Pravda newspaper about the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940

The newspaper with which our story begins

Neither jokers nor fools fools
Don’t confuse your hearts anymore.
They took away your homeland more than once –
We have come to return it to you.
Lyrics: Anatoly D’Aktil (Frenkel), music: Daniil and Dmitry Pokrass

History in documents. Not so long ago, VO published a series of articles devoted to the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. The text of the articles was accompanied by photographs, allowing you to see what was happening with your own eyes, and this is always a very correct decision on the part of the author. However, serious materials of this kind, in my opinion, still need to be supported by documents and links to at least some sources. After all, whoever wrote about this war, in which only popular magazines I have come across articles on this topic! There were materials in the newspaper “Secrets of the XX century”, in the magazine “Rodina” – well, just a lot, the magazine “Voprosy istorii” – even with the involvement of documents from both sides wrote, even the magazine “Vokrug Sveta” – and he published several articles about ” Winter War “! But where to get such materials? In the archives of the Ministry of Defense, where “everything is”, you will not run into. In order to get into the archive of the OK VKP (b) of Leningrad, you have to live there, the same story with the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation, in a word, finding something new on this topic today is very, very difficult. What about a photo? There is the Krasnogorsk archive of film and photo documents. For those who live in the Volga region, the archive of KaPRIVO is available, there are also very interesting photos, but this is all the time and money, which, as a rule, do not pay off with popular articles. However, there is a source that all historians should know and use in order to make their materials more interesting, to show events through the eyes of people of that era, through the prism of their perception and … the political situation. This source, available to everyone and everyone: materials of the organ of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) / CPSU – the newspaper “Pravda”. Every communist had to write it out and check his life path against its leading articles. And if you don’t check, then … what kind of communist are you then ?!

And today we will try to tell you about the events of those distant years with the help of photocopies of materials from this particular newspaper. A small commentary will be given for each photo. The purpose of such comments is to draw attention to some interesting moments of these newspaper materials, which a not too attentive reader (and there are, unfortunately, those on “VO”) can miss or leave without proper attention. So…

On November 10, this interesting article appeared in the newspaper. And it … is really interesting in that it is an attempt to show the reader of Pravda that we have friends in Finland too, and of course London is to blame for Finland’s aggressive policy!

Detailed material about the anti-Soviet campaign in Finland. Everything is not bad, of course, but why is direct speech here? As a rule, direct speech is introduced into the text of an article only when the author wishes to emphasize that he heard it himself. “Words” from hearsay is not very professional

“Letter from Finland”. It seems that one should expect confidence in such materials. But they are usually the ones that cause the most distrust. Who led the conversation described in the material where … In a word, it would be better not to write that way than to write

It is with such incidents that wars usually begin. Especially when the stronger side really wants the war!

Such was the indignation of our workers! They turned off the machines, quit their job, and went to rally! But the documents of the party archives contain … instructions that such rallies should be organized, the number of participants should be rewritten, and reported to the OK, who said what there. That is, everything is organized and directed. And here is the question – why are the rulers of Finland pea jesters? What was their buffoonery? They seemed to be shooting in a serious way!

And here is a note from the Finnish government to the USSR government about well-known events. There was also an answer from Molotov, but it is not interesting, so it is not given here. However, it is available in Pravda. Who wants can easily find and see

A message about popular indignation from Minsk. And then “the jesters are pea”. Downright ma’am, as we would say today

During the night at the plant they discussed Molotov’s speech. And when did they work? At work, one should not chat, but work with full dedication! This is the best way to mess with an evil enemy, and all these “discussions” make him neither hot nor cold

Since our citizens were deprived of the opportunity to read the foreign press, they had to take all this at their word …

But this is just a masterpiece! Radio interception, and even translation from Finnish. One might think that the Finnish communists did not know the Russian language and could not directly address the Soviet government via the radio? For what then was the money allocated to the Comintern?

How commonplace it is. We create a puppet government, help it gain a foothold in the country, then it “pays debts.” Reception is as old as the world!

Soviet citizens are joyfully worried that an addition has occurred in their fraternal family of nations!

Frontline reports appeared in the newspaper. At first they looked like this …

We approve and the released Finnish citizens also approve!

Soviet Finns are active in print!

But such messages could not be given at all. Because there were fighters and commanders who knew well how everything was “in truth.” And they could well have blabbed out afterwards: out of drunkenness, out of stupidity, for the sake of good words, or even out of harm. Their word had weight! They fought! And … after their words, how can we believe Pravda, the newspaper of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)?

Cats and dogs … sorry. Relatives of this stupid Hutsunen, if he really existed, do not mind at all!

Then there was this …

And then we will also demand that the enemy not leave a bundle of straw or a liter of fuel, and even burn houses. And where was the inhabitant of them to go when the frost was 30 degrees?

Then the messages from the front became very short …

Well, now we will look at the photographs that were published in Pravda at the same time. They are all very curious, although each in its own way.

For example, this one. Just a wonderful propaganda photo. On which our BT-7 tank is perfectly visible. A specialist looks at such a photo and … inevitably, he will feel bad. Especially if he thinks, what if the Russians have a lot of these tanks on a Christie-type chassis, with sloped armor and a clearly powerful aircraft engine? And what will happen if their Stalin moves this armada at us?

November parade on Red Square: a high level of motorization is evident

Stalin and Voroshilov. In 1940 they were often depicted together.

And here is a very funny photo. Members of the Politburo are wearing hats, but Comrade Stalin is dressed very warmly. What to do, it was very cold in Russia already in November 1940

Photos from the rally of “people’s anger”

Caricature. Well, how can it be without her … Previously, they used to paint on Hitler and Chamberlain, but after August 23, Hitler became impossible

And this is a T-26 tank in winter camouflage. The most interesting thing, however, is that this picture was taken about 10 days before the start of the conflict. But there is already snow on the border. The question is, what about the song based on “Suomi Beauty”? After all, it’s about autumn, and when it snows, it’s already winter. So it turns out that the war should have started even earlier, that even a “patriotic song” for it had time to be ordered and written, but something there among the politicians did not grow together and its terms had to be moved. And they moved it … but they simply forgot to make changes to the song. “And so it will do!” And it got off! Until the time!

And here there are three leaders, and all of them are not only in power, but also heroes of the Civil War. And all the others are simply not left

It is a difficult matter to stand at the helm of the state: look at tanks, look at planes, cars that are being prepared for production – and those, too, must be looked at!

To be continued…

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