S-300V4 air defense system: defense in all directions

Funds of the S-300V4 air defense system at the rehearsal of the parade on Red Square, June 2020

According to the press service of the Eastern Military District, measures have been completed to form, equip and train a new anti-aircraft missile formation. A new brigade, armed with modern S-300V4 systems, arrived at the place of service and is to take up combat duty in the near future.

New connection

As part of the Air Defense Forces, there were already several anti-aircraft missile formations with different equipment and different tasks. Last summer it became known about the imminent formation of a new connection. Soon, these plans were fulfilled, and a new 38th anti-aircraft missile brigade was created under the command of the district. It was planned to deploy it in the Birobidzhan region of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

On January 31, 2020, another Unified Day of Acceptance of Military Products took place. During this event, the military department accepted a set of S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile systems, intended for the 38th brigade.

As reported on September 9 by the press service of the VVO, this year the personnel of the brigade were trained at a training center in Orenburg. After that, the new complexes were received and tested. Then the personnel and materiel went to the Kapustin Yar training ground, where firing practice took place. The target environment was provided by the Osa air defense missile system equipped with Saman small-sized high-flying target missiles. The targets were successfully hit after entering the zone of the air defense system.

After the shooting at the firing range, the brigade went by rail to the place of permanent deployment in the Jewish Autonomous Region. In the near future, the brigade will deploy and prepare for combat duty. According to the results of this, the 38th brigade will become the first in the Air Defense Forces to receive modern S-300V4 systems.

Circular defense

The deployment of S-300V4 systems in the Far East is of great importance for the development of the entire air defense of the country. Over the past few years, such complexes have entered service with three military districts – Western, Central and Southern. In addition, the S-300V4 was deployed in Syrian Tartus to cover the logistics center. However, until recently, the Air Defense Forces remained without such defense systems.

S-300V4 air defense system: defense in all directions

Material part of the 38th anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Air Defense Forces

Thus, now all military districts have air defense systems of the latest modification and are capable of supporting the combat work of combined-arms formations in all main directions. The Far East in most cases is not seen as a priority area, which affects the approaches to rearmament and its pace. However, now the Air Defense Forces also has modern air defense systems.

According to known data, the Air Defense Forces has a number of military air defense units with different materiel, incl. the newest. The units operate complexes of all basic types, which are in service with the ground forces. New long-range systems make it possible to create a full-fledged layered air defense system with all available means.

Against planes and missiles

The S-300V4 anti-aircraft missile system is the newest member of its family of military air defense systems. It differs from its predecessors by the use of modern units and components, incl. missiles of new types. Due to these measures, it was possible to ensure the defeat of various aerodynamic and ballistic targets at ranges up to 400 km and altitudes up to 30-35 km.

Air defense systems of the YuVO compound on firing practice

The S-300V4 is designed to protect troops on the march, in deployment areas and on the battlefield, for which it requires high mobility. It is provided by self-propelled tracked chassis, on which all the necessary equipment is mounted. The air defense system includes a command post, radar for various purposes, a self-propelled launcher and launcher-loader, as well as several types of missiles.

With the use of various types of missiles, the S-300V4 can engage aerodynamic targets, such as aircraft or offensive weapons, at ranges of up to 400 km. The height of the lesion is more than 30 km. The ability to combat ballistic targets at a speed of more than 10-12 M is provided, which corresponds to the warheads of short and medium-range missiles.

The Almaz-Antey VKO Concern, which developed the S-300V4, claims that this system in terms of the area of ​​the protected area is 2-3 times larger than the complexes of a similar purpose of the previous models. In addition, there are significant advantages of a combat and operational nature over competing foreign models.

The combat capabilities of the S-300V4 system have been repeatedly tested during tests and exercises using a variety of targets showing different characteristics. In addition, the air defense systems deployed in Syria have shown themselves in an interesting way. After their appearance in the region, there was a decrease in the activity of foreign combat aviation.

For a foreign customer

The main customer of the S-300V family of air defense systems is the Russian armed forces. At the same time, new versions of the complexes are being developed specifically for delivery to third countries. Thus, orders from several countries for the supply of S-300V / VM systems have already been completed. Recently presented new modifications, also specifically for foreign armies.

At the forum “Army-2020” for the first time showed the promising anti-aircraft missile system “Antey-4000” – an export version of the modern S-300V4 complex. According to open data, the system for selling abroad retains all the main features and advantages of the basic model, however, the tactical and technical characteristics are limited taking into account the rules and peculiarities of the international arms trade.

Another option for the development of the S-300V / B4 is the Abakan mobile anti-missile system. The components of this system were also presented at Army-2020. “Abakan” largely repeats the original air defense system, but is intended only for work on ballistic targets – operational-tactical missiles. The launcher of this complex carries two missiles capable of hitting targets at ranges of 30 km and altitudes of 25 km.

The contracts for the supply of Antey-4000 and Abakan have not yet been signed. However, so far we are talking only about the premiere screening, and potential customers may now be thinking about purchasing them. Contracts may be concluded in the future, incl. at the next forum “Army-2021”.

Defense prospects

The formation, armament and the beginning of service of a new anti-aircraft brigade with modern complexes is of great importance for strengthening the Eastern Military District and strengthening the defense capability as a whole. Its result is the creation of a modern and highly effective layered military air defense system in one of the key areas.

As a result of the events of recent years, the S-300V4 air defense systems entered service in all military districts. At the same time, the rearmament of the units will continue. So, last year, the Ministry of Defense announced its plans to form several new formations with such equipment in different districts. The first of them begins service in the Air Defense Forces, and in the future, the appearance of the same brigade as part of the 45th Army of the Air Force and Air Defense of the Northern Fleet is expected.

Thus, the development of military air defense continues, and it receives modern materiel with high performance. The S-300V4 systems are now deployed in all main directions, and the strengthening of the created groupings is expected. The positive consequences of this are obvious.

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