands until they bleed. A 14-year-old sister soon joined him. Together they brought the cat to the handle, which they constantly “disinfected” until his fur fell out and his appetite disappeared.

True, the young were more easily subjected to behavior adjustment during therapy. “A full-fledged clinical analysis of the described cases is not yet possible: the patients agreed to a conversation with a maximum of two doctors or with a psychiatrist and a psychologist, which is clearly not enough for the traditional analysis,” sums up Sofya Oskolkova. – Absentee clinical analyzes with the participation of a group of doctors during the period of very unfavorable dynamics of the incidence of coronavirus in Moscow were not carried out. Clinical analyzes are planned after the end of the epidemic and a more complete examination of patients and obtaining follow-up information. ”

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