Let’s not forget Beslan. About the deceased warrior who became a legend during his lifetime

He was called not only “Mind”

Dmitry Alexandrovich was ready to devote his entire short life to the service, but he never forgot about his family. It is difficult to determine for sure, by looking only at the photo, whether he was happy. I look at the pictures of Razumovsky with his wife Erica and I understand: they are happy.

The wedding, it would seem, is no frills, but it seems impossible to come up with a more solemn one. However, in the memory of people, he will forever remain a Hero, as in all circumstances for a family – a loving husband.

Dmitry was known to his friends, comrades and acquaintances under various characteristic nicknames. Some called him


for not only the limiting reduction of the surname, but also for a well-deserved mind. Others called

“Dead Lion”,

which explained in this man an incredible combination of composure with incredible power.

My father, Hero of Russia, Colonel of the reserve Oleg Petrovich Khmelev, once recalled that one day Dmitry invited him to join Vympel. The father then asked him:

“How long are you going to run around with a gun?”

Dmitry answered easily:

“Until I can pull up twenty times in equipment.”

That answer was so deeply remembered by his father that he still honors and observes the sports tradition of pull-ups.

And also, for the benevolent treatment of subordinates, Razumovsky was called


even when Dmitry was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

What would you do in Beslan?

What feeling does each of us feel when uttering the word “Beslan” even in a whisper?

Especially if these experiences are involved in conjunction with a terrorist attack?

Confusion turning into sorrow, shivering in waves across the skin, which is replaced by the creak of jaws against each other?

You involuntarily ask yourself the question: how would you act, knowing for sure that you will die saving strangers?

All these questions will remain, “rhetorical” and “on paper”, because only psychologically hardened units of people are destined to become Heroes. And, as Razumovsky once said:

“I often think: what is heroism?

It seems to me that heroism and daring are not the same thing at all.

You don’t need to have a great mind to perish.

Heroism should be meaningful, because it is not enough just to close the embrasure of the bunker with oneself: a burst from a machine gun will only cut you, and it will shoot with renewed vigor.

But if at this moment the chains rise from the trenches, it means that you did not die in vain. ”

On September 1, 2004, terrorists from Shamil Basayev’s bandit group occupied the territory of school No. 1 in the city of Beslan (North Ossetia), seeking to aggravate the Ossetian-Ingush conflict.

Out of the total mass of 34 terrorists, one special one stood out, holding his foot on an explosive device consisting of wires and TNT. As soon as he got off, even by accident, the explosion would carry away hundreds of people and bring down the school building. The walls, crumbling, will block escape routes.

For two and a half days, the bandits held more than 1,100 hostages in a mined room, most of whom were children, their parents and school teachers. The hostages were in inhuman conditions. They were denied even the minimum natural needs.

And suddenly – an explosion and instantly appeared tongues of flame. The deafening roar and machine gun fires meant one thing: the FSB officers took an immediate action – to take out the maximum possible number of hostages alive, sacrificing their lives. Lieutenant Colonel Razumovsky was the first to burst into the burning school hall …

What will you remember at the last moment

They say that before death, the old life instantly flies before a person’s eyes.

On Razumovsky’s birthday, March 16, 1968, an unusual seam appeared in the sky over Ulyanovsk: the glowing dawn collided with the languid, fat clouds of winter. Although, it seemed, the spring season should be expressed differently.

[quote «Ох, и судьба будет у Димки»] [/quote]
– a relative of his mother remembers the birth of a child.

Dmitry grew up as a sensitive, gentle and affectionate little boy in the family: his father, Alexander Alekseevich, was a civil engineer, and his mother, Valentina Aleksandrovna, was a music teacher. And also the younger brother Maxim, who, following the example of the elder, will also go to Vympel.

Often little Dimka, burying his nose in his mother’s ear, twisted the loops of her hair for a long time and asked to sing a song for the night. Mom gently sang songs about animals, lullabies, but only one of them deeply touched him by the strings of his soul

“Where does the Motherland begin?”

Only to this song could Dima relax and fall asleep.

From an early age, having not yet learned how to pronounce the letter “r”, he has already determined his life choice. The child once told his mother extremely seriously:

“I will be the commander!”

So he was the commander for the rest of his life.

Then there were in his life studies at school number 1 in the city of Ulyanovsk, attempts to enter a military school, which were not crowned with success. Deciding not to go far from his future military career, he worked for a year as a laboratory assistant at the Ulyanovsk Higher Military Command School of Communications, where he also went in for sports in detail – and in 1985 he became the USSR champion in boxing among young men.

Appreciate not yourself, but your own

And then an unexpected gap among the clouds of failures: in 1986, Dmitry entered the Moscow Higher Border Command of the Order of the October Revolution, the Red Banner School of the KGB of the USSR named after Mossovet (now the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB of Russia).

During his studies, being a cadet, he was not easy, always calculating his actions in advance as a chess player, choosing the most correct ones. Something, let alone a sense of justice from Razumovsky.

Some military educational institutions have one unspoken, equivalent concept: an inconvenient cadet and a fighter for justice. So, the pursuit of honesty

“Fighter for justice”

one day he will play a cruel joke with him, forcing him to later resign from the service.

“Tajikistan has changed it. He became tougher, more withdrawn, or something. ”

– recalls mother Valentina Aleksandrovna Razumovskaya.

During hostilities, it is sometimes difficult to remember when a combat commander did not lose a single subordinate. However, with Razumovsky on the Tajik-Afghan border, everything was different.

