in Russia began mass production and supplies to the troops of the T-90M “Proryv” tanks

Uralvagonzavod has started serial production and supplies to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of the main battle tanks T-90M. The concern said that we are talking about long-term contracts for a large number of cars. These tanks received a fundamentally new turret and a more powerful engine. They are also equipped with a multi-channel sight, which allows the use of weapons at any time of the day. Experts note that today the T-90M is one of the best battle tanks in the world.

Concern “Uralvagonzavod” began mass production and supply of new T-90M “Proryv” tanks to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This was reported by the press service of Uralvagonzavod.

Uralvagonzavod has started serial production and supplies of the Russian Ministry of Defense of T-90M tanks. These are long-term contracts for a large number of vehicles, ”said UVZ.

Recall that the Russian defense department reported on the transfer of the first T-90M “Breakthrough” tanks to the troops in April last year – then the Taman division received the vehicles of this model.

The head of Uralvagonzavod, Alexander Potapov, said that the Breakthrough was the most advanced vehicle in the T-90 family of tanks.

“Its creation is a big step in the development of Russian tank building. In particular, the new model implements a complex of inter-object interaction, the tank is capable of operating in the conditions of modern network-centric combat operations. The reliability of all types of equipment and apparatus has been significantly increased: even if the fire control system fails or there is no power supply from the on-board network, the tank will not fail, “Interfax quotes him as saying.

Object 188M

Work on the design of this tank within the framework of the “Object 188M” project started in the early 2010s and consisted of deep modernization platform of the T-90 tank. The first modifications of the T-90AM and T-90SM were created, which became the basis for the external appearance and a number of design solutions, which were subsequently implemented in the T-90M “Breakthrough”.

In its final form, the newest Russian tank was first presented to the public at the Army-2018 international military-technical forum. The combat weight of the T-90M is 48 tons. It can reach speeds of 45 km / h on rough terrain and 70 km / h on the highway. The cruising range is 550 km. The crew is three people.

The main difference between the “Breakthrough” from the base T-90 is a new multilayer tower module with improved fire control and automatic loading systems.

Crew members of the T-90M “Breakthrough” tank before the night rehearsal of the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War in Moscow
RIA Novosti © Vladimir Sergeev

The main weapon of the tank is the smoothbore gun 2A46M-4, 125 mm caliber. It can use the entire range of ammunition of this caliber for the 2A46 family guns, and also act as a launcher for the Reflex-M and Invar guided missiles.

Auxiliary weapons are a 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun paired with a cannon and a 12.7 mm Kord-MT anti-aircraft machine gun – it is housed in a remotely controlled installation on the turret roof.

The tank also received improved communications, a propulsion system, a software and hardware complex and a multi-channel panoramic thermal imaging sight.

Another fundamental difference between the T-90M “Breakthrough” is the increased level of security. It was achieved due to the installation of third-generation universal dynamic protection modules “Relikt” on the outer armor of the vehicle. They protect the hull, turret and side skirts of the T-90M from cumulative and sub-caliber ammunition. At the same time, the “Relic” modules damaged in battle can be easily replaced with new ones. In addition, the frontal projection of the “Breakthrough” can withstand a direct hit from almost any modern ammunition.

Also, thanks to the improved design, the level of crew safety was significantly increased. From the inside, the compartments of the T-90M are covered with a special anti-splinter material made of heavy-duty fabric made on the basis of aramid thread.

Military expert Yuri Knutov, in an interview with RT, said that the T-90M is one of the best tanks in the world.

“It has improved armor, improved chassis, and increased power engines. Installed passive protection, but also provides for the possibility of installing active protection, as on the T-14 “Armata”. In addition, this tank has an automated fire control system, which allows it to act independently and interact with other machines, to receive information from the outside about the enemy’s goals, ”the expert noted.

In turn, the military expert, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin, among the advantages of the new tank noted a more powerful engine, new infrared guidance and target detection systems.

“Thanks to a powerful engine and a new target detection system, the tank has become more maneuverable, faster and more accurate. Like its predecessors, it has the ability to fire not only shells, but also anti-tank guided missiles at ATGM, “Litovkin emphasized in an interview with RT.

Main machine

Representatives of Uralvagonzavod on the fields of IDEX-2021, the largest arms exhibition in the Middle East, reported that the T-90M Proryv, like the T-14 Armata tank, will be integrated into a network-centric combat control system.

“Tanks T-90M and T-14“ Armata ”are equipped with ESU TZ equipment. This system connects all objects equipped with a complex of interaction with the “army Internet”, “the concern said.

ESU TK is a Unified tactical echelon control system developed by the Voronezh concern “Sozvezdiye”. It allows the tank to participate in hostilities, being integrated into the command information and switching network. This significantly increases the degree of effective interaction between various units and types of troops in the theater of operations (theater of operations), military experts say.

Military expert retired colonel Mikhail Khodarenok noted in an interview with RT that the start of serial deliveries of promising T-90M tanks will have a positive effect on the combat capability of the Russian Armed Forces.

“The fire capabilities of the tank, the degree of protection against all means of destruction of a potential enemy, as well as the characteristics of the sighting and computing systems have been increased,” he said.

At the same time, both the T-90M and the T-14 “Armata” are the main battle tanks, the expert noted. Which of the cars will become the main one in this category in the future will be decided by the Ministry of Defense, added Mikhail Khodarenok.

“If the RF Ministry of Defense decides to buy more T-90Ms and they will be in service with the majority of tank units and formations, then it will become the main tank,” the military expert explained.

At the same time, Viktor Litovkin believes that the T-14 on the Armata platform will become the main battle tank of the RF Armed Forces in the future. However, the decision of the Ministry of Defense to purchase other vehicles of the same class is justified.

“They assess which tanks are more profitable today, which ones are more needed in certain districts and garrisons,” the expert explained.

In turn, Yuri Knutov noted that the T-14 “Armata” is the tank of tomorrow, and the T-90M is one of the best vehicles of today.

“Considering that it was created on the T-90 platform, which has a colossal modernization resource, this tank can be further improved in the future, after which, in accordance with the new realities, it will become one of the best in the world. From the point of view of modern tank building technologies, it is a breakthrough machine, ”concluded Yuri Knutov.

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