Medical charlatans – how to recognize them?

Can you tell a knowledgeable alternative medicine practitioner from an illiterate sorcerer?

Medicine is one of the most ancient sciences. Neanderthals knew how to take care of the disabled and knew medicinal herbs, Cro-Magnons healed fractures and performed craniotomy.

Modern medicine, with surgeries, step-by-step diagnostics, drugs and hospitals, originates from the ancient Greek tradition of the Asclepiades (descendants of the healer god), Roman doctors and medieval medical schools with centers in France and Spain.

The main characteristic of European medicine is steady progress, the emergence of more and more new drugs, operations and technologies. However, there are medical practices that have not changed for millennia. The Chinese and Koreans, just like twenty previous generations of their ancestors, treat patients with golden needles and moxibustion, North American Indians and Australian aborigines use saunas and herbal teas, and Tahitians dance on patients with bare heels.

Against plague, whooping cough or AIDS, folk methods are ineffective, as evidenced by epidemics. Sewing a severed finger with them, transplanting a kidney or leaving a six-month-old baby is also impossible. But in some areas, where not a rough scalpel or “lethal” antibiotic is required, but the finest interventions in the body’s work, traditional medicine is more effective than the official one.

With the help of massage, diet, lifestyle changes, exposure to bioactive points, etc. it is possible to cure many chronic diseases and metabolic disorders.

Don’t go to grandma! ..

Unfortunately, alternative medicine is not limited to herbalists and bone-setters. Charlatans have existed for as many millennia as medical art. Even in ancient Egypt, they were treated with crocodile dung, donkey urine and mouse tails. During the terrible plague epidemic in London, dozens of shops were opened, in which “knowledgeable women” and “Babylonian magicians” traded in “magic” means, amulets and, according to eyewitnesses, “died right with safety pills in their mouths.”

The classics have written a lot about Russian charlatans and pseudo-healers. At Chekhov, the healer kills the patient by bloodletting with the help of cans, at Bulgakov’s mother, they stuff the mouth with pig bristles, and the genitals with sugar – to lure the baby out. At Pikul, the most terrible healer of Russia, Grigory Rasputin, is described in all its glory.

Charlatans treat people with the most incredible poison that can kill a healthy person – kerosene and crude oil, sunflower oil with vodka, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, live worms and rancid urine. Doctors in oncology centers and admissions departments almost cry when they see the condition in which patients sometimes come. But … some patients feel better, they recover, strengthening the glory of false healers. Why is this happening?

Salvation by word

It is no secret that the cause of many diseases – from gastritis to alopecia (baldness) – is psychosomatics. This is a direction in medicine and psychology that studies the influence of psychological factors on the occurrence and course of somatic (bodily) diseases.

It happens that a person, willingly or unwittingly, attracts an ailment to himself in order to attract attention, arouse pity, escape from an unbearable marriage, unsuccessful or dangerous work. Oddly enough, sometimes a formidable charlatan hung with amulets is an excellent psychotherapist. He will listen to the patient, give him the necessary advice, support and remove the unbearable burden of stress and obligations from his shoulders. For a while, relief will come, and if there is enough pause for a real way out of an unbearable situation, the patient will fully recover.

Self-hypnosis has been used in medicine for a long time. The healing effect of placebo (dummy pills that help like real drugs) and the phenomenon of “professor” are also known – the sonorous title of a doctor raises the percentage of recovery. In mild cases, self-hypnosis is enough for healing, in severe cases it activates the last reserves of the body. After one or two procedures with the healer for some time (hours, days), the patient gets better, but this is followed by a sharp deterioration.

Remission (a temporary improvement in the condition, the disappearance of harmful symptoms) occurs in some diseases from gout to leukemia. With the onset of diabetes in many patients, sugar stabilizes for a while, with multiple sclerosis, patients get back on their feet for a short time, and this seems to be the effect of quack treatment. Unfortunately, as the disease progresses, the periods of remission are shortened and the condition worsens.

