When ZRPK “Pantsir” was in the inept hands of the SAA, and the Abrams tanks

Saudi military personnel abandon expensive American tanks at the first shots of the Houthis, and the Syrians are unable to master the Pantsir air defense missile defense system supplied by Russia. What... Read more »

Unhappy Bahu-Bike, Queen of Dagestan

Bahu-Bike (illustration by Evgeniya Andreeva) The first half of the 19th century was a difficult time for Dagestan (now a united republic). Dagestan was torn apart by local rulers into separate competing... Read more »

Police! Bayonets join! Cook gas grenades!

What kind of submachine guns you will not find! There are also unusual samples … Police weapons. The previous material about the layout of a fundamentally new submachine gun for the police... Read more »

wheeled chassis BAZ for Russian air defense systems

Since April, the latest S-350 Vityaz anti-aircraft missile systems have begun to enter service with the RF Armed Forces. One of the innovations for air defense systems is the use of chassis... Read more »

Russian navy knives

Multipurpose knife NVU. Photo Zonwar.ru The armament and supply of various units and units of the Russian Navy consists of a number of knives for various purposes. Knives of one type or... Read more »

Legend of the United States Marine Corps. Lewis “Honor” Puller: from rank and file to general

Second Lieutenant USMC Lewis B. Puller, 1926 The Marine Corps has regularly fought and is involved in various wars, and its personnel are constantly receiving awards. Lewis Barwell “Honor” Puller is still... Read more »

Diary of a private clinic doctor: “We should not cure the patient, but sell him as many services as possible.”

Gastroenterologist therapist with 16 years of experience reveals the inside of paid medicine For the past six years, Valery has been working in one of the commercial medical centers in the capital.... Read more »

Goblin Sanctuary. Tanks in layouts and in pictures

By the way, the first project of the A7V tank did not provide for cannon armament at all. Only machine gun! About tanks with love. The readers of VO liked the first... Read more »

Albert Speer. The man who did not save the Third Reich

New Minister of Armaments The story of the war criminal of the Third Reich, who never received due retribution at the Nuremberg Tribunal, should start not with the youth and professional development... Read more »

An armored personnel carrier for space. M113 powered by NASA

A pair of armored personnel carriers in the early years of service. One of the vehicles is equipped with a frontal shield. Photo Tanks-encyclopedia.com Any launch of a space rocket is associated... Read more »