“Jagdtiger”. Too heavy to fight

“Jagdtiger”, a render from the game War Thunder “Jagdtiger” became the culmination of the development of the class of tank destroyers in Nazi Germany. A large, hulking vehicle, created on the basis... Read more »

Russian-Japanese War. Alekseev’s cunning plan

General outline All the same, it is worth starting with the global – with those responsible for preparing for war. Directly the commander-in-chief was a certain Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, who calls himself... Read more »

“Thunder and lightning”. Future unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities

Model of UAV “Thunder” and its weapons on “Army-2020”. Photo “Kronstadt” The Kronshtadt company continues the development of the promising unmanned aerial complex “Grom” and a number of related projects. Recently, new... Read more »

“Not a mutiny, but the experience of a political revolution”

Scene from the film “The Decembrists” in 1926 Alas! Wherever I cast my eyes –Scourges everywhere, glands everywhere,The laws are a disastrous shame,Weak tears were captive;Unrighteous government everywhereIn the thickened haze of... Read more »

the first successes and the future of US rocket artillery

ER GMLRS rocket design In the interests of the ground artillery of the US Army and foreign customers, a new guided missile for multiple launch rocket systems is being created. The ER... Read more »

Life of German missilemen on Lake Seliger – how they lived and rested

In October 1947, German rocket scientists were deported to the Soviet Union, who worked comfortably for the Soviet rocket and space program and conducted a number of successful research on missiles (How... Read more »

Lies in transit. On the 65th anniversary of Khrushchev’s “unclassified” report

Warsaw, Belgrade, then – everywhere 65 years ago, in March 1956, Khrushchev’s report “On Stalin’s personality cult”, announced at the last meeting of the XX Congress of the CPSU (February 25, 1956),... Read more »

Pilsudski’s Russophobic policy led Poland to disaster

Signing of the Riga Peace Treaty 1921 The Riga Treaty was signed 100 years ago. Soviet Russia lost the war to Poland and was forced to cede the territories of Western Belarus... Read more »

Turkish medium-range air defense system Hisar-O goes into series

The means of the Hisar-O complex. Aselsan Graphics Turkey continues to develop its own anti-aircraft missile systems, and another sample of this kind is approaching adoption. In early March, it was announced... Read more »

Medical Service of Napoleon’s Grand Army: Famous Surgeons

Napoleon on the battlefield of Preussisch Eylau. Painting by Antoine-Jean Gros. In the lower right corner, Pierre François Percy is bandaging a Russian grenadier. Larrey The medical service, like the infantry, cavalry,... Read more »