Spontaneous remission is a favorite trump card of healers. Throughout the history of oncology, several hundred cases of spontaneous cure from cancer have been documented and several thousand more have not been credited due to the incomplete collection of all documents, analyzes and images. False healers claim these merits for healing, however, statistics show that the healed changed their way of life or turned to the church for salvation, and did not go to charlatans.

Where should the patient go?

There are a lot of specialists and varieties of alternative medicine, the main thing is not to get confused in them. Let’s list the most basic ones.

Masseurs do massage – with hands, feet, stones, brooms, stone, wooden or electric massagers.

Manual therapists treat mainly the spine and musculoskeletal system by pressing and stretching the vertebrae, joints and muscles.

Osteopaths or chiropractors “put in place” bones and internal organs.

Homeopaths prescribe drugs containing microdoses of medicinal substances. Their principle is to treat like like like, taking into account appetite, fever, character, etc. A real homeopath will never prescribe the same treatment for two patients with the same disease.

Acupuncturists, specialists in acupuncture and acupressure affect bioactive points on the skin surface – with fingers, sticks, needles, special moxibustion.

Phytotherapists are treated with herbs and only herbs.

Thalassotherapists are treated by the sea, pet therapists – contact with animals, hirudotherapists – leeches, lithotherapists – stones, apitherapists – beekeeping products, aromatherapists – smells and aromatic oils.

All of the above methods are more or less official, they are tested for safety, they can be learned and received a diploma in different countries, some are even included in the list of services in government agencies.

Most complementary medicine professionals have a medical background. They do not object to the continuation of the treatment course of official medicine, they request tests, X-rays, ultrasound, hospital discharge, medical records and are able to interpret them. They do not offer a complete cure for any disease in the shortest possible time !!! Because it is impossible.

Contraindications to alternative medicine

1. Infectious diseases.
2. Acute surgical diseases (appendicitis, etc.).
3. Chronic diseases requiring surgical correction (heart disease, renal failure, etc.).
4. Oncological and hematological diseases.
5. Hereditary diseases.
6. Systemic diseases (lupus erythematosus, gout, etc.).
7. Mental and neuropsychiatric diseases (schizophrenia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease).

Indications for alternative medicine

1. Diseases with a psychosomatic component (stuttering, some forms of asthma, dermatitis, etc.).
2. Disorders of the musculoskeletal system, problems with the spine.
3. Rehabilitation after injuries and operations.
4. Diseases that have arisen after severe stress (car accident, divorce, etc.).
5. Sluggish chronic diseases.
6. Infertility of unknown origin (when the parents are healthy, but the child does not work).
7. Hopeless cases (official medicine refuses the patient).

Ten signs of a charlatan

1. Such a “specialist” takes on all diseases from AIDS to impotence.
2. It guarantees fast one hundred percent healing, boasts of healed cancer and other incurable diseases.
3. It combines homeopathy and dietary supplements, honey and urine, aspirin and acupuncture.
4. He demands unconditional faith in him and his treatment, complete submission, reproaches for lack of enthusiasm and pride.
5. He mixes prayers with conspiracies, Bible texts with Voodoo rituals, pagan rituals of different schools (Hindus with Slavs, etc.).
6. He does not set a fixed price list for services, but he demands more and more money.
7. He is convinced that only urine (or hydrogen peroxide, kerosene, something else) is a panacea for all diseases, a method sent from above by angels or aliens.
8. He has no medical education, he has a negative attitude towards doctors, forbids to continue taking medications, to stay in the hospital.
9. He suppresses and enslaves the patient, develops psychological dependence, can sexually harass, declaring erotica part of the course.
10. For all his failures, he blames either enemies and envious people, or patients who do not follow the recommendations.

Remember, many diseases, including cancer, are curable, especially in the early stages. Going to bow to a charlatan, you waste precious time and funds necessary for treatment. Take care of yourself!

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