Samsung Introduces Jet Bot AI Pet Monitoring Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung introduced a new robot– Jet Bot AI vacuum cleanerdesigned to dramatically improve house cleaning responsibilities. The robot vacuum cleaner has advanced object recognition capabilities and uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which also significantly improves its performance.

Jet Bot AI is capable of recognizing objects at the highest level, and this is possible by pre-examining over 1 million images. It can distinguish between several household appliances and furniture such as TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, beds, sofas, and others. These enhancements ensure that the robot cleaner can also recognize small items such as pet poop, socks, electrical wires and glass cups.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum

Jet Bot AI is built into Intel AI solution known as Intel Movidius, which provides excellent object recognition. In addition, it has an “Active Stereo Camera” type 3D sensor, which is the first in the industry. The sensor can detect all obstacles from a distance of 1 cm and more.

In addition, Samsung Jet Bot AI is equipped with dual cameras that not only recognize space and objects in 3D like humans. This enables sophisticated obstacle detection and spatial recognition even in situations where recognition is difficult with the camera alone.

In addition, it can detect surrounding objects in three dimensions at distances of up to 1 m and up to 60 degrees left and right, so it can quickly and accurately determine the structure of the house to map the cleaning route and detect low obstacles only 1 cm high.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot VacuumLike all well-known robot vacuum cleaners, the Jet Bot AI is equipped with a sensor similar to the one used in self-driving cars. He can navigate successfully, choosing the optimal route in accordance with the spatial characteristics.

The robot also supports voice command, as users can indicate the desired area to clean with a simple voice prompt such as “Clean Around TV”. This voice prompt and other features can be selected from the SmartThings app.

Another amazing feature is the ability of the vacuum cleaner to automatically detect the type of floor and adjust the cleaning intensity accordingly. It also automatically empties the dust container when it is full, even if cleaning is incomplete. After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner returns to the docking station where it charges.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI Robot Vacuum

Apart from cleaning duties, Jet Bot AI can be used to monitor the pet in real time. The robot is programmed to detect abnormal signs or behavior, such as barking or long periods of lack of movement, and notifies the user. It also comes with a built-in speaker and music player that can play music for your pet. Samsung has partnered with a Korean pet app known as Ajinyangi to pre-install 20 different songs that can be played in random order. This feature is operated using a Samsung Card and is available free of charge to users of the Samsung SmartThings pet service. In addition, owners can also view video content for free, containing a variety of information from a pet health consultant through SmartThings pet care service.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Bot AI comes in five colors: Misty White, Satin Pink, Satin Blue, Soft Greens, and Soft Sunny Yellow. The cost of the vacuum cleaner is $ 1,433.

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