The border guard officer Razumovsky arranged his border service in Tajikistan according to the code of a front-line soldier. At that time, his main life postulates were as follows:

“Don’t be afraid.

Appreciate your life no more than others.

Officer, do not lord, sleep on the rocks, eat from the same pot.

This is what helped Dmitry to keep his people, to become an older brother for them, and not just a commander. ”

Is three hundred thousand a lot or a little?

Razumovsky began his service in 1991 as deputy head of the outpost of the Pyanj border guard detachment. Soon he was appointed head of the airborne assault group (1st DShZ) of the Moscow border detachment.

His unit took part in many military operations and always came out victorious in battles with the Mujahideen. The group under the leadership of Razumovsky inflicted serious losses on drug trafficking gangs.

So, during one of the ambushes, the fighters managed to detain a solid consignment of contraband. Having lost three tons of heroin, the drug dealers became very angry.

In civilian life, the number of his envious people speaks directly of the correctness of a person’s actions. This is true, but not in the realities of war. For the head of the officer, the bandits announced a reward of three hundred thousand dollars.

And everything would be nothing

“But why is Russia so disdainful of its sons, who lay down their heads for her sake?”

This is a direct quote from Razumovsky from his open letter published in Komsomolskaya Pravda in 1994.

The fact is that on July 13, 1993, at the 12th outpost, 25 Russian border guards were killed, including the head of the outpost Mikhail Mayboroda. He was more than a friend to Dmitry.

“Now they only talk about his and the guys’ feat.

But the feat overshadowed the slovenliness and carelessness of a number of persons “,

– Dmitry argued with good reason.

And Razumovsky was forced to resign from service after the publication in a number of central newspapers of his letter about the facts of corruption among the command and senseless death due to the fault of the higher leadership of the Russian border guards and military in Tajikistan.

I will serve in “Alpha”

Dima’s main dream is to serve in Alpha.

With all his might, he sought admission to the subcategory of the Central Security Service of the FSB – “Alpha”, but ended up in the “Vympel”. And there, and there are virtuosos. And there, and there the masters hone their actions to breathing during the jump.

The only difference is in the territorial service: “Alpha” – work across Russia, to a greater extent freeing hostages in buildings, on ships of water and air transport. And “Vympel” means urgent business trips outside the country.

The most famous example of the activities of the “B” group is the release of an illegal Soviet intelligence agent who was arrested in the Republic of South Africa in the early 80s of the last century. But the only difference is very conditional, all the fighters trained in the common room, ate the same food.

Dima ideally suited his subcategory, because he possessed the most irreplaceable quality – patience. For a long time he remained in the hall, on the street to fulfill a theoretically possible situation.

He could skillfully climb the walls of houses like on rocks, and in shooting he was never equal. Checking new tricks every day, he believed that if he succeeded, then his subordinates were obliged to do the same.

“This desire to show subordinates” Do as I do “,” Learn from me “, to some extent rejected the fighters, but at the same time made them believe in Razumovsky.”

– says the Hero of Russia Major General and friend of Dmitry Andrey Merzlikin.

Indeed, all Dmitry’s conversations during training tended to three points:

“We can do that!

We do not quite know how to do this, we have to finish our studies.

And this we do not know at all – we will learn! ”

Unfortunately, his profession implied the observance of complete confidentiality, which is why neither his wife nor his mother could know about his disturbing business trips. Only occasionally did they know about it when they had to hear bad news.

To die in battle is happiness ?!

On the occasion of Razumovsky’s arrival, a dialogue with his mother in the kitchen began.

“For me happiness is to die in battle”,

– Once Dmitry frankly told her.

“What are you talking about?”

– Valentina Alexandrovna interrupted him in bewilderment.

“You understand it as you want, but I say what I feel.

And I also would not want to howl at my commemoration. ”

An awkward moment of silence, broken by the tapping of a spoon on the edge of a porcelain tea cup.

“Dim, you’re talking to your mom. Why are you so … I’m scared to listen to this! ”

– again, in confusion, the mother began.

“Well, mom, this is life!”

Let’s remember everyone. And all together

And again we return to Beslan.

September 1, 2004. Until recently, joyful, happy exclamations of schoolchildren were heard

“Back to school, back to school.”

On all the streets of the city, joyful parents with children, flowers and sweets.

Just on this day, Razumovsky was preparing for a family vacation in Ulyanovsk, and another of the 10 heroes who died, Major Vyacheslav Malyarov, in general, was preparing to retire. But all plans aside – a sudden business trip.

There is nothing to be done: there is such a profession – to defend the Motherland. No one could have thought then that the holiday of knowledge that had begun so well in Beslan would turn into a tragedy for the whole of Russia.

And terrorists filled the whole school.

Long negotiations did not have the desired impact on them. When that explosion rang out, it was already impossible to hesitate. The fighters of the TsSN FSB took fire on themselves. Shooting back with their bodies, they shielded the children.

The first in the building was Razumovsky, he took the blow on himself, as always, without a single hint of fear. Dmitry died from his wounds on September 3, 2004.

There is a popular belief that 10 heroes who died valiantly defended the school are still protecting Beslan from the threat of attack.

Let us recall them all by name at this moment:

Lieutenant Andrey Alekseevich Turkin.

Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Alexandrovich Razumovsky.

Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Gennadievich Ilyin.

Major Roman Viktorovich Katasonov.

Ensign Denis Evgenievich Pudovkin.

Major Mikhail Borisovich Kuznetsov.

Ensign Oleg Vyacheslavovich Loskov.

Major Alexander Valentinovich Perov.

Major Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Malyarov.

Major Andrey Vitalievich Velko.

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