Medicinal And Cosmetic Properties Of Hops

Hops resemble a golden alcoholic beverage called beer. Its popularity meant that hops were grown all over the world.

The medicinal properties of hops

Interestingly, this plant also has a positive effect on health and beauty. Discover many undoubtedly unknown uses for hops.

Hops have become a popular ingredient in beer, although their buds have been used in natural medicine and herbal medicine for centuries.

Eliminates insomnia and makes it easier to fall asleep

Insomnia is one of the troubles of our time, it causes irritability and drowsiness. Lack of sleep for long periods of time can cause health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure, as well as affect our productivity at work. Hops combined with valerian improve sleep quality. It is also worth drinking teas made from hops and lemon balm, as they soothe sleep disturbances. It turns out that many historical figures, including Abraham Lincoln, have used hop cones as a natural sleep aid.

A natural recipe for stress

Everyday life is full of stressful situations – work, home, financial problems, lack of exercise, conflicts with other people, and so on. The resulting anxiety, especially long-term anxiety, can negatively affect our body. One of the natural solutions, in addition to lemon balm infusion, is also hop cone infusion, which is a natural soothing and stress reliever.

Regulates digestion

In recent years, we’ve taken notice of news that gut health is paramount to our overall health and well-being. Therefore, we must take care of the digestive system in order to make it easier for it to assimilate the nutrients necessary for the body. Studies have confirmed that it is worth using infusions and extracts from hop cones, because they not only support digestion, but also relieve inflammation in the stomach. In addition, they contribute to weight loss due to the content of bitter acids, that is, humulone and lupulone, which destroy bacteria and microorganisms, regulate appetite and reduce appetite.

Source of xanthohumol

One of the unique ingredients in hops is xanthohumol, a powerful flavonoid with many beneficial properties that:

prevents obesity, has anti-cancer properties, controls the breakdown of glucose in the blood, prevents cardiovascular diseases, has antibacterial properties, relieves inflammation, protects the skin, hair and thyroid gland from diseases, has antiviral properties.

However, the xanthohumol content in beer alone is not enough to significantly affect health. If you want to take full advantage of its valuable properties, it is worth enriching your diet with infusions from hop cones. Interestingly, the ancient Romans included hops in their diet, while the Cherokee used it to relieve inflammation.

How to use the positive properties of hops without drinking beer?

It turns out that tasting beer from around the world is not the only way to enjoy the unique properties of hops. So how do you use hop flowers to make you feel better? Discover our proven methods!

Food and non-alcoholic drinks

Even before this plant begins to form flowers in the form of hop cones, young shoots, also known as wild asparagus, will grow from it in the spring. These are some of the most expensive vegetables in the world and can be pickled, baked, grilled and added to other risotto dishes. They taste great, though, when fried in oil and seasoned with salt or hollandaise sauce. Interestingly, young hop leaves are also edible and should be used to enrich the flavor of soups, sauces or salads.

Essential oil

Hop properties are also used in the production of essential oils. Hop flower oil has a floral-spicy aroma and goes well with citrus or woody aromas. They should be used in aromatherapy fireplaces as a natural fragrance that smells the air at home or in the office.

Used in this way, hop cone oil has the same effect as infusions, that is, it reduces appetite, soothes and relaxes, and, apparently, has a positive effect on libido.

Hop cone infusion

You can use fresh or dried hop cones to make hop tea.

The infusion of hop cones contains valuable antioxidants that neutralize the action of free radicals in the body, and also have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It regulates digestion, eliminates flatulence, has a diuretic effect, relieves symptoms of menopause, relieves stress and helps to sleep. Restores hormones and has a positive effect on the skin. An interesting fact is that drinking hop infusions have a positive effect on the gums.

Hops as a cosmetic product

According to renowned London herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, simply toss a handful of hops into a glass and brew it in hot water. This hop infusion cleanses the body of bacteria and has a positive effect on the skin – it cleanses the blood, thereby relieving itching, acne and other skin problems.

The unique cosmetic effect of hops makes it an ingredient in cosmetics. Hops have a positive effect on skin and hair. They contain a concentrated dose of antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and protect against oxidative stress. Cosmetics with hop extract improve blood circulation and oxygenate the skin. The anti inflammatory properties of hops make it a natural remedy for acne and pimples.

Hops as a hair cosmetic

Our great-grandmothers washed their hair with beer. Of course, the reason was the hop content, as it emphasizes the natural shine of the hair. But that’s not all, because the extract or infusion of hop cones strengthens the hair, eliminates dandruff and itching, exfoliates dead cells of the epidermis and opens the pores of the scalp.

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