Pentagon order: scientists tracked cell phones of Russians

Scientists at the University of Mississippi monitored the movements of Russians using GPS data transmitted by their cell phones / This happened the day after the tragedy at a military training ground near Severodvinsk

Then, during the tests of the rocket launcher, an explosion thundered. The Americans recorded the movement of mobile phones to Moscow, St. Petersburg and to closed military facilities.

In 2019, American researchers tracked the movement of cell phones of people who were in Nyonoks, according to The Wall Street Journal. According to media reports, this was done by a group of specialists from the University of Mississippi. They were operating under a project sponsored by the Pentagon.

The newspaper, citing documents it received from the Mississippi authorities at a special request, claims that in August 2019, the movements of mobile phone owners were monitored. The research was carried out by scientists together with graduate students and students. They tracked the movements of people in Nyonoksa the day after an explosion occurred at the Russian naval training ground during a test of a liquid propellant propulsion system.

GPS data, as the American newspaper notes, indicated that some of the phones had moved to Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as to closed military facilities in Severodvinsk and Arkhangelsk.

This pilot project was carried out to show that cellular data from so-called open sources can be used for military and intelligence purposes..

The material also provides a commentary from Eric Thompson, a representative of the relevant US Army unit. He confirmed that the US Defense Department is sponsoring this project, which was selected “due to its good potential for the exchange of information between military personnel.”

For monitoring, the Mississippi researchers used a service called Locate X. It was developed by specialists from the Babel Street platform, which specializes in intelligence software.

The Locate X service allows you to access geolocation data for commercial cellular communications. But there is no information about him on the platform website. Nevertheless, as the newspaper notes, he is known for the specialized portal Protocol, which in March this year spoke about the service.

The Wall Street Journal claims Babel Street is selling its work to the United States law enforcement agencies, including the CIA, the National Security Agency, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the US Cyber ​​Command. In addition, the software is shipped to other countries: Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Germany and Singapore.

The company declined to comment on the data on the project. Babel Street, according to the newspaper, is part of a system of private enterprises that process consumer data specifically for intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies and the military. Information about people, in turn, is collected by the largest corporations and mobile application developers.

The bombing incident in northern Russia took place on August 8 last year. Five employees of the state corporation Rosatom were killed. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense noted that the incident did not lead to the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere, and the radiation background remains normal.

Nevertheless, the media reported, citing anonymous sources, that several victims were taken to the local regional hospital immediately after the tragedy. At the same time, doctors allegedly were not warned that they were working with people exposed to radiation.

The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov noted that in this way there is a deliberate whipping up of information hysteria around the topic of the explosion. The purpose of this, according to Peskov, is to create the appearance of a dangerous situation.

“I am not aware of this. I do not know what kind of doctors we are talking about. You need to know specifically which doctors, who they are. In this case it is impossible to speak impersonally. “Arkhangelsk doctors say” – this is such a rather abstract expression “, – he noted, admitting that the doctors could have signed a non-disclosure agreement, as this may be due to the secrecy of the case. At the same time, he assured that all information on the incident had been brought to the President of the country, Vladimir Putin.

Subsequently, the head of the country signed a decree on awarding the dead and injured with the Orders of Courage.

Author: Angelina Milchenko

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