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There was a scandal on Channel One in the Vremya Pokazhet program, the essence of which is briefly that the vaccine is “super effective”, but not 100%, and wearing a mask after it is mandatory, because a vaccinated person can still infect everyone around

For some, these two strictly contradicting theses coexist in one head.

And if someone does not wear a mask, then the police can do the following with him (as with this person on the train, who thought that by being vaccinated he saved himself and others):

Here is such an excess on the ground, the “culprit”, or rather – the victim of which was a naive, vaccinated citizen. It is unlikely that he would have been vaccinated if he had known in advance that such methods of forced masking would be applied to him.

If in more detail about the scandal on Channel One, then it turned out like this. Justifying this plot, infectious disease specialist, Ph.D. Evgeny Timakov stated:

“Due to the fact that Europe is positioning covid passports, which supposedly give a green light for everyone who has been vaccinated, our thinking has changed a little. People do not understand that vaccination is not one hundred percent protection against coronavirus infection. The vaccine is not 100% effective …

In Moscow, more than 800 thousand were finally vaccinated. Of these, a thousand people have now become ill with coronavirus after the second vaccination. Yes, more than 70% are in a mild form, but this thousand people carried the virus and infect others. And now we have about 50% of people susceptible to coronavirus in Moscow. And these people who believe that they are not dangerous to others at the moment, in a mild form, mind you – more than 70%, 75% fell ill in a mild and low-symptom form, that is, the person did not realize that he was ill. That is, 750 people walked like this without masks, believing that they were protected from coronavirus infection. People thought they were safe. 50% are still susceptible to corona virus. And this means that we infect others. On the contrary, they are more relaxed from the fact that they were vaccinated. Closer contact – you infect people, just kill! “

After this fiery speech, the presenter Anatoly Kuzichevmaking an insignificant person, asked the experts present:

– Then why be vaccinated?

I found the courage to answer honestly, the coordinator of the “Higher School of Therapy” program of the Moscow City Scientific Society of Physicians, Candidate of Medical Sciences Andrey Vorobyov:

– The personal desire of everyone. Who believes, who does not. Until we have …

– Vaccination is protection! This is not a matter of faith, it is a matter of protection! – Kuzichev and his co-host immediately interrupted him with a shout. But the expert bravely continued:

– So far we do not have intelligible, clear, good prolonged studies with good results with a high level of reliability to talk about …

– That is, the efficiency of more than 91 percent is not reliable? – Kuzichev interrupted the speaker again.

– Based on preliminary results? – the expert was surprised by the question. – No, it’s not. According to preliminary information, it is not.

– Stop! Not that side! Generally not that angle, – the professional Kuzichev interrupted the speaker for the third time. And he tried to substitute the thesis. – All vaccines in the world according to accelerated rules, according to accelerated regulations, according to accelerated, so to speak, principles have been registered. Everything. Without exception. Because such circumstances. Therefore, we remove this reasoning, this consideration is in parentheses. We’re not talking about that at all. We are talking in principle. Like this, – threw up his hands Kuzichev… – Because the whole world calls what is happening a pandemic.

– My opinion is that such actions are unacceptable. Further – this is a personal decision of everyone, – Andrey Vorobiev clearly voiced his civic and professional position.

– Okay. In principle, why vaccinate? – entered from the other side Kuzichev.

– It is assumed that the vaccine will allow what to do? – Vorobyov answered. – At first we were told that she would not get sick. Then we were told that it would make it easier to carry …

– No! Stop stop stop! – the fourth time was interrupted by Kuzichev… – 91 percent – this is the percentage of “not getting sick” versus six “getting sick”.

– Who do you consider to be sick and who do you consider not to be sick? – parried Vorobyov… – Mild or no symptoms?

– Great questionKuzichev rejoiced at slipping away from a topic that he could not lead, and readdressed it to Yevgeny Timakov.

Timakov delivered a speech worthy of a strict, word-for-word quote, so that not a single letter was lost:

“A sick person is a person who has signs of a viral infection or has consulted a doctor. As such, there is no asymptomatic course of the disease. There are symptoms that this particular person did not recognize. This means that the disease proceeds in such a mild form that it does not require any visit to a doctor. Which is exactly what we need. We need to save a person’s life! So the vaccine works! “

Further, hammering the voice of Andrei Vorobyov, shouts began in chorus – four shouting at one silent, chaos and scandal, but such intensity that it became impossible to make out anything. Then another screamer entered the business, the essence of whose speech turned out to be ordinary stamping: even if a person was vaccinated, he must wear a mask. Vorobyov was no longer given a word.

The logic of Timakov and his supporters blows away – because of several hundred theoretically sick 15 million citizens must wear masks, guaranteeing themselves the development of then incurable diseases, which has already been proven many times. An attempt is made on the basis of conjectures to make the whole society a priori guilty in advance without any evidence of guilt. This is about the same as, due to several sad cases with an ax, to declare all ax owners criminals.

This episode would not have any meaning – you think, on TV and not that kind of chatter, but it reflects the moods and intentions of a certain part of people related to power. And these intentions are alarming. From the constant calls of those entrenched in power for compulsory, universal, forced vaccination to denying the effectiveness of vaccination in stopping the senseless and harmful mask injection.

And it is precisely these ideas that have again been vigorously promoted for at least a week on most TV channels – mask-vaccination propaganda has been activated again. A novelty is that now an inconsistent contradiction has appeared between the first and the second – the mask is still forced to wear even the vaccinated. I wonder how it will affect the process.

Photo: Screenshots from the program “Time will tell”,

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