Mikhail Delyagin: “the Wild State Poses A Real Digital Threat”

On July 1, a five-year experiment on the development of artificial intelligence began in Moscow, for the promotion of which a special law was needed

The authorities reported the destruction of the personal data of citizens used for digital passes. But the sediment, as they say, remained and one should definitely not relax. Powerlessness, humiliation, disorientation and submission to blind soulless power – this is what we all experienced, being at the mercy of artificial intelligence. Whether it will still be, if you do not take the situation with all these “new technologies” under strict control.

On July 1, a five-year experiment on the development of artificial intelligence began in Moscow, for the promotion of which a special law was needed. “This law does not say anything about the essence of this experiment, except for the categorical prohibition to provide information to those who do not directly participate in it, who are not the organizers,” he said. On the eve.Ru prominent economist Mikhail Delyagin… “This naturally raises serious fears.”

According to Delyagin, digitalization in Russia is carried out extremely sloppy, against the background of the general savagery of the state: “As a result, we already have facts of identity theft, when, say, my acquaintance could not get a QR code to move around Moscow, because when he became to drive in their full names, it turned out that he was an elderly Chinese woman with a completely different SNILS. And he could not get through to the Moscow authorities for a week. And when I got through, they completely ignored all their promises that they made for two weeks and honestly explained that this requires specialists, but there are no specialists to manage this thing yet ”.

Mikhail Delyagin warns that the wild state poses a real digital threat. “In Moscow, cases have become more frequent when people get themselves a digital signature, which supposedly cannot be hacked, and then it turns out that their apartment has been sold, they do not know anything about it,” the economist continues. – They find out about it when they start to take out the door. That is, this threat is associated with the fact that the state is engaged in formal things and completely ignores its obligations to citizens. The money has been allocated, the money has been disbursed – they even did something with this disbursed money, and the officials are not particularly interested in what they did ”.

The “glitches” of the State Services website and the fall of the electronic voting system are all links in the same chain. “This is all a manifestation of savagery, when at first they burned out all specialists with a hot iron, because they interfere with stealing and interfere with destruction within the framework of liberal reforms, and then they are surprised – oh, why does nothing work? Delgin remarks. – No one should be surprised when Mr. Sobyanin bragged about the destruction of medical beds right on the eve of the coronavirus epidemic. He boasted, he was proud of it. And you need to understand that digitalization requires a certain level of intelligence. Figuratively speaking, our leaders may have matured for a stone ax, but a computer is already something too complicated for them – it is fraught with large man-made accidents. “

Mikhail Delyagin considers the state’s flirting with digitalization to be a distraction: “Our authorities regard“ digital ”as a way that will allow them to forget about the real sector of the economy and never remember again. The authorities often perceive the “number” as a kind of “magic wand” that will solve all their problems and will never think about the fact that some citizens live in the country. “Digit” is seen as a way to further distance oneself from people, because earlier, when state institutions did something wrong, you could come to the district committee, to the regional executive committee, to the social security service, to the housing office – there to scandalize and solve your problem. Now you have nowhere to go – you just have to call, and at the other end they simply do not pick up the phone. “

There is an even more serious danger – the endowment of the artificial intelligence with all the rights and powers of a full-fledged personality. In this case, the film “Terminator” will seem like child’s play.

“This is a dangerous tendency that can lead to a kind of techno-fascism, overshadowing in its inhumanity all the monstrous in the history of our civilization, – convinced Vice President for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mathematical Modeling at Skoltech, PhD in Physics and Mathematics Maxim Fedorov – As soon as we give rights to AI, this will immediately be followed by the idea that it is impossible to offend AI, but it is necessary to educate (this is not a joke, such statements are already being made at high-level conferences on this issue). There will be a kind of “juvenile justice” for AI, only it will be an order of magnitude worse. Robots will defend the rights of robots. For example, a drone can fly in and incinerate your apartment, protecting the rights of another drone. It will be techno-racism, but subordinate to the will of a separate group of people “,

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