Smart sights SMASH 2000 (Israel)

SMASH 2000 collimator

Several years ago, the Israeli company Smart Shooter Ltd. presented an original “smart” sight for small arms called SMASH 2000. The device of small dimensions is able to track the selected target, determine and take into account various parameters, and also fire a shot at the optimal moment in time – for maximum accuracy and accuracy of fire. The sight attracted the interest of the military of different countries, and recently new interesting information about its tests appeared.

Landfill – Syria

On May 30, the US Department of Defense released photos of the training of American fighters serving at the Al-Tanf base in Syria. During the shooting practice, the fighters used standard M4A1 rifles equipped with new sighting devices of the SMASH 2000 family.

They fired at fixed targets. Another target was a simple box suspended from a light UAV. With its help, they worked out firing at a moving low-altitude target. As can be seen in the published photographs, the weapon with the original sight worked perfectly and ensured reliable defeat of complex targets.

Optical sights

The Pentagon received a batch of Israeli scopes in 2019 and handed them over for testing. Initially, the devices were tested at training ranges, but now we are talking about military tests in a real combat zone. This suggests that in the near future, a complex of M4A1 and SMASH 2000 will reach the battlefield.

Smart weapon

Smart Shooter Ltd. presented its first samples in 2018, but she immediately managed to attract the attention of the military of several countries. The development of the line based on common solutions has continued, and now it includes four scopes with different features. Due to this, it is planned to interest customers with differing requirements.

In all cases, the complex is based on the “smart” sight itself, mounted on a standard rifle rail. A remote control is attached to the fore-end, connected with a wire to the sight. Also, the weapon is equipped with an additional unit that controls the operation of the firing mechanism. Declared compatibility with weapons on the AR-15 platform; new versions of the sight for other weapons are being developed.

Smart sights SMASH 2000 (Israel)
Collimator SMASH 2000, rear view

The simplest SMASH 2000 sight is designed as an oversized collimator system. The large box-shaped base of such a sight contains a video camera and a laser rangefinder, a computer and a rechargeable battery. The optics lenses are brought out to the front wall, the control buttons are located on the back. There is a collimator frame on top. The SMASH 2000 Plus scope is offered. With the same design, it has more advanced algorithms. One of the main differences is the ability to provide firing at air targets.

Optical versions of the sight are available. The SMASH 2000M day sight has an optical unit with a magnification of 4x, on the sides of which there are electronic elements. In terms of functions, it repeats the simplest SMASH 2000. The night SMASH 2000N is distinguished by a larger optical “tube” 4x, on which an electronic unit is placed. All standard ruler functions are available.

Sights of all versions have a length of less than 200 mm and a cross-section of no more than 100×100 mm. Weight of the sight with additional devices – no more than 1 kg. A lithium-ion battery is used, providing 72 hours of operation or 3600 shots.

US soldiers test the SMASH 2000 Plus scope

Principle of operation

In terms of their functions and capabilities, the SMASH 2000 sights are similar to the fire control systems of armored combat vehicles – but in a compact design. There are all the necessary functions: target tracking, ballistic computer and shot controls. Some devices of the line have the ability to record a video signal and other data for analyzing the results of shooting. Algorithms have been developed to automatically identify a person and identify potentially dangerous targets

Despite the complexity of the software and hardware, for the shooter, using the scope is quite simple. Holding the weapon with both hands, the fighter must aim the aiming mark at the enemy and hold down the button on the forearm. After that, the sight will calculate the data for firing at the specified target and determine the optimal position of the weapon for an accurate shot. Then the shooter should hold the trigger – the shot is blocked by the corresponding block. To execute a shot, you need to combine the aiming mark with the target mark: when the weapon is at the desired aiming angles, the sight will unlock the trigger.

Target with hit marks

It is stated that when using the SMASH 2000, the accuracy and accuracy of fire, as well as the probability of hitting the target with the first shot, significantly increases; collateral damage is reduced. “Smart sights” can be used in various operations that require accurate shooting, incl. on moving targets. Finally, such devices reduce the requirements for the training of the shooter, since they take all the calculations on themselves.

Sights in operation

The premiere of products of the SMASH 2000 family took place in 2018, and soon the sights went to military trials. In the shortest possible time, two armies at once became interested in this development and wished to test it in practice. Subsequently, another foreign army showed similar interest.

The first customer of the sights was the Israel Defense Forces. In May 2018, she announced the purchase of a number of such instruments and operational deployment in separate units. The high performance and potential of the sights were noted, but other details were not given due to secrecy.

Aerial target takes off

Literally a couple of months later, in July of the same year, it became known that Smart Shooter Ltd. agreed with Thales Australia to work together. Together they presented their scopes to the Australian military. Soldiers and test officers highly appreciated the sight with its own computing facilities, after which it was decided to purchase a certain amount for use in special forces.

The US Army received the SMASH 2000 Plus scopes last year. Now these products are being tested in Syria. They were tested by shooting at fixed targets and at flying targets. The scopes coped with such tasks and the fighters liked it. It should be noted that the scopes are checked in the immediate vicinity of the combat zone. Recent photos were taken in a test site, but it cannot be ruled out that in the near future, “smart” sights will go on a real operation.

Limited prospects

SMASH 2000 scopes from Smart Shooter Ltd. appeared not so long ago, but have already managed to interest several advanced armies. They passed military tests, the results of which were positive conclusions. The capabilities of “smart” scopes have proven to be useful in various conditions when solving a wide range of fire missions.

Flies and comes under fire

SMASH 2000 provide effective fire on stationary and moving targets on the ground and in the air at different distances, up to the maximum for a specific weapon. The customer has the opportunity to choose the products that best meet his requirements – from the simplest sight with a computer to a combined day-night system with an anti-UAV mode and recording.

However, new opportunities come at a cost. First of all, this is a significant cost of the sight – a “smart” product is several times more expensive than even the most sophisticated collimator or optical sights. The second problem is the obvious loss in size and weight. The kilogram scope makes it difficult to use relatively light weapons such as the M4A1 rifle. It should be noted that there are several blocks, the installation of which requires intervention in the design of the basic weapon. Finally, an expensive and complex scope can be replaced in most situations by a good shooter training.

Thus, the potential customer has to evaluate the pros and cons of the SMASH 2000 riflescopes and decide what is more important to him. Obviously, for some countries and units, accuracy and efficiency of fire are important, while for others, excessive cost will be the decisive factor.

Speed ​​and altitude didn’t help

This explains the limited success of Smart Shooter Ltd. Its sights interested several customers and even reached full-fledged operation. But the total number of buyers is small and in no hurry to grow. In addition, all orders are made in the interests of special forces, which do not require particularly large batches of products.

It should be expected that this situation will continue in the future. New orders may appear, but all versions of SMASH 2000 will remain limited production for special customers. In addition, the situation may deteriorate somewhat. Other companies are also working on their “smart” sighting systems, and their products are able to bypass the products of Smart Shooter Ltd.

However, no one will be able to take away from the SMASH 2000 line the honorary title of an advanced development that has demonstrated the capabilities of modern optics and electronics. The events of recent years show that such a status is quite capable of making a profit.

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