From “Scorpion” to “Passage”. Robotic complexes help sappers

Scarab robot and operator’s console in a carrying case. Photo “SET-1” / In recent years, in the interests of the Russian engineering troops, promising robotic systems have been developed for use... Read more »

“It’s a miracle if someone is killed with a spear.”

Wheeled pistol: a weapon that created a new branch of troops in Europe – pistol cavalry. Pistols made for noble people got off very richly. Sometimes the surface of the tree was... Read more »

Fifth wheel

The active use of low-flying, stealthy air attack weapons in modern conflicts maintains a steady interest in the optimal means of dealing with them – short-range anti-aircraft missile systems. (Complexes and systems... Read more »

Flame of rearguard combat. The final of the Lyubachev battles

Lyubachev’s battles were coming to an end (see. Immortal Oleshitsa). In the flames of rearguard battles By the morning of June 3, V.A.Olokhov’s group took the following positions: 29th Army Corps –... Read more »

why is the American army “going underground”

The United States is going to develop new technological solutions for the rapid construction of tactical tunnels. The importance of tunnel networks for replenishing food supplies, weapons, ammunition is undeniable. Three teams... Read more »

China builds world’s largest seaplane

On the right path In April of this year, Xinhua reported that China’s new AG600 Jiaolong aircraft has passed another important milestone on the path to its full-fledged birth. For the first... Read more »

Military dolls from the collection of the Hermitage

Armor for children is rare. And you need to get rich on rarities, as the chief commerce advisor of the Snow Queen said, and he was absolutely right! Many firms produce figurines... Read more »

Crimean storm of 1854. The element that drowned the fleet

Storm. Ship wreck. Ivan Aivazovsky. 1855 On November 14, 1854, the Crimean storm finally turned into a monstrous hurricane. Loaded with ammunition, provisions, winter uniforms and other ships and vessels of the... Read more »

Gone in 67 hours. Operation Mount Hope III

Unloading the C-5 transporter in N’Djamena It is best to study foreign weapons and military equipment from real models. You can get them in different ways – take them as a trophy,... Read more »

New Chinese self-propelled 155 mm howitzer PLC-181

155-mm SAU PLC-181 At the end of April 2020, the military editorial office of the Chinese state television channel CCTV 7 showed a detailed report on the novelty of the Chinese defense... Read more »