Smart masks and cyber disinfectors: what awaits the COVID Tech industry

A large number of gadgets to fight the pandemic were presented at one of the main tech exhibitions, but some experts doubt the need for such devices, and believe that the “COVID Tech” industry is more of a marketing ploy.

The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, unveiled many devices that are aimed at fighting the spread of the coronavirus, according to Mashable.

So, the company Razer has announced the concept of a smart mask Project Hazel. The device has a transparent screen with built-in neon-backlit filters. In addition, it amplifies the voice and lights up in neon when it’s dark so that you can see the person’s face.

In addition, ultraviolet air purifiers, portable filters and other disinfection methods were showcased at CES 2021.

So, the company LG showed the PuriCare mini air purifier. It is designed to filter allergens from the air. In addition, an air purifier can help reduce airborne pollutants, including viruses and bacteria.

Viewers of the event were shown other “smart” gadgets, one way or another related to the coronavirus. So, the company BiolIntelliSense introduced BioButton COVID-19, a sticker that can continuously monitor the wearer’s heart rate, temperature, and respiration rate. This continuous monitoring makes it easier to detect changes in the body caused by the coronavirus.

It is easy to see that this year, many innovative gadgets presented at the exhibition were focused on the pandemic, which allows us to talk about the emergence of a new market – the so-called COVID Tech.

But does humanity really need COVID Tech, after all, it is possible to solve the problem of the spread of the virus in non-technological ways, for example, by wearing a standard medical mask, as well as by conscientious observance of social distance.

CEO Gamesup42 Igor Ivchenko believes that the separation of COVID Tech into a separate industry is due to the scale and consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

“In Russia alone, more than 100 different specific projects related to the coronavirus have appeared – these are diagnostics of COVID-19, control of spread and social distancing, smart equipment and robots. Moreover, 30% of these developments are related to the use of artificial intelligence, ”says Ivchenko. In his opinion, this direction will develop and scale.

Managing partner of INTECH®️ Technologies Maria Guz in an interview with Gazeta.Ru, she expressed confidence that the COVID Tech market should become one of the highest priority in the world.

According to the expert, outdated and ineffective solutions to fight infections are currently being used, and COVID Tech is a way to change this situation.

Promobot Development Director Oleg Kivokurtsev on the contrary, he believes that the phenomenon of COVID Tech is temporary.

“COVID Tech appeared spontaneously, as a reaction to a global pandemic unprecedented for modern technologies … COVID Tech will not turn into a separate area of ​​technology. Nevertheless, the pandemic and the lockdown have already had a huge impact on such industries as security, delivery, remote work, ”says the expert.

Kivokurtsev notes that after a while the world will either adapt to life with COVID-19 or defeat this disease.

“In both cases, this concept will no longer be needed. All COVID Tech technologies will either integrate into existing industries or disappear altogether. As well as the concept itself, which will remain just a part of the history of the early 20s, ”the expert concludes.

Author: Valeria Bunina
Photographs of manufacturers used

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