Siebel Ferries. Universal combat weapon

Siebel ferry in the modification of a heavy air defense ferry on Ladoga The history of the combat ferry, which was used both to transport troops and as floating air defense batteries,... Read more »

“The emperor died with an apoplectic blow to the temple with a snuffbox”

Monument to Paul I in Gatchina. The work of I. Vitali 220 years ago, the Russian Tsar Paul I was killed in his bedroom at the Mikhailovsky Castle. For a long time,... Read more »

Construction of the submarine forces of the Russian Navy in 2021

Groundbreaking ceremony for the “Prince Oleg” SSBN, July 27, 2014. Photo by Sevmash On March 19, submariners celebrated their professional holiday. On this day, the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper published an interview with... Read more »

New tasks for the Tu-214ON observation aircraft

Tu-214ON, number 64525, is the second aircraft of this type. Photo Wikimedia Commons To perform observation flights under the Open Skies Treaty (OON), a small fleet of specially equipped aircraft was created... Read more »

200 years of Henry. First working lever action rifle

Anniversary release of the Henry rifle for the 200th anniversary of its creator. Caliber and cartridge .44-40 WCF. Manufactured by Henry Repeating Arms It has always been and will always be so... Read more »

Armor of Sir Thomas Sackville from the Wallace collection

Gorgeous armor can sometimes be seen in the movies! Quentin Dorward, 1955 motion picture “Fortress and beauty are her clothes …”(Proverbs 31:25) Museum collections of knightly armor and weapons. Today we continue... Read more »

Plans and problems of modernization of the US missile defense system

Launcher complex GMD The US national missile defense system is in need of modernization and expansion. The ABM Agency studies current threats and challenges, and also forms plans for the further development... Read more »

the most “temporary” of the military ministers of Russia

One among his own As another of the Duma leaders, and not a minister, Guchkov said about himself as follows: “The rooster must scream before the sun rises, but whether it rises... Read more »

How the British government wanted to survive a nuclear war

In the first decades of the Cold War, when it became clear that the USSR, albeit totally inferior in those years in the number and growth rate of its nuclear arsenal, nevertheless... Read more »

is it worth the time and money?

Our media know how to catch up with the wave. Especially in the field of shipbuilding. You look at the headlines, and pride bursts. Now we will show them all! And Kuzkin’s... Read